109 Stunning Brown Hair Color Ideas


Brown hair color is one of the most popular shades. As a matter of fact, brown color is the second most popular shade after black. If I had to choose, personally, among all the hair colors. I’d go for brown color any day! It is the ‘universal’ shade that suits any skin tones and hair types. Thanks to the modern hair tech, now we can tweak and turn our hair into any variation of a brown color.

Brunette hair is anything but boring! Brown hair may be the most popular shade worn by more than half the population of the world. There are thousands of female celebrities who rock the brown hair on their alluring haircuts. Celebs like Mandy Moore, Chrissy Teigan, Jenna Dewan, Winona Ryder, Courtney Cox and many many more have undeniably proved the charm of brown hair on their spotlight hairdos!

Brown hairs does not strictly have to be plain brown and boring! There is so much more to the brown hair than just light, medium, or dark shade. If you are looking for a refreshing transformation for your hair, then you’ve come to the right place. Scroll down more to be amazed by the amazing brown hair color varieties.

Ombre Asymmetrical Bob

The ombre blonde highlights on a brown undertone gives ‘brown hair’ a whole new meaning. The ombre hair looks fascinating on an asymmetrical bob giving it a more edgy finish. This hairstyle is perfect for a regular pick.brown hair

Shaved Sides

Shaved hair is all the rage these days. You can adopt a side bob with auburn highlights to finish this bold look. This hairstyle is perfect for you if you’re a fan of shaved hair and it also looks great on any skin tones.

Caramel Highlights on Brown Hair

Caramel highlights seem to be pretty popular these days as it is suitable and achievable on any hair types. You can get the same effect on your hair with a caramel colored highlight painted all over a dark brown wavy hair.


Chocolate Brown hair

As I mentioned earlier that the brown shade suits everyone, be it a kid or an adult. Here, we have a chocolate colored brown shade on the thick wavy hair. This hairstyle is guaranteed a very comfy and jolly one.

Warm Brown Hair

The brown hair shown in the picture falls on the warmer end of the spectrum. The color is dispersed all over the hair evenly that looks as if it’s all natural. This will be a perfect choice for a day-to-day look.

Cherry Brown Hair Color

I love how subtle and glossy the cherry brown hair looks! The reddish hue surely accentuates the whole outlook giving the medium hair more dimension. The mixture of this shade on a brown base is what you need to try out next.

Ash Brown Hair Color

Ash shades are very cool and they instantly give your hair and the whole outlook a very refreshing shade. The mixture of ashy color on a brown undertone hair does seem alluring!

Blonde Highlights

If you wanna go both blonde and brown at the same time, here is a perfect mix of ‘bronde’ for you. The creamy blonde hue looks amazing on a brown base hair, bringing out the eyes in the spotlight.

Chestnut Pixie Bob

This hairstyle looks super classy and considerate with the soft chestnut brown color. This is the exact hairstyle that Scarlett Johansson wore to the premiere of Avengers: The Infinity War making it the talk of the night. Get an edgy pixie bob cut and stand out from the crowd.

Auburn Brown Hair

The classic shaved hairstyle is given an eye-catchy effect with the auburn curls placed at the top of the head. The shaved portion of the hair has a dark brown undertone that contrasts and complements the auburn brown hair. 


Long And Sleek

Who doesn’t love a long and lustrous hair, right? If you have a long and straight sleek hair, then you can go with a chestnut shade that brings out the color of your skin perfectly. The chestnut brown hair will surely surprise you.


Brown Hair With Ash Blonde

The dark brown-based hair when highlighted with ash blonde shade serves the hair-look like nothing else! This hair shade blends perfectly with the curly hairstyle and matches the pale skin tone once and for all.


Brown Highlights

Selena Gomez wears very many hair types that becomes a trend overnight. If you wanna go for the same look, then highlight your almost black under roots with some warm brown highlights and feel glamorous, ladies. 

Rose Gold

Rose gold shade is considered very vibrant and cheerful. This shade is very popular for hair colors, makeup, and even outfits. The blend of the brown hair and rose gold shade gives this hair a very gorgeous and lustrous look.

Reddish Brown Ombre

Notice how the reddish brown shade starts to transition from a dark brown hair making the look simple yet marvelous! You can get an ombre highlight on your dark brown hair with a slight warm tinge of brown to carry off everyday.

Cola Brown Hair

Cola brown highlights bring out the fiery side of any personality. This shade can change your everyday hair game in an instance!

Nude Brown Hair

The ombre highlights on a brown hair adds to a jolly side of your outlook. Try the nude brown hair tones to add some magic to your hair.

Honey Brown Hair Color

Beyonce- the Queen slays any hair she wears. She is such an inspiration to the whole fashion industry for her amazing styles! Love how the honey brown shade makes her whole look shine away. You should definitely try this look if you want a simple updo.

Curly Ringlets

I really love styling and coloring the curly and voluminous hair because it perfectly shows off what you were opting there. This hairstyle has a mix of caramel and brown hair highlights that gives the hair more depth, making it bouncy.

