85 Edgy Ways to Rock Bowl Cut Hairstyles for Women


Bowl cut trend used to be reserved only for nine-year-old boys, but the 80s inspired hairstyle is now making a comeback. In fact, fashion icons and celebrities Miley Cyrus, Robyn, and Rihanna have put their own spin on the look, adding different elements to the nostalgic haircut and sporting it in unexpected ways. If you want to take some risk on your haircut, keep on reading for the edgy ways to rock bowl cut hairstyles for women.

What is Bowl Cut—and When It Became Popular?

The nostalgic hairstyle is known for its heavy fringe that falls just above the ears, forming the shape of an upside-down bowl. In fact, the bowl cut resembles a literal bowl placed on one’s head since the hair are cut in the same length all the way around the back. The 80s hairstyle is also called as a mushroom cut, pot haircut, or even helmet haircut because of its look.

Do you know that bowl cut hairstyle was actually designed as a quick fix for men who didn’t have enough money to get a good haircut at the barber shop? This is because the bowl cut is very cheap, simple, and easy, which is best suited for children. More than that, the bowl cut has an ancient history that can be traced back from the Middle Ages to the 15th century.

In fact, most medieval men have sported the bowl cut hairstyle, which was done with the help of a bowl placed on the head as a cutting guide, shaving the back and sides and wearing stylish hats and head coverings. Some historians even say that soldiers and religious leaders of the past have worn the bowl haircut, which made military and religious looks popular.

In the 1960s, British band Beatles sported the bowl haircut along with Ramones, which influenced hairstyles around the globe. In fact, the look became popular in America during the 1980s, but faded in 1990s. The Autumn/Winter 2018 runway show of Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga just proved that the bowl cut is back with a vengeance.

Bowl Cut Hairstyle and Fashion

Have you seen fashion stars Ruby Rose, Alexa Chung, and Zendaya sporting the bowl cut hairstyle, but a more fashionable and modern way? According to experts, the bowl cut is actually a classic hairstyle, which will work in the modern times as long as you keep the length and style appropriate. In fact, you can make the look smart for the office and high fashion and grungy on your weekends.

In fact, bowl cut is one of the hairstyles that are perfect for red carpets and runway shows. Most modern hairstyles got its roots from the late 70’s—think of bell bottoms, retro flared pants, fringe tops, suede button-front skirts, peasant dresses, and such. The nostalgic haircut is now making a comeback in the modern times with a more fashion-forward, edgy, and cool spin.

Fashion weeks are one of the most awaited events in fashion where models don the unwearable designs and statement haircuts. In fact, some models were selected to get drastic haircuts just to rock the fashion show’s theme. One of the drastic haircuts includes the bowl cut, or the rounded bob and mushroom top. Fortunately, models that sported the bowl cut hairstyle actually agreed to it.

Do you know that models are presented to wear the designs, along with hairstyles and makeup regardless whether they loved the look or not? Models job includes selling the bowl cut hairstyle, regardless of their mixed feelings about it. Don’t fret as the drastic change in a model’s hairstyle isn’t compulsory. In fact, the casting directors would typically ask for models that agree to get big chops.

Thankfully, models are free to say no to whatever looks they are going to wear. Unfortunately, most runway models that sported the bowl cut hairstyle on one fashion show will likely look for other projects, and bowl cut hairstyle might not sound appealing for other designers. Would you rock a bowl cut hairstyle if your work will depend on it, or stay safe with neutral hairstyles that can take you everywhere?

Reasons to Try Bowl Cut Hairstyles

Bowl cut is universally flattering for most face shapes.

If you wish to make your hairstyle flattering for you, think of bowl cut that will surely suit round faces, square faces, oval faces, long faces, and heart faces. In fact, the modern bob haircut is based from the nostalgic bowl cut, but still you can get different styles and length just to make it work for you. If you have naturally straight hair, then bowl cut will highlight your best features, adding some elegance to your look.

In fact, you can take advantage of its shape by taking away some volume in certain areas, or adding some styling at the sides. For instance, a woman with a long face will look great in bowl cut hairstyle, making your face look rounder, since the shorter hair length that falls just below your ears add volume to the sides of your face, making it look more proportioned.

Your new hairstyle will reveal a new you.

