119 Elegant and Chic Braided Updo For Special Occasions


Whenever we need to attend a special occasion, the first thing that pops into our mind is an elegant updo. Every girl deserves to find that perfect updo that will make her look the best. You can wear any hairstyle, but nothing is going to make you feel as unique as a beautiful updo will. And a braided updo is just the thing for you if you want to look extra chic and elegant. You need to give these classic hairstyles a try once in your life for sure!

Be it on your wedding day or a formal occasion, and you can look your absolute best with a braided updo. There is a classic, feminine vibe about adorable braids. They can make you look charming and add a touch of elegance to your whole attire. If you fear you will be wearing a hairdo that has been worn by multiple women before you or that your look will be too familiar, worry no more! For there are thousands of creative ways to include braids into your updos and make them look unique and polished.

If you are looking for that perfect braided updo for your special occasion, here is our collection of the best looks for you to navigate from!

The side braid

The hero of this look is the side braids that you see here. You can make yourself feel like a princess from a fairytale once you try on this beautiful braided updo!

Be bold

Be the boldest version of yourself and opt for a braided updo that is not so common. These braids fake a mohawk. This look is undoubtedly not going to make you feel like a commoner!

braided updo


The layers

Add some layers to your hair when you get your updos done, and that is going to give it a very ruffled appearance. There is beauty in imperfection, and the simple attire is sure to please you!

Faux Mohawk

The boldest looks that you can try on are usually the ones that are not so advertised. This faux mohawk look is perfect for the brave hearts out there that like to keep things a bit fun and funky!

Front braids

The messy ruffled bun on the top with the braided hair placed in the front as a headband is a perfect combination of elegance and imperfection. You can try on this look and look charming on any occasion.

Single Braided updo

If you are a girl who likes to keep things simple and minimalistic, this braided updo is undoubtedly the way to go. You can wear these to any event, and the best thing about them is that they only take a few minutes to do.

The Bow Braided Updo

Who doesn’t love a beautiful and elegant bow? You can surely opt for this bow made out of your hair and stun everyone who lays their eyes on you!

Multiple Braids

There are numerous braids in this look, and we love how well balanced they are. The sections are big and small, and the narrow twists are very well done too!

A very similar approach is shown here with the full head braided into sections.

Loose Braids

There is something about an elegant loose braid that is just irresistible. These soft twists are beautiful and go well with the bun at the back.

Emma Watson’s hair

The iconic Emma Watson wore this hair, and we love how she has carried this look off. Charm and grace are abundant in the actress, and the look is a perfect fit for any young girl out there!

This luscious looking hair color is undoubtedly one to sigh over. The dark chocolate brown is very shiny and attractive.


There are these curls on top of this updo that seems to make them look unique and precious. The low twists and the curls at the top surely make a very alluring look.


This simple look is perfect for when you need to attend a wedding or some formal occasion and have very little time to get ready. You can get it done in a matter of minutes and look great.

All the way

Try this unique look and braid your hair to the back and make a circle to achieve it. This is a good option for young girls and can be worn to special occasions like the prom or dance party.

The thick bun

Having a thick bunch of hair can be the best thing when you are making a bun. The thickness of the hair makes it easier to get a bun in place, and you can use hair extensions if you need them!


Add some complementary hairpins on your braided updo to make your wedding day hairstyle even more special. They add a soft touch of elegance and femininity to the hair and is an excellent choice for brides.


This messy ruffled hair is very eye-catching and makes us feel like this is a perfect updo for a bridesmaid. You can also wear this look casually.


These semi-round braids make for a beautiful updo. This is perfect for medium to long hair length and is effortless to do. Many educational videos can help you learn how to get this look too.

Emily Blunt has also worn this hairstyle and managed to carry it off with so much grace and elegance. Her hair color is even shining through in this look.

Salon hair

If you aren’t that skilled when it comes to hairdressing, you can surely take the help of a salon. Some hairdressers can make the hair of any length and texture look excellent.


This loosely braided updo is impressive. You can add some hair ornaments to make this look more festive. There is some loose hair on the sides that also frame the face well.


When y only take up a few minutes and look great too, this is undoubtedly the one to opt for. The braids here are tugged upon to make them look fuller and thicker.


