125 Artistic Braided Ponytails for 2021


Ponytails are quite versatile and braided ponytail can be worn in any occasion. Regardless of the outfit that you choose to wear, ponytail will always look classy and elegant. There are various versions of ponytail that you can create going by the length of the hair and style preference.

If you are wondering about what’s ideal for you and the best-braided ponytail to adorn then you will definitely find inspiration from this post. Take your time and sample the various types of ponytail that you can consider wearing.

braided ponytail

Cute braided ponytail ideas

Whether you are looking out for some glam styles or something that looks great on your hair, you will get ponytail ideas that you can consider adorning. Braids have a way of reducing the hair volume into a style that’s easy to manage.

Simple and elegant braided ponytail The braids are loosely done which makes the style to be ideal for a casual outlook. The underlying color of the hair is also beautifully highlighted with the braids.

The type of breaded ponytail that you wear should also be influenced by the facial structure and the hair type. The loosely fixed braid below passes more like a casual look which is great.

Amazing loose beaded ponytail ideas

Make it simple and trendy with an adorable braided ponytail. The overlapping braids and the loosely flowing hair creates a beautiful contrast.

Tightly fixed braids can be very protective to the hair with the high pony holding the hairstyle beautifully in place. The highly raised ponytail has a way of enhancing the facial features of the wearer.

Adorable braided ponytail hairstyles

Adding blonde to your braided ponytail has a way of creating a sophisticated and vibrant look. The platinum blonde shades used in the style below looks magnificent.

The blonde shades used in the hairstyle below enhances the overall outlook of the hair. The loose low ponytail also makes it easy to manage and relaxed.

Loosely braided ponytail provide an easy way of holding long hair together. The hairstyle is perfect for a casual and relaxed setting.

Side ponytail with the ash-gold blonde color looks amazing and reflects the facial features beautifully. The style is spectacular and suitable for long hair.

Blonde almost works with any braid regardless of the color used. Ponytails have become quite trendy and very common with celebrities.

Chunky braids with a loose ponytail is also a cool way of styling your hair. You don’t have to seek a stylist to adorn some of these trendy styles.

Such a unique and versatile way of wearing a ponytail. The braided part is uniquely done and creates a beautiful contrast. The aspect of color and the different shades used also adds life to the hairstyle.

Cute braided ponytail hairstyles

With long hair, one can easily style their hair into a high or low ponytail as desired. the beauty of the style lies much on the length of the hair, the color used and other accessories.

Such a gorgeous way to wear a braided ponytail with the vibrant blonde color used enhancing the overall outlook. The dark and bright parts also enhance the ocerall outlook.

There is just a beautiful correlation between blonde balayage hair and braids. The braids in a way make the different shades used in the hair to mix so powerfully.

The combination of golden and brown balayage creates such an attractive outlook. The simple braids used adds to the beauty with the ponytail also holding the hair nicely.

There are several elements that you can use to spice up your hair and make it more attractive and adorable. Apart from the braids, the ribbon used in the style also adds a beautiful contrast.

There is a high demand for a braided ponytail with many people exploring ways that they can use to wear this style. The hairstyle below looks magnificent.

Each aspect of the hairstyle below looks spectacular and also creates such a beautiful contrast. From the silvery blond shades, the dark shades, and the high blonde, all adds to a beautiful and spectacular outlook.

Managing long hair can be challenging however with simple styles such as a braided ponytail, it becomes easy to hold the hair in place.

Simple and elegant is the best description that suits the style below. The combination of different shades also creates such a magnificent outlook.

Classic braided ponytail hairstyles

Colors have a way of making hairstyles to pop especially when a variety of shades are used in a way that combines well. The humongous ponytail creates such a sassy and appealing outlook.

The side braids look adorable with the highlights making the style to really pop. The low ponytail also holds the hair beautifully in place.

The combination of golden blonde and the dark shades create such a beautiful contrast. The low braided ponytail also adds to the intricacy of the style.

Braiding is never difficult as anyone can practice making loose braids. All you have to do is to hold the hair together and divide into three knots as you interchange them.

Long hair is not only glorious but also provide one with the opportunity to express their beauty and creativity in a unique way.

With long hair, one can come up with numerous strategies to add some glam and beauty to the hairstyle. Instead of just letting the hair loose, you can spice it up with some braided ponytail.

Stunning braided ponytail hairstyles

Are you wondering how you can style your hair without having to spend money on a stylist? Scroll through and get access to some of the dynamic braided styles that can make managing the hair easier.

Once your hair is well treated and in good shape, you don’t want to stick to one style, you can explore some quick and easy braided styles.

Take your hair styling technique to another level with braided low ponytail hairstyle. The ponytail is long enough which creates such a cool outlook.