Dark Brown Hair Color

If you have a warm pale skin tone, then dark brown is the color for you. You can either choose to just highlight your hair or completely go dark brown to get the perfect finishes look for your hair.


Icy Brown Highlights

Her cool and refreshing icy brown highlights really catches the eyes! Going with the icy brown tones is a great option for thin hair as it gives visible volume and depth to the hair.

Dark, Auburn, Light

Here, three shades of brown color are shown to demonstrate that the brunette hair favors any styles! You can go with a dark brown hair color if you have a dark skin tone so that it brings out the colors perfectly. The auburn shade is rich in the reddish pigments that gives a softer tone and the light icy brown hair is perfect to bring out the blue and gray eyes.


Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

Dark chocolate brown hair is beloved by many as it is super convenient and suitable for almost any skin types. You can refer to the color charts to find the perfect chocolate shade for you. Chocolate tone can be given on any haircut or style.

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore’s soft umber brown hair looks so simple yet sophisticated that we couldn’t complain anything about it. If celebs can rock this simple look on a red carpet, so can you! Try the umber brown to look like a glowing star!

Subtle Ombre

Ombre hair is the ‘talk of the town’ now-a-days as it looks so glamorous and fancy. You can make your hair look super fancy just by getting a subtle balayage with warm brown shades. Notice the brown hair transitions gradually into a beautiful warm shade towards the ends.


Bronze Hair

It is a great idea to give your hair a bronze touch. The brown hair seems to have more depth and sophistication. You can add a red lipstick and turn heads all the way. This hair color looks great on any skin tones!

Ash Ombre

Let us look into this beautiful piece that starts off as dark brown roots then slowly progresses into somewhat more warmer shade of brown. The warm brown hue then transitions into a cool icy ash color making it a three-tier perfect ombre hair.

Nude Brown Perm

Perm hairstyles are the classics that shows off the colors extravagantly. If you have a permed hairstyle, then you can go for a nude brown shade to highlight or completely color your hair with. You will not regret this look!

Bronde Bob

Ahhh! Another classic blend of the brown and the blonde throwing some chic look on an edgy bob. The whole hairdo is made more noticeable by the bronde shade. This look is perfect for pulling off a work-day to a clubbing-night! 

Auburn Red

Auburn Red shade always brings out the skin tones because of its fiery red pigments. This hairdo right here is a perfect example of auburn shades on a brown hair. To get the same effect, you can get a massive wave and color your hair leaving the roots.


Feed-in-braids or the cornrows are an ideal way to flaunt a brown hair color. You can get a shimmering bronze feed in braids to get a very radiant glow on the hair and the whole out look as a whole! I assure you that you’ll look like a braid goddess with the combination of bronze shade and cornrows. 

Orange-y Brown Hair Color

I am absolutely digging the orange-ish auburn brown hair color on this massive curly hair. The colors come out perfectly, highlighting and making the curls appear more voluminous. This shade looks great on African-American women because of their extra glam!

Curled Bob

If you are wondering what shade to get for your curled bob, then this is the one for you. Choose a subtle cola auburn hair color that favors your brown hair the most. You will love the transformation cent percent! 

Half brown, Half Blonde

Half, brown, half blonde, just so summery. Add some blonde highlights to the beachy waves and rock your summer.

Tousled Hair

It ain’t a bad idea to get a warm brown hue on some tousled feathers.


Long Straight Hair

Shimmering brown shades on the long and straight hairs make it look like a total natural! Try this look for a change.

Edges Highlight

This sleek and short bob is given a subtle touch of brown color only on the edges. It looks very classy, doesn’t it?

Oldie Hairstyle

Get a short fringe and ombre brown highlight to get the oldie 70’s classic look. The warm brown adds a spicy element to your face.

Chocolate Hair

This permed hair had a chocolate shade effect throughout making it camera-ready!

Emily’s Shraight Bob

Emily Ratajkowski looks absolutely stunning with a warm brown hair color. Try this on a straight and short bob for a classy view.

Medium Brown Hair

This long and tousled hair adds more flavor to your look along with the medium brown shade. Simply outstanding!

Contrasting Shade

This is an ideal hairstyle for the Afro-American women. The contrasting shades: dark brown and warm brown takes the bushy hair to a whole new dimension.

Cinnamon Brown Hair Color

Cinnamon brown hair can be a very extra transformation to your hair. It is more practical and suits any skin tones.

Medium Caramel

Caramel brown hair tones can do a lot of magic with even a little amount. Try this color for a charming outlook.


The blend of warm to cool hair colors take the hair to a completely new level. The dark brown and ashy brown will uplift your hair in every ways possible.

Dark Hair

Who says that brown hair means you should go all the way down the road? You can add subtle brown accents to your lovely dark hair.

Light Brown Hair

The color work on a side swept bob with light brown-ish color and the vibrant pink lipstick is what you need to go for!

Classic Highlights

Honestly though, nothing wakes up a brown hair color quite like some golden highlights. Don’t believe me, just look for yourself!

