103 Adorable Braid Hairstyles for Kids


If you have kids, you do understand how hard it can be to get them ready in the morning and send them off to school! You are in charge of getting their bag packed, make them lunch and feed them breakfast. And to top it all up, you have to get them into cute hairstyles too! In such cases, braid hairstyles for kids come up as a lifesaver! You can do them in a matter of minutes, and the results are pleasing as well.

No matter what hair length your baby has, there is a hairstyle that will work out great for them. If you need some ideas to do their hair every day and make them look versatile as well, you have reached the perfect place! We have put together braid hairstyles for kids in this article that can work for all hair length and textures. So get creative and make your baby feel like a princess every day!

Sectioned Braids

You can create some clean sections in the hair and start braiding them from the base. You need to go all the way down and secure the ends well. Such braids last longer and are low maintenance as well. Add some beads to complete the look.

braid hairstyles for kids

Braid Hairstyles for black Kids

Space buns are the cutest hairstyle options that you can opt for. Your baby will look adorable in this hairstyle for sure. All you need to do is get the braided sections of hair in a bun and secure them on top, and you’re done.

Crotchet Braids

Braid hairstyles for kids are time-saving, and they look good too. Crotchet braids can be an option to consider as well! Here we have a picture showing us this hairstyle, and the ribbon in the side is the perfect choice of accessory.

Triangle box braids

These triangle box braids are unique braid hairstyles for kids. The sections are clean to look at, and the braids are very big and bulky as well.

Party look

This one is a perfect hairstyle to try on for a party. You can try this one especially if you have some time in your hands. Add some color matching hair ties to finish the look.

The Bow

You may have seen many hair accessories with bows on them. Now is the time to try to recreate these bows in your baby’s hair. You can create a bow easily, and there are many tutorials online to help you. There is a certain amount of elegance and poise that it brings to a hairstyle that we adore!

Rounded Braids

You can experiment with braids in several ways and usually braid hairstyles for kids have a lot of options. This is one unique take on twists, and the hair is rounded to the sides as well.

The Crown

Use your braids to create a crown for your little princess.  This is a perfect hairstyle that you can try on for an occasion like birthday parties. The best thing about it is that you can choose any style of braids that you are comfortable with doing.

Beach day

On days when you need to take your kids to the beach, you want them to enjoy themselves without the hassles of free falling hair. One of the best way you can do this by opting for sectioned braid hairstyles for kids. They are cool and doesn’t get in the way as well.

Side Swept Braids

Side swept hairstyles have always been popular. Here is an idea of such braids for you. All you need to do is braid from a side and maintain an angle until you reach the other side. The slope on this one is a unique addition to braid hairstyles for kids.

The basic

There is no harm in opting for a hairstyle that is simple and plain at times. You can do them as an everyday hairstyle for your kid when she goes off to school.

Rounded hair

If your baby girl has minimal hair, you can try this hairstyle on. The game here is to section your hair in clean sections depicting some shape and then pinning them down in that area itself.

Wedding day hairstyles

There are many occasions where you want your baby’s hair to look polished and elegant. Especially if she is going as a flower girl at a wedding. Here are some hairstyles that work best for the formal occasion like weddings!

The Triad

Get your baby’s hair in a middle section and take three strands of hair of equal parts. Braid these sections and then tie them up. Give them an inward tuck, and the look is complete.


Adding a ribbon can make any hairstyle look better. You can see how a simple pastel shade of fabric can make a hairstyle look more polished. There are countless examples of braid hairstyles for kids with some vibrant ribbons, and we have some of those here for you.

Bun hairdos

Buns are usually thought of as a hairstyle for moms rather than young ones. But who says there are any rules about hairstyles? You can do what you desire and here we have some adorable bun hairstyles that you can try on for some special occasion.

French Braids

A single braid that falls on the center of the hair is one of the most stylish braid hairstyles for kids. You can wrap the braid up into a high ponytail at the back. To make things look more seamless, you can wrap a piece of hair around it!

Half up pony

Here we have very casual braid hairstyles for kids that you can wear to any event. Here is a step by step picture description of how you can achieve this look.


There are braid hairstyles for kids of every age. You can get this multisectioned style and add beads at the base to make things more attractive!