This ponytail is beautifully fixed in place and holds the loose hair nicely in place. The blonde shades enhance the overall outlook of the style and create such a magical outlook.

Adding blonde shades to your braided ponytail creates a cool and magnificent outlook. The length of the ponytail is not only great but also create such a cool contrast.

Such an adorable piece of style with the bright colors used creating a magnificent outlook. The braids enhance the color used in the hairstyle.

Typical feed in braids that looks amazing and enhances the wearer’s facial features. The style is quite classy and tightly fixed with the high ponytail creating a beautiful mix.

The hairstyle looks classy and quite eye-catching. The high ponytail beautifully holds the hair in place.

Explore your artistic side by expressing some unique style to spice up your hairstyle. The side braids look cool on the hairstyle.

Cute braided ponytail hairstyle ideas

With a high ponytail, you can beautifully hold your hair tightly in place and enjoy the flexibility that comes with the hairstyle.

Such a dynamic hairstyle with the braided section looking so complex. The low ponytail helps with holding the braids together.

Such a simple braided hairstyle that works for both relaxed and official settings. The color of the hair also adds to the beauty of the style.

Braids have a way of enhancing the colorful shades used in the hairstyle in such a dynamic way. The combination of the bright and dark shades also adds to the beauty of the style.

The side braid looks cool and highlights the colors used in the hairstyle. The combination of golden blonde, black and brown colors also blend quite well.

Beautifully braided ponytail with the blonde color shades enhance the overall outlook. The fact that celebrities embrace braids is onething that has led to its popularity.

A beautiful way to hold long hair in place. The hairstyle also suits the facial structure and skin tone.

How to enhance your braided ponytail hairstyle with color

Use of color in hairstyles has a way of enhancing the feel and overall outlook of the hairstyle. The color used in the style below is quite bright and makes the hairstyle to pop.

Subtle use of color that also enhances the overall outlook of the style in an appealing way. The low ponytail also fits beautifully in place.

Braids have a way of making the colors used and highlights to pop. The side braids reveal beautifully the underlying dark shades in the hairstyle.

High ponytail has a way of enhancing the facial features and drawing attention to the hairstyle. Make your style stand out by incorporating some cool shades that blends with the skin tone.

Complement your hairstyle with a combination of loose and braided hair. The high ponytail combines the two segments beautifully.

There are various ways that braided ponytail can be used to enhance the outlook of a hairstyle. From the color highlights used in the style to the tight braids, each enhances the overall outlook of the hair.

A simple and cool hairstyle that reflects beautifully on the wearer. The braided portion looks flawless and enhances the intricacy of the style.

There is no uniform way of wearing a braided ponytail. Braids can be used to minimize the size of a voluminous hair with the ponytail holding it in place.

Beautifully straightened hair with the golden shades enhancing the overall outlook. Such a glamorous style that looks great on Chrissy.

A good way to enjoy a relaxed moment with the hairstyle that goes with it. Embrace some casual look by adorning the style.

Magnificent braided ponytail hairstyles

If you don’t want to feel hair coming all over your face then you can opt for the braided style below. The highlights also makes the style to stand out.

The low braided ponytail enhances the underlying colors in such a dynamic way. Other elements used also makes the style to be quite eye-catching.

Obtain that chic and sassy outlook with the loosely braided ponytail hairstyle. It adds volume and elegance to the style.

Such a nicely fixed braided ponytail with a cool clip to holdit in place.The hair looks flawless with the underlying color creating a beautiful contrast.

Color is used in the hairstyle below in such a magnificent way with the high ponytail enhancing the outlook.

From the dark underlying shades to the bold ash blonde tone, the loosely braided ponytail makes the style to stand out.

Such an intricate style with the braided ponytail done in a very complex way.

Golden blonde is just an adorable shade that blends beautifully with the braided ponytail.

Very simple hairsyle with the braided ponytail making the whole style to stand out.

Loosely fixed braided Ponytail Ideal

If you are considering something temporal that may not stay for long then go for that loosely braided ponytail.

The braids are loose enough to hold the voluminous hair in place and still give shape to the hair.

Side braids have a way of giving shape to the hair and also holding the loose ends in place for an adorable look.

Simple loose braids that are worth trying out.

Combination of braids and loose hair makes the style to stand out

Nice feed in braids with a tightly fitted ponytail. The style looks magnificent.

Such a cool combination of loose hair and braided ponytail. The hair is beautifully straightened and creates a flawless outlook.

Reduce the voluminous outlook by adding a braided ponytail to the style. The bright shades enhaces the glam side of the style.

Let your uniqueness and creativity flow through your style.

A beautifully braided ponytail with the ideal color to go with it.

Such a beautifully braided style with the best highlights to go with it.

The predominant black shades with the raised golden ponytail create a beautiful mix.