If you want to show some major changes in you, start with a new hair. By going for a bowl cut hairstyle, you’ll show that you don’t care about the societal standard of beauty. Some believe that long hair for a woman is the sole definition of beauty, but there’s actually a certain edgy and exotic feel in a short hairstyle, especially an edgy bowl cut.

If you’re cutting out a toxic relationship, symbolize that with your hairstyle. We all know that most women use their hair as a representation of their previous relationship, and cutting it shorter shows one is bold to move forward and let go. Also, you’ll be able to explore the things you really want along with style options that you haven’t considered before.

Bowl cut is the best look if you’re in a hair rut.

If you’re tired of fixing your hair each morning and thinking of endless ways to rock your long hair, it time to go for a bowl cut. A great thing, it will grow back so dramatic cut isn’t a big deal. Do you know that going shorter is one of the best ways to learn something about yourself? According to experts, your hair can be an instrument for you to observe how you deal with changes, along with other things in life.

If you’re stuck in a hair rut, don’t be afraid to switch up your hairstyle. Just like your long hair, you’ll soon learn how to style your bowl cut. You might not be able to rock waterfall braids and ponytail for some time, but you have less hair to deal with every morning. When experimenting on your looks, take your lifestyle into consideration, and everything will fall into place.

Short hair looks more professional and organized.

Do you know that shorter hairstyles like a bowl cut project confidence? If you have a long hair, you tend to look like hiding behind it, but with a short hair, you have nothing to hide. In fact, research says that women who wear short hair at work are often taken more seriously. Since shorter hair like a bowl cut is a no-fuss look, you’ll get the impression of being organized and responsible too.

On the contrary, ones with elaborate and longer hairstyles appear to have an easygoing attitude. If you’ve got a bowl cut and you have a sleek, straight hair, you’re likely to be seen as a perfectionist since a straight hair is typically tamed, neat, and frizz-free. Yes, your hairstyle says more than you know, so make sure it projects the way you want to be treated.

Bowl cut is an edgy hairstyle that will work with every hair color.

Do you know that the retro haircut can look modern when styled with an edgy dye job? In fact, you can make it look stand out in the crowd if you go for bold colors like denim blue, dirty blonde, bloody red and such. If you want to cut some time on doing your makeup in the morning, your bold colored hairstyle will make you look more presentable and stylish sans makeup.

If you want to make your style more fashion-forward, complement your hairstyle with your makeup. If you’re a big fan of smoky eyes or bold red lipstick, bowl cut hairstyle is the perfect choice for channeling your sexiest look. Regardless of your hair color, bowl cut hairstyle will make everything look edgy and cool, while adding some unexpected twist to your statement.

It’s a kind of haircut that will give you a fresh start.

Whether you wish to revamp your look or start over in your life, getting a bowl cut is a way to go. In fact, the hairstyle will save you if you’ve got a bad haircut or you’ve damaged your hair. Also, if you’ve got some hair problems like thinning hair, bowl cut will be able to add the illusion of volume to your hair. Do you know that your hairstyle can also help you inspire to get your goals and dreams this New Year?

Also, you can add some texture and body to your hair by varying the length of your hair instead of sticking to strands that fall flat. If you’re afraid to make new commitments, going shorter on your hair is a great start. After all, a new year is the perfect time for a fresh start, a fresh look that can be achieved with a new hairstyle.

Bowl cut is effortlessly cool and low maintenance.

Compared to longer hairstyles, bowl cut requires less maintenance—no need for blow drying, complicated styling, you can get out of the door without looking at the mirror and such. More than that, the shape of a bowl haircut adds some volume to your face, making you look younger than you actually are. If you want, add some bangs at the front so you’ll get a fresher, effortless look.

Once styled, your bowl cut hairstyle doesn’t really become disheveled. A great thing, if you’re a woman on the go the nostalgic hairstyle will give you a polished, professional look that can take you from business meetings and cocktail parties. If you need to save time on styling, go for bowl cut that will be your on-the-go fix. After all, shorter hair is easier to fix than longer hair.

It will make your hair look healthier and more voluminous.

Do you know that holding onto a same style, parting, and length for so long will make your hair thinner and stringy? Longer hair makes your hair fall straight, while shorter hair makes them look fuller and bouncier since the strands are lighter. Also, if you can’t dye your hair because you wish to make it healthier, switching up your look with a bowl cut is the best option.

