150 Chic Box Braids Styles That You Should Try


Box braids are one of the most popular African hairstyles that are divided by boxy or square-shape partitions. Box braids are all about the glamour and protective hairdo that has spiked its charm over the years. And, quite frankly, why not? It can be worn for over eight to ten weeks without a grudge. If you are looking for a protective and an exquisite design to your hair, then box braids is the one to opt for!

As the name refers, box braids are basically individual plaits that are divided by small squared-off parts or boxes. You can choose the braids to be of any width, length and style, but for an extra volume and length, most women like to add synthetic or natural hair extensions. Box braid is becoming a trending hairstyle among women of all ages all around the world.

Over the years, box braids have really been popular not only among the African-American women, but also celebrities on the red carpet to the hot models on Instagram. Since the celebrities inspire us so much to opt for a new hairstyle, I’d like to mention Beyonce, Brandy, Lilly Singh, Ruth Negga, Mel B, Kat Graham, Ciara, Jordin Sparks, Keke Palmer, Alicia Keys, etc.who have rocked the box braids sometime over the years. As we have got some celebrity-inspo, now we can jump into the sexy styles that our gallery has to offer.

Double Wrap Box Hairdo

In this box braided hairdo, the middle parted braids seem to be placed on a puff design. The black, long, and thick braids make a pretty chic impression. You can totally pull this look off!

box braids

Long Box Braids With Loose Ends

This is one of the simplest styles designated to the box braids. It is long and parted in the box-off divisions that is finally ended with unbraided, loose ends. It is simple and doable for an everyday look!

Honey-Blonde Box Braids

Honey-blonde shade do justice to all kinds of hairstyles and skin tones. Don’t take my word, just see for yourself. It looks so glamorous on the long box braids. Top off your looks with some classic makeover and you’ll turn all the heads down the road.

High Up Bun

For a difference, and a saucy element you can add a high up bun to your box braids. For the same effect, take half of your hair into a high, head up wrap and leave the rest to fall down perfectly as the way it is. It is great for a summer day.

Silver Blonde Hair

I mean WOWZA! To get a pop star vibe, you should definitely try these silver colored faux locs. Her hair is long and braided until it reaches the three-quarters of the length and the rest is left loose and unbraided. 


Short And Sexy

Who says short hairs can’t rock the box braids? Here is the stunning looking box braid hairstyle, styled on a short hair along with braid cuffs. It is cool, chic, and very gorgeous hairdo. You will not regret it. 

Along With A Hat

Just by the look of it, we can tell that this is a vacation look. The long, black box braids are not only stylish but it also requires low maintenance. So, try this look to hit two birds with one stone.

Side Puff

Next up we have, the side swept puff that creates a very flattering dimension to the look! You can add some gray braided locs just like in the picture below for a precise look. This is a look of the heart, you gals. 

Braid Cuffs

Seems like braid cuffs never go out of style, ladies. Simply add some golden braids cuffs to your box braids to give a very stylish effect to your everyday box braids. It surely looks very very classy.

Fierce Look

If you are opting for an intimidating yet a gorgeous hairdo, then this look is the one for you. Love how fierce and fitting this hairstyle seems on her face. Don’t miss out on the ongoing trend, ladies.

Dirty Blonde

I am absolutely in awe of this hairstyle. The braids are painted by gold-ish blonde hue that tops of all looks of the look. To exert some powerful hairstyle, you should try this one out. 

Ashy Extensions

If you think that your regular, black box braids are becoming somewhat boring for you, then slip in some contrasting colored hair extensions like ash, silver, blonde, etc to get a sophisticated flair for your overall look.

Fishtail Box Braids

I can’t believe how stylish this hairstyle looks! The classic box braids are given a fishtail braid on the top of it. The fishtail braids starts from the top of the braided hair and locks up along with straight locs falling down.

Red Space Buns

Do you know what is better than one change? Two, of course! Jk! But, seriously though, when you opt for box braids, why not paint it red? Then, you can add two space buns on either sides to look more amazing!

Thin And Medium Sized Hair

As I fore mentioned, box braids suit any kinds of hair, be it thin or medium sized, too. Her hairdo looks great with the thin braids and slightly curled edges, that’s for sure.

High Up Box Braids

I know that we usually don’t really pay mere attention to the back of the head, but come on, this looks unmissable. Get a brushed, high hair up-do for getting this look.


Shaved Sides

Shaving off your hair can be a challenge but also fun. You can notice that the hairdo is accompanied by shaved sides making this look a ten out of ten. This wrap will be a great transformation to your natural, regular hair.

Blonde Locs

This look is perfect for an everyday cover up if you are willing to carry box braids for your next look. Slay the hair game with these blonde precise faux locs accessorized with braid rings. It simply makes the overall look so fancy and it is also a great match for white girls. You gotta love the look!