Explore your artistic part by adding some cool braid cuffs and braided ponytail to your style.

The well-straightened hair with a side ponytail looks cool. The style looks sleek and flawless with color adding to the beauty of the style.

The bold golden shades is beautifully shown with the lose braided ponytail.

Simple and classy is the description for the style below.

An adorable braided ponytail that holds the loose hair beautifully.

The underlying dark shades look great in braids with the bold blonde color creating a cool contrast.

Adorable braided ponytail ideas

Spice up your natural hair with adorable braids and ponytail.

The hair color makes the braided ponytail to really stand out.

A cute way to hold long hair in place without enhancing its volume.

If you are into managing your hair volume then the style below is worth considering.

If you have long hair then you can consider partitioning it. You can then braid one part and hold another part in a ponytail or go by what suits you well.

Conncentrating your hair towards the upper part then holding it in place with braids is another cool way of wearing your syle.

Classic braided ponytail

Combining small braids with big feed in braids is a cool way of creating contrast. The braid cuffs add to the glow and make for an adorable outlook.

Give your hair some volume and shape with a loosely fixed braided ponytail.

Such a glamorous hairstyle with a cool combination of shades and colors to go with it. The raised ponytail looks magnificent.

Side braids are normally cool and help with holding loose hair in place. The color used also create such a glamorous combination.

Such a flawless hairstyle with the braided ponytail and the elements making such an adorable outlook.

Managing voluminous hair doesn’t have to be difficult. You can make use of braided ponytail to hold it perfectly in place.

Glamorous braided ponytail

Balayage blonde is a high-end fashion hairstyle that’s very common with celebrities. The highlights make the braided ponytail style to really stand out in a captivating way.

Long hair gives people the opportunity to express their personality and artistic capabilities. The dark shades on one part of the hair is uniquely combined with the red layers of color. The tiny braids also add to the complexity of the style.

Achieve that captivating and magical outlook with a straightened braided ponytail. The hairstyle also resonates with the skin tone.

A beautifully fitted side braid that creates a very warm and captivating outlook. The highlights also make the hairstyle to pop beautifully.

Magnificent braided ponytail hairstyles

To manage long hair you can part it into two parts then braid them beautifully. The braids amplify the underlying shades and also creates a beautiful contrast.

The thin and big braids create a beautiful style and blend well with the voluminous ponytail. The braid cuffs also add some intricacy to the style.

You can also braid your hair half way for a more unique outlook. The half braided hair blends well with the voluminous ponytail.

Such a glamorous and head-turning piece of style that looks great on long hair. The braid adds shape to the trendy hairstyle.

A simple style that blends well with the wearer’s skin. Its also magnificent and has the potential of making heads turn.

Braided ponytail helps with managing the voluminous hair in such an adorable way. The huge braids give the hair such a beautiful shape.

Such a magnificent and classy outlook. The braided ponytail holds the hair beautifully in place. The highlights also add some element of glamour to the style.

Hold it up all together with a raised braided ponytail. The color used on the hair is another cool statement by itself.

Beautifully straightened hair with a huge ponytail that creates a beautiful contrast. Parting the hair into two parts makes for a uniform and balanced outlook.

You can wrap it all together into a voluminous piece with a simple low ponytail.

Such a flawless and sassy outlook with the ponytail holding the hair well in place.

You can manage your voluminous hair with ease by just fixing braided ponytail.

Enjoy a relaxed look with loosely braided ponytail.

The ponytail keeps hair manageable and in place. The ash-blonde color adds to the outlook of the style.

Such a chic and sexy outlook. Ideal for relaxed moments.

A good way to manage voluminous hair. The side braids help in holding the loose hair in place.

Make it simple and classy with braided ponytail and color to go with it.

Elegant braided ponytail ideas

Make it simple and sassy with a braided ponytail. The voluminous hair is beautifully held in place.

Jumbo feed in braids looks adorable and blends well with the voluminous ponytail.

You can wear the ponytail in such a subtle way that enhances the overall outlook of the hairstyle.

Achieve such a flawless outlook with a braided ponytail. The hairstyle looks flawless with the bright golden color enhancing the outlook.

A simple braided ponytail that’s ideal for long hair.

Apart from the predominant red color, the loosely braided ponytail adds to the complexity of the style.

The straightened hairsytle looks cute with the ponytail. The style looks flawless and captures a magnificent outlook.

Make it sleek and adorable with coole braids.

An outstanding golden blonde color that blends well with other shades. The braided ponytail adds to the beauty of the style.

Apart from the braided ponytail, the knots also add to the intricacy of the style.

Nice braids that make the entire hairstyle to stand out.

Achieve that sassy and chic look with a loosly braided ponytail.

Cute braided ponytail ideas

From the side braids to the raised loose hair the combination creates such a magnificent contrast.