Zig-Zag Hairstyle

Braids can be styled into various sequences, and we love this one here. The crisscrossed sections give the hair a unique appearance, and the overall look is admirable too. These can be worn to school, and you will be getting a lot of praises for your work!

Pigtail braids

Pigtails are very common hairstyles, and one might wonder as to what can be done to make it better. Simply adding braids to the whole hair before you braid them will help immensely in the entire process. No matter what hair length your baby has, you can make get these braids on them and also add on some ribbons on top as accessories.

Waterfall Braids

One of the trendy braid hairstyles for kids is the waterfall braid. They give off an illusion of a waterfall and is not very hard to perfect. It is just an alteration to the french braids. They have a beautiful appearance too.


The Pineapple

There is no limit to creativity for sure. You can create sections and come up with designs on your own as well. Here we have a pineapple shaped braided look with rolled up bun on top. You can see the sides here also have a different design to it!

Curvy Designs

Once you get all the hair on braids, it becomes effortless to mold it into any design then. You can braid your hair in a slanting fashion and then achieve a look like the one below. This braid hairstyles for kids works for all hair length and texture as also.

You can add hair ties or hair bands that have some pop of color to make the hair more appealing to the eyes!


Adding some beads to the hairstyle is a great option to add some flair to them. They are readily available in the stores, and the best thing about them is that they come in various colors.

You can match the beads on the hair with the clothes that your kid is wearing to obtain a well put together look. Here we have some braids with beads to inspire you!

Salon Styled

If you are not so confident about getting braid hairstyles for kids at home, you can take your kid to a nearby salon to get professional help. The hair can be handled well by the experts at the salon. There is no denying that you will also get to have a fun day out with your baby girl.

Hair Accessories

You will find a lot of beautiful hair accessories, and you can opt for them to make braid hairstyles for kids look more polished and pretty! There is a wide variety of designs and colors that you can get.

Here we have some bright and vibrant flower designs on hairpins and ribbons. They work for even the shortest of hair and add so much flair to the look.


Ponytails are very common and basic hairstyles. This is one of the first hairstyles that you do on your kid’s hair. Now you can spice things up a bit, and add braids to the high pony!

You can add fun hair accessories to the ponytail. Try a side pony as well to change the look at times!

Long Hair

If your baby has long hair, you can get them into any hairstyle you want! There are many options of bangs and sectioned hairstyles that you can do. But since we are on the topic of braid hairstyles for kids, here is a braided hair in thin sections. The braids here are crisscrossed to give an alluring maze life effect.


Sometimes keeping things simple is also good. If you are not so fond of experiments, then here are some basic braid hairstyles for kids that can be worn to the school. You can also get them into this hairstyle for a casual day out to the mall!

Half sided look

The sides here have been braided with great detail. This is very intricate work and will surely need a lot of attention and time. The short tiny braids turn into a thick braid as it moves to the other side! Here we have some multi-colored hairpins added to the look too.

Art of braiding

Braiding is an art for sure. There are many ways you can style this hairstyle. They are simple to do, but they have a different appearance each time someone wears it! The way you braid your hair can make a lot of difference. So try on some unique styles like these right here!

Pulled back

There are days when your baby needs her hair out of her way. You can try on a pulled back hairstyle for those days when she needs to be hassle-free. Braid the hair back and let your kid enjoy her day without irritation.


There is no limit to creativity when it comes to hairstyles. There are many designs that you can get inspired by. Try one each day and make your princess feel special! You can see how versatile braid hairstyles for kids can be from this picture below!


There are exciting hair accessories that you can add to your hairstyle. Here we have a spider bug shaped plastic hairpin that gives a mysterious vibe to the hair. This kind of add ons can be worn to a Halloween party or when your kid goes out for trick or treating!


This is one very special looking hairstyle. There are segments of braided hair and the hair on top has been balled up into a bun. You can secure the bun with some hairpins and achieve this look. The fuzzy end of the hairstyle is adorable too!

Triple Braids and ties

There are three braids in this hairstyle that we have compiled below. Here are options with braids that turn into a low pony with waves at the ends. There are some other options with short hair and ponytail.

If you want a lot of braids them, you can surely opt for a full head of braids and then tie them up in sections. Gather all your inspiration from these pictures here!