Honey Gold Locs

Another classic honey gold hairdo with a lot of accessories and elements added to it. The nose ring accentuates her face to make it a seducing look, after all.

Multi-Colored Locs

For a slight twist to an all-black box braids hair, you can add in some matching colors for you in an alternating pattern. This is great for a medium length hair, too.

Frozen Colors

Not only a runway model, but also you can rock these icy cold strands on your long, box braids. This hairdo is simply amazing and nevertheless manageable too. Try out the frozen colors for a change and let it surprise you.

High Up Bun

I am loving this high up bun on a box braids hair. The thick box braids are coiled up into one large bun. This hairdo is totally manageable and you can pull it off any day. For the same effect, you can add some golden extensions to it.

Into A Pony

Here, in this hairstyle, the braids are tied up into a high ponytail. It is a very easy going hairstyle that you can do no matter what. This hairstyle is simple yet totally doable anytime, any day.


Side Sweep Box Braids

Side swept hairdos always create an elegant aura to the whole look. You can go with any sizes or styles to go for with a side sweep. She looks stunning here.


Fancy Medium Hair

Box braids surely treat the medium size hair fairly, no? The fall of the braids escorted by some braid cuffs make it look more chic. This hairstyle, undeniably, is also great for kids.

Alluring High Up

I can’t believe my eyes right now! This look is absolutely classy, ain’t it? The pencil-thin box braids with half-shaved sides create the most unique look ever. Color your hair caramel hue to get the exact vibe.

Simple Look

If you’re just browsing the gallery for a simple and everyday look, then you gotta try out this hairstyle. It is easy and anyone can carry it with utmost comfort.

Pink Fishtail Braid

We gotta love the perfect transformation of old and regular box braid into a pink fishtail braid. The frontal stylish braids are becoming pretty popular these days. And for a stylish flair, you can always be playful with the colors.

Olives On The Hair

If you’r willing to change the hair dimension this year, then try coloring your hair some olive shades. Not only is this hue classy, but also it can be pulled off by any skin type. The olive hair go hand in hand with the box braids, that’s for sure.

French Braid

This is by far the most stunning box braid style for me. The thinnest strands are tied up into a pony then the rest of the hair falls down as a gorgeous french braids. Surely, the making of this hairdo is time-consuming, but it’s also totally worth it!


Head Wrap

For a magnificent change of hairdo, opt this one that will never go out of style. Wrapping a hair-wrap has been astonishingly comfy and suitable for any occasions. Try some fancy-looking head wraps to get this chic look.


Stylish Hair-Up

Okay, I see that this hair-up is dramatic and somewhat not an everyday look, but hey, how often do we get to be crazy in this life, right?! So, bookmark this box braids styles picture and rock the stage.





Ombre Highlights

Ombre highlights seem to have seated on the backseat of the backseat these days. You can give the box braids a special effect by adding in some dope ombre highlights.

A Sleek Ponytail

Ponytail has always been there for us no matter the occasion, no matter the place. You can opt for a sleek high ponytail for your box braids.

A Headband

Headbands always add a joyful touch to any kinds of hairdo. So why not go with a joyful look?

Braid Threads

Adding golden threads to the braids have become pretty trending element of decoration. Try out the threads to style your gorgeous hair.

Beautiful Partitions

The star-shaped partition looks so beautiful on the box braids. This look is absolutely gorgeous.




Look how only one beautifully decorated extension changes the whole hair game here. Decorate one strand of braid as beautifully as you can to level up your box braids hairstyle.

Bushy Box Braids

This hairstyle brings out the whole look in the spotlight. The bushy effect given to the falling curls is surely an inspiration on box braids. Such a pretty look.

Half Done Braids

Okay! Let’s take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous this whole hairdo looks. The braid is half done and half left loose and undone. Get this look and slay the celebrity glam for yourself.

Purple Threads

Get your box braids done in a half-up, half-down manner for a change. Then, to add crazy details, color your half-down hair into a shiny purple hue and conquer the hairstyle once and for all.

Stylish Wigs

Wigs always come in handy when you’re looking into somewhat temporary style. Add any size, style, or color for making a great hairstyle. 

Half Curled Up Box Braids

An ideal hairstyle to carry to a party or a wedding which is half curled, half braided. This look is absolutely graceful and elegant.


Box Braids For Kids

A very smart hairstyle for little girls will be a double braid with added accessories like colorful beads and initial clips. Such a cutie!


Pink Ombre

I am digging the color transition of this box braids hairstyle. The caramel brown roots slowly fade into steaming purple that extends into a barbie pink hue to top it all off. Ombre is the new fashion, gals. 