It looks great on all hair colors too. You can surely add some volume on top to make it look even better. Curl the sides to add a feminine touch.

Diagonal braids

This braided updo has a very mysterious vibe to it. There can be nothing more alluring and mystical than this intricate details on the twist. The diagonal pattern is making a significant impact here.

The Puff

Adding some volume to the hair can make any hairstyle look great. This wedding day appropriate look has the perfect balance of amount added by the central puff and the braids add the needed grace to it.


Flower at the back

What can add more elegance to a hairstyle than braids? The answer is flowery details for sure! The details made by the twists here are beautiful, and the central hairpin makes it look pretty.

Colorful headband

Hair accessories make any hairstyle look so much better. The hairstyles are escalated to a new level by the addition of a colorful headband. Add some beaded hair accessory as such to make it look great!


This braided topknot is perfect for a wedding day. There are multiple braids in here, and they are well suited for a bride. The veil can sit well on top, and the twists will also shine through.


It is genuine that there are some hairstyles that you cannot do on yourself. This one is undoubtedly falling under that category. You will surely need someone’s help to get this multi-braided look on yourself.

Circular look

The braids here looks like a flowery circle, and the look can be achieved with some rounded twists. Try braiding your hair and pinning them securely with bobby pins to keep them in place.


If you want to find ways to recreate a beautiful braided updo, here is a breakdown picture for you to refer. You can try on any of these styles. You can learn how to get this look from this series and create a beautiful look.


A look that is undoubtedly not common and is very charming. This one is a must try for all the ladies with dense and natural hair.

Add some flowers

You can add some flowers to your braided updo to match your dress, and we are sure you are going to look out of this world. There are many ways to add elegance to your look, and this is undoubtedly our favorite.

On the crown

This toddler braided bun has the majority of hair on the crown section of the head. Your little princess is undoubtedly going to love this look. Recreate this one for her special occasion and make her feel special.

Prom look

If you want a hairdo to wear to your prom day, then look no more! Here is a stunning look. There is a vibrant, youthful vibe to this look and can be done at home!

This is another messy prom look that you can recreate at home. The multiple braids here are sure to make you look like a dream.


Flat braids on one end and the braids placed around the neck on the other end her are unique. They look like hairstyles straight out of a fashion magazine.


Create a thick braid from one side and place it over to get this fake headband sort of look. You can create a bun out of the rest of your hair and place it securely to achieve this charming look.

Outward braids

These outward braids are alluring, and we sure are suggesting the bridesmaids out there to try on this look.

The curve

The braided hair has been pinned down into a curve here, and we love the final results. The french braids here are trendy, and the loose hair on the front adds to the look.

Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid at the side here is a look you must try. This ruffled look is more on the natural side, and the hair accessory adds to the hairstyle.

Side profile

The side profile of this look is perfect and very attractive to the eyes. This look is sure to be the best hairstyle that you ever try on!

Take a bow!

With the braided updo, you surely will be receiving compliments from everyone. The bow at the center is also a beautiful addition.


This boho braids here are an inspiration for many young girls. This look as that vibrancy and youthfulness to it making it perfect for any occasion.


This hairstyle will leave people curious, and you are sure to be the one blushing throughout the day!


There are some can easily create at home, and it just takes some practice to perfect. Here is a natural DIY layered fishtail braid look that you can replicate at the matter of minutes.

Laced updo

This is a chic hairdo, and we love how easily one can recreate this. Just create braids on both sides and pin them up to get this fantastic hairstyle suitable for any formal event.

Rope braids

Rope braids are the most natural braids you will ever do in your life. They need some twisting on the opposite directions, and they look very polished. You can get this braided updo if complicated braids are not your strong suit.

Tug in

You will surely need some time to recreate this look, but once you get it done, it will all be worth the wait. It looks very well put together, and the time it takes is nothing compared to the results.

Layered pinup

Braid the side sections of your hair and place them in a crisscrossed fashion over one another to form this layered updo. The braids sit on top of the bun and hide any pins you may have used to secure them.

Bulky braids

If you like massive twists on your updos, then this look is undoubtedly going to steal your heart. Try this one for a special occasion and look as charming as ever.