This twisted braid hairstyle is very different than any look that we have shown till now. There is a hidden section of braids on top here and a twisted section of braided hair at the base.

Braid crown

Here is a look perfect for some special occasion. The thicker braids here are pinned on top and has an outlook of a crown. There are intricate details made from braided hair on the front here. This hairstyle has hair strands left free on either side that makes it exquisite.

Holiday Hairdo

On the holiday season, you want your kid to have an extra special hairstyle for sure! Braid hairstyles for kids are convenient and stylish for the holiday season too. Here there are added hair braces and hair accessories that make this one stunning!

The elements

Here are so many aspects to look forward to. There is sectioned hair with thin braids that transform into a thick braid at the crown. We can see the beads and designs here that are very detailed. This one is for a special occasion like your kid’s birthday!

Free on top

These braid hairstyles for kids are not very common. Here the section of hair that goes into braids lay on the lower back sides. As you reach the top, you can leave the natural hair free for a voluminous look. You can opt for sectioned intricate braids or some plain three stands thick braids like the ones here.


Cornrows are easy to do hairstyles that are protective as well. The blonde hair right hair makes the sectioned braids pop up more. You can opt for as many sections as you like. Tie up the ends for a softer hairstyle!

Cat Ears

This is one funky hairstyle for sure. You will not be able to do this one for your baby to wear daily. The cat ears like section here can be achieved with some minor hair hacks. You can try this one for Halloween or some themed parties!


Try middle-sectioned braid hairstyles for kids, and the partition will make a lot of difference. The hairstyle here has a lot of hair ties in sections. You can tug on these sections to achieve this final look.

Curly hair

Curly hair has a lot of texture on its own. You will not need to add a lot of elements into it to make it look better. A basic side braid and bun on top look is also an attractive option!

Heart shape

You can create any shape with braid hairstyles for kids. Once you start to braid, you can form any design you like. All you need to do is start with a vision. A heart shape is trendy among toddlers and here are some beautiful ones for you to choose from!

Thick Hair

Having thick hair gives you the option for trying on a lot of hairstyles. Here is one adorable hairstyle that you are surely going to love. The thick twisted locks of hair after the pony are worth mentioning here. Add some ribbons when you try this one on!

Hairstyles with gaps

Natural hairstyles are very comforting and easy as well. These hairstyles will last longer and never look out of style. When you style your natural hair with thick sections that form wide gaps, they create a different look. Usually, there are beads that we add to such braid hairstyles for kids.

Ties and Braids

You can see that this hairstyle is a combination of braids and tied up hair. All you need to do is tie up sections of your front hair in three equal parts. Then use the tied up hair to create a braid throughout the hair. Use colorful hair ties to make this a vibrant look.

Elegant one

A simple braid on the front can make a lot of difference to the look. This look is easy to achieve. All you need to do is take a section of the front part of the hair and then braid it in small details. This look is exquisite, and we love this look!

Thick Braids

When there are thick sections of hair, you can get thicker and healthier looking braids on your kid’s hair. These braids will be lower in number, but the results will be fantastic! This one is a low maintenance hairstyle too!



There are so many sections here, and the braid looks very well done. The pastel pink ribbon makes this a cute hairstyle. The baby hair on the front has been tamed down well too!

Thin Sections

Opt for small equal sections of hair if you want your braids to look very neat and sleek. Such hairstyles help to keep the hair in place. There will be no flyaways once you get all your hair in these tight braids! Try different sections to achieve a different look!

Very short hair

There is no need to panic if your kid has very short hair. There are braid hairstyles for kids with tiny hair too! This one right here is very attractive. There are small sections of braids, and we love this one!

Cute Braided Hairstyles For Kids

Colors instantly attract the attention of everyone. Many hair colors make us feel inclined towards trying them on! You can try on any braid hairstyles for kids with varied hues. The blue accents here are looking fun and vibrant!


Some classic hairstyles never go out of trend, for instance, the elegant updos!  There are so many options with updos and here are some you can do at home! These updos are classy and incorporate braids in some form too!

By reaching the end of this article, we are sure you must have gotten some idea about braid hairstyles for kids. If you found this small effort of ours to be helpful, do share it with your friends! Stay with us for more on fashionable hairstyles and more! Till next time, this is a wrap!