Tiger Prints

The mix of golden brown and black extensions preferably look like a tiger’s skin print. This mix and match of colors seem to be very classy and alluring.

Box Braids On a Bob

The chin-length bob is given a special effect with the box braids. She totally rocks the short hair plus the chestnut hue washed on her hair.

Thick Braids

The thick and slightly burgundy shaded braids go a long way girls. Faux locs come with a variety of different styles and tweaks added to it. She looks great with this hairstyle.

Sunny Hairdo

Don’t you just love the color combo in this hairstyle? It looks great when the blonde, purple, and pink are mixed altogether to create such a sunny vibe into a hairstyle.


Crazy Voluminous Box Braids

Wow! Just stunning. The thick and full-bodied box braids create a voluminous look that looks so fitting and honestly, mind-blowing, too.

Half-up Bun

or the ladies who have been searching for an easy-going hairdo, this is it. This half-up bun looks so comfy and stylish at the same time. Will you recommend this to those who are in search of it?

Thinnest Braids

I wonder how many hours were vested into making of this edgy hairstyle. But, no matter what, it surely showcases the box braids in a stylish manner.

Half Auburn Hair

This look is surely an extra kind. If you have a heart to combine the box braids and auburn bushes on the top, then go for it.

Classic Bun

This is the most popular box braids hairstyle till date. You can carry it with ease to a college or work. The half-up bun never goes out of style.

Foxy Hairstyle

This look is made more gorgeous with the beautiful spotlight blonde color, gothic makeup, and added accessories like the nose rings. It gives a very foxy vibe overall.

Ultra Long Box Braids

If you wanna break the record, then you might wanna get these longest version of locs. It looks very extra, that’s for sure. Will you be able to pull off these lengths?

Colorful Extensions

Colors are always happy and joyful. Try out the colorful patterns of extensions to bring out all the romance on your hair.

Snowy Extensions

Extensions give an interesting story to the boring black hair. So, try the ash colored extensions to uplift the MOOD of hairdo.

Accessorized Short Hair

Whether your hair is long or short, the box braids never leave it out. Gotta love how professional and stylish she looks with a few element of decors.

Plain Short Hair

Try out box braids on plain short hairs to achieve all the glam charm, girls. 

Loosely Tied Box Braids

If you are opting for a carefree kinda look, then tie up your gorgeous box braids in a loose manner. It is super casual and easy at the same time. 

Auburn Red Hair

The crazy, rich auburn pigments make the whole hairstyle pop from every manner, whatsoever. This auburn shade looks classic on African-American women and pale skin tones, too.

Sleek Box Braids

Kick off your everyday look with these sleek box braids that look very stylish and stunning.

Auburn Pink Extension

The magic of a single extension is totally worth it. The auburn pink extension looks very eye-catchy and irresistible. 

Shallow Ropes

Don’t you say that you don’t like these perfect locs! So sleek and smart for a change, isn’t it? What do you need more?

Striking Bun

As the name refers, this big up-top knot of box braids surely strike one’s eye having the volume and the body we all look forward to. Try this hairdo for a change, girls.

Classic Middle Partition

If you wanna turn heads, you should definitely go with these middle parted class box braids. This glamorous and protective hairdo has spiked its charm everywhere as it suits any face shape and hair kinds.


Blue Or Green?

To be THE hot topic here and there, you gotta try the blue and green, eye-catchy extensions. The makeup adds up to be so striking and epic here.

Crazy Red

The color Red will never let you down, gals. This look is perfect for a boho-flair and I am pretty sure that everyone who lay their eyes on this up-do will fall for it. Add in some braid beads for a detailed design. 

Royal Blue

Not everyone has the heart to try out and pull off this hairdo as it is crazy and dramatic with the royal blue accents added to it. If you are willing to take a chance, go with full-body royal blue extensions and rock this look.

Half Tied Hairdo

She looks so chic with these stylish version of half hair up rolls of locs. To me, it looks like a red carpet look. Everyone can pull off the locs if they are given this style, for sure. Is this your vibe?

Rounded Braid

I can’t say I have seen much of this hairstyle, but this looks pretty stylish to me. The box braids are curled up into two giant side braids making this look super extra.

Simple Hair Crown

Sometimes, you just need one accessory to change the whole vibe of a hairdo. Throw in a simple, beaded head crown on the top of box braids that accentuates the look as a whole.

Half Up Space Buns

As space buns have been acing its popularity a lot, why not try it for a change to your box braids?! The half-up space buns look cool and tempting at the same time. Try out this hairstyle the next time you go to a hair stylist.

So, there you have it, ladies; all the box braid hairstyles you could ever need right here. I hope you have found an inspiration to go for. As box braids give your hair a great story, you can always try it out anytime, any day. Add extensions for colors and lengths and get THE look. Happy styling!