Middle parted bun

A middle partition is an excellent option for girls who have thick hair. You can surely look like a princess when you try this frontal braided updo.


You can keep things as simple and beautiful as you like it. There is something very lovable about minimalistic hairdos. You can look naturally pretty with this one.


If you are a girl who likes something mysterious and intricate woven into your hairdos, look no further for we have the best option here for you. You can leave everyone else wondering about this look for long!

 Hues of red

This bold choice of hair color in this look has us swooning over its perfection. The hairstyle in itself is effortless, but the color is what makes it outstanding.

This reddish-brown hued hair is unique on its own. Adding just a touch of bling, you can add a hairpin that has rhinestones in them and creates this hairstyle. You are surely going to love the side braids here.

No harm in keeping your options open!

Bound together

Do not be quick to judge this look, and this is sure to grow on you. This look has a mysterious vibe to it and is very elegant too!

Upside down updo

The spiral designs made by braids here are excellent. The upside down twist is undoubtedly unique. You are sure to fall for this look once you try it!

Here we have a different approach to the upside down braided updo. Try these for a casual day or a formal event; it works for all!

Thin hair

Thin hair can be an issue for many when trying on a new hairstyle. You can decide to incorporate many elements to your updo and conceal your thin hair.

Sectioned look

There are many hair sections in this braided bun, and the top is undoubtedly the center of attention here. You can wear this look if a big majestic hair is all you desire.

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Traditional look

You will always look pretty and elegant when you choose a bun like this for your special day.

Front Bangs

Bangs that fall on the forehead are gracious. You can easily make this funky bangs into a braided updo for any formal and festive occasion.


Layers of braids

If you love twists and sections that cascade into one another, here are some stunning hairstyles for you.  Finding the best hairdo can take some time, but once you do find it, you are sure to feel amazing in it!


Bridal Hairstyle

If you are to be a bride, you surely want everything to be perfect. The hair on the big day needs to be extra special, and we are here to help you make that decision. Here are some braided bridal updos that are sure to make it to your list!

Well Rounded

This is an updo with a well-rounded bun on the back. You can surely accentuate these braids and make them more event worthy.


Half up hairstyles have gained a lot of popularity over the years with many celebs opting for this look. You can get a simple braided updo with half of your hair down and manage to steal the show!

Short hair

If you have medium to short hair, then this style is the one for you. There are ruffled details here, and the hair needs not to be perfect for this look. This works well if you have layers too.

Getting it braided

Getting your braids ready can be the first thing that you need to master. You can practice your twists a couple of times before you can recreate them.

Pop of colors

The pop of colors in this hairstyle instantly catches the eye. You need to be bold enough to try on this look for sure.

Blonde hair

Blonde hair has been in fashion for a long time, and we surely love how they manage to show every detail done on the hair.

There are various shades and intensity of blonde that you can opt for. The classic dark roots never go out of fashion, though.


Here are some braided bun hairstyles for you if you haven’t made up your mind yet! They are fun and loose hairstyles that won’t hurt your roots at the end of the day!


By now you surely know that the braids are the hero on these updos. Here are some options for you to navigate through. These braided sectioned looks have so much flexibility, and you have many choices with them!


The Dutch braid here that transcends into a bun is an excellent option for a bride or the bridesmaids.

These looks are intricate, and the details make them even better!

This simple braid in the middle makes this hairstyle very approachable, and you can try this one without looking too extra!

All about the bun

The top buns in this hairstyles are the heroes here. We love this feminine look, and so we have some options for you as well.

Boho hair

If some bohemian vibes are a must for you, here are some casually gorgeous hairstyles for you to choose from!


Royal hair

Kate Middleton wore this braided bun very well, and we love the sheer elegance of it!

We are hopeful that you have found the perfect match of braided updo for yourself from this article. There are options for all hair length and texture here. Whether you are a simplistic person or adore having details into your hairstyles, you will find all you desire in an updo from this article. You can never know which look suits you the best until you try it. So keep an open mind and do decide on some of the looks you like before you dismiss them.

If you found it useful in finding a hairdo, we are thrilled and happy. Make sure you share your experience with us if you try on these elegant braided updos. Give us your valued feedback on the comments section below and help us deliver better content! Stay with us for more on such trendy and beautiful hairstyles!


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