Summery Hair

The blend of dark brown and peachy blonde colors gives such a summery and sunny vibe. 

Natural Looking Hair

There is nothing quite like a natural looking brunette hair. A rich dark brown is a great color idea for your face. 

Burgundy Mix

Wowza! Huda Kattan’s burgundy highlights on a dark base hair is the Hair goals*1000000! To switch from boring to interesting, you gotta try this look!

Almost Auburn

This hair color almost crosses the ‘red’ boundary, but still maintains the brunette vibe. Paired with dark brown lips, this look seems amazing!


Dark To Light Ombre

Instead of going from brown to blonde, go with the dark to light ombre highlights. It gives you a cool and perfect finish to your look.

Classic Red Heads

If you have a warm skin tone, then going completely red head won’t be such a bad idea for you. Try some auburn brown hair color referring the color charts, whichever flatters your look!

Dark Toffee

Dark toffee is a very subtle and amazing shade of brown. You can opt this look for a regular day look.

Coffee Brown

Coffee brown hair color makes any hairstyle look better. The magenta lips accentuate the look even more!

Golden-Touched Brown

A hint of gold goes a long way, ladies! You can get your brown hair highlighted by gold hue on some strands.

Auburn Blonde Mix

When it comes to hair coloring, the possibilities are infinite! Try out this blend of auburn and blonde mix and get an ombre hair done!

Blunt Brown

For a medium length hair, you can go for a blunt brown shade because it is a low-maintenance hair dye that never goes out of style.

JLo’s Highlighted Chestnut

When Jennifer Lopez starts a style, it becomes worldwide famous overnight. Try the highlighted chestnut shade on a brown base hair and get THE look, girls!


Caramel Pop

If the Victora Secret angels are wearing a caramel highlight, then we surely can’t ignore, right? Caramel pop is a real head turner for a brown undertone.

Priyanka Chopra’s Brown

The Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra has a uniqueness to her hairstyle! The edges of the hair has some golden accents making it more beautiful.

Emily’s Tousled Brown Hair

Going completely dark brown never was nor ever will be a bad idea! Take Emily Ratajkwoski’s fascinating all dark brown hair color for the inspo!

Brunette Dakota

Dakota Johnson is hands down the cutest actress in Hollywood! She can amazingly pull off any hair color and style including this dark brunette shade.


Red Touch

What more do we need when a simple brown-ish hair has a spotlight effect to it?! This hair has some red accents polished in a subtle way. Gotta love this hair color.


Short Ombre

This is one of the most popular hairstyles in this era! Try out this runway model’s ombre hairstyle on your brunette hair to get that glam charm.

Icy Brown Hair

To make your makeover glow to the utmost, get an icy brown color painted all over your hair. This looks fierce and magical at the same time. Try it out ASAP ladies.

Brown Cinnamon

If you are looking for a low-key hair color for your massive curls, then try the brown cinnamon color. It really brings out her eye!

Messy Burnt Hair

Burnt hair colors look good on everyone who’s trying it! Try out the burnt red hair for an astonishing view!

Glossy Brown Hair

I am in awe of this hairstyle. The swooping curls looks so glossy and sheeny bringing out the eye in the spotlight. Add glossy brown hair color to your list right now!

Cinnamon Brown

Cinnamon brown hair color on her hair sends a very playful and TV-star vibe. Try some blonde highlights to give it more edge.

Sheeny Black Locs

For a flattering look, pair cute curls with sheeny black color. This hairstyle brings out the playful side of your look.


This hairstyle is high-key very sophisticated and charming. When the brown meets the blonde, it’s jackpot right there!

Reddish Touch

For a dusky skin tone, a perfect idea would be a reddish brown color that perfectly compliments the skin tone. The mix of red and brown goes a long way!

Light Coffee On Feathers

Coffee has such a rich shade of brown which makes the hair pop from mile away! You should opt for a feather cut and paint it with a light coffee color.

Gold Blonde

Medium golden blonde is all about comfort. If you want an edgier kinda look,then try a nude brown ombre. This golden brown hair color shade looks fantastic on warm, medium skin toned people. If you have blue, green or brown eyes, consider this hair color to add a touch of sass and class to your look.

Classic Red

Auburn red brown hair looks terrific on lighter and medium skin-toned people. If you have a little bit of blue in your eyes, then undeniably. this is the hair color for you. It also works well with black eyes. Auburn brown streaks surely add spark to your usual/regular hair look.

One Shade

Sometimes, going all one shade makes even more of a statement than doing lots and lots of highlights and shades. If you have long locks, try going all-brown for a striking look.


Lorde’s Signature Curls

Lorde’s signature hairstyle proves that a little touch of warmth shines in the sun! If you want a brilliant tint that sparkles but won’t look too flashy on your face, reach out for a golden brown hair gloss.

I hope you found some inspiration on dying your hair brown.When it comes to hair coloring, the possibilities are infinite! Make sure to choose the shade that flatters your personality the most. Let us know on the comment section below which variation of the brown hair color was your favorite! Happy styling, angels! xx