The side straightened hair blends well with the middle braided ponytail.

Braiding the front part of the hair is a good way of managing a voluminous hair and ensuring it’s beautifully held in place.

Add some glam and uniqueness to your stlyle with a simple braid.

Loose side braids are just magnificent and look great on hair with a soft texture.

A beautiful way to hold long hair in place with the ponytail being the highlight of the style.

From the braid cuffs used to the high braided ponytail, the hairstyle looks quite magical.

Combining large and thin feed in braids adds to the glam and sophistication of the hairstyle.

Make it simple and classy with loose braids and low ponytails.

Classic loosely braided ponytail

Color has a way of transforming the overall outlook of a hairstyle. The loosely braided layers look classy.

Managing voluminous hair doesn’t have to be complex, use tight braids to fix the hairstyle.

Such a dynamic piece of hairstyle with each element adding to the glow and complexity of the style.

A bautiful pulled up style with a high braided ponytail. The blonde hair color makes the style to stand out.

The low side ponytail captures the facial features in an adorable way.

Pulled up hairstyle with a high ponytail is a simple and very classy style.

Long hair is the dream of many girls as it gives one the opportunity to style their hair as desired.

The underlying shades are nicely enhanced with the beautifully braided ponytail. The shades used also blend well with the skin tone.

Such a glamorous and adorable outlook with the color making the style to pop.

Pull that sophisticated look by adding some color and ponytail to your style.

Magical braided ponytail ideas

The thin feed in braids are not only cool but also enhances the beauty of the syle. The thick ponytail is the epitome of this stylish outlook.

A beautiful way to wear loose braids and attain that relaxed outlook.

Express the underlying shades with beautiful loose braids and low ponytail.

From the straightened hair on the sides to the thin line and the voluminous knots, each piece of style adds to the intricacy of the hairstyle.

Tightly straightened hair looks great when held with a braided ponytail.

Use braided ponytail in a way that enhances volume and expresses the uniqueness of the hairstyle.

Stunning braided ponytail ideas

A relaxed look with loose braids that you can easily try out.

Such a beautiful blend of colors with the dominant ash-blonde expressed in the braids.

Beautifully straightened hair with a braided ponytail to hold it together.

If you have thin hair then style it up in a way that enhances the illusion of volume for a nice outlook.

You can add some life to the hairstyle by adding color.

Amazing loosely fixed side braid that enhances the beautiful shades used.

Make it cool and classy with a tightly fitted braided ponytail. So ideal for very long hair.

If you are struggling with managing your long hair then consider the hairstyle below.

An amazing hairstyle with several demonstrations on how to have the best of braided ponytail style.

Let some subtle blend of bright color add to the glow and beauty of the style.

Creativity is vital if you are to explore and try out some of the simple braided ponytail styles.

A bright hairstyle that captures the imagination and makes heads turn.

Simple and elegant is the best description for the hairstyle below.

A beautiful blend of golden blonde and dark shades. The loosely braided ponytail looks great.

Gorgeous braided ponytail hairstyles

It takes some level of expertise to come up with a dynamic hairstyle like the one below. Each of the braids has some subtle effect that makes them cool.

Make it simple and elegant like in the style below. The braids are cute and fits well on the wearer.

Such a sophisticated way of managing hair with the tightly knit braided ponytail creating a cute look.

The low pony makes the voluminous hair to look cute and manageable.

With such a long hair, managing it can be a challenge if its left loose and that’s where braided pony comes in handy.

High braids are not only great at managing long hair but also has a way of making the style to stand out. The blend of color also enhances the overall outlook.

Braids have a way of making long hair to look simple and easy to manage. The jumbo braids are amazing and look great on the wearer.

Such a sassy and vibrant hairstyle that exudes life and elegance. The choice of color used and the high braided pony creates a beautiful contrast.

Pretty braided ponytail ideas for long hair

The hairstyle is very unique in every way right from the style of the braids to the size and layout of the hair.

Such an adorable hairstyle with the ponytail holding the hair tightly in place. The colors used makes the style to glow beautifully.

A beautiful hairstyle with cute highlights and a face that goes with it, The golden shades blends well with other shades used in the hairstyle.

The bouncy loose ponytail looks fabulous and blends well with the skin tone of the wearer. Some subtle shades of platinum blonde enhance the outlook of the style.

Feed in braids continues to grow in popularity with many people opting for them as a way of protecting damaged hair. The colors used in the style makes the hairstyle to really pop.

Such a simple and classy hairstyle that blends well with the wearer’ facial features. The color used in the hairstyle is just magnificent.

Long hair can be difficult to manage at times however with some little idea of braiding, you can make braided ponytail that brings all the difference to your hairstyle.

The bright golden shades of blonde and the loosely held braids hold the hair beautifully in place.