Have you lost some weight because you got sick? Your hair can be your savior too. In fact, shorter hairstyle like a bowl cut can add some width to your face, making you look healthier than you actually are. This way, you’ll still be confident and stylish on expressing yourself regardless on what’s going on in your life.

Bowl cut is different and a bit unexpected.

Some women find shorter hair less sexy, not sophisticated, and not feminine, but if you intentionally change your hairstyle just to make a bold statement then it’s always a win. Some experts even say that shorter hair reveals a new you, while keeping everything a bit unexpected. Cutting your hair shorter, especially a bowl cut is empowering too.

Also, your hair is an extension of your personality apart from your clothing choices and makeup, so you should define the look that you want to have. After all, no one can say if you’ll be more comfortable or happier in your new hairstyle than you felt in your previous look. All you need is to take a plunge and make a change with a bowl cut hairstyle.

How to Wear Bowl Cut Hairstyle Modernly

The 90s bowl cut hairstyle is back, and there are lots of ways to make the look more feminine and chic. To make the nostalgic hairstyle more modern, make it softer and washed. Instead of wearing it forward, simply use some hair mousse, gel or pomade to set it off your face, so you’ll be able to highlight the length on top and the shortness at the sides. If you may, add some volume and height on top.

To avoid the solid bowl cut look, add some bangs, fringes, or wisps. It would be more elegant if you’ll get some wispy pieces that will soften the edgy bowl cut hairstyle. Also, pomade can hold your hair in place while adding some texture into it, avoiding that mushroom-like appearance. However, be careful wearing the hairstyle if you’ve got a round face or coarse hair as it won’t flatter you.

If you want to make sure if a bowl cut hairstyle will flatter you, simply pull your hair back in a ponytail and observe your facial features. If it is just fine with you, then the bowl cut will also look great for you. Most of the time, women with a good bone structure will be able to pull off the look. If you like, add some highlights to your hair to make the look more modern.

Bowl Cut Hairstyle Inspirations for You

Bowl cut might look too masculine for you, but with some styling tweaks, you’ll be able to make it look more feminine or even classy. If you like, think of incorporating wispy fringe or go for longer bangs that will make your bold arches prominent. If you’ve got a shorter haircut, you can balance the look with longer bangs at the front, adding some edge to your daily style.

If you’re a fan of sci-fi and futuristic looks, bowl cut can still give that sent from the future vibes. The key is to keep everything sharp and blunt, and add some modernistic flair with gray and silver accents. For a fearless look, go for a deep part that will make everything polished and chic. If you want a sweeter look, go for longer length on top that will give you lots of options to style your hair.

Pixies look chic and edgy but at the same time feminine. To get the same vibe in bowl cut, the key is to get some long, soft layers, giving you an edgy and sophisticated statement. If you want to rock some punk look, go for a shaved sideburn that will make a bold statement for you. To channel your inner pop star, go for a bowl cut with highlights in three to four tones lighter than your hair color and interesting texture.

Be nature-inspired with a bowl cut in sunset colored, forest-inspired, or springy color. The key is to opt for color palette that flatters your complexion whether you’re a warm or cool toned woman. Traditionally, black women look great in bowl cut hairstyles in lighter shades. If you’re a fan of retro and mod look, bowl cut hairstyle with blunt bangs, and straight hair with angled sides is a perfect match.

There are endless ways to make the nostalgic hairstyle work for you. If you’re unsure how to style your hair, look for a professional hair stylist that can do some unique, experimental, and creative styles for your bowl cut. In fact, you may even think of a feathered cut, but shave your sides to get a modern vibe while keeping everything feminine and sleek. To add some flirty spin to your look, opt for long bangs.

Have you tried going for heavy bangs with your short hair? The style will actually flatter your eyes, nose, and bone features. If you’re going for a punk look, you could never go wrong with a blunt haircut and sharp layers. With the help of razor, you can actually accentuate the difference in your hair color and textures, making everything more creative and fresh.

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If you want to rock an eccentric look, go for neon hair color. A great thing, the shape of your bowl cut will make your hairstyle more fashion-forward at the same time effortless. This is actually great for women who couldn’t rock dark colors, as neon shades are typically cool toned. However, the color you’ll choose will actually depend on your style and personality.

If you want to keep your bowl cut hairstyle more effortless, simply let your natural hair texture shine through. But remember, you can always make the look more futuristic by adding blunt bangs. If you like, you may go for bangs high up on your head, giving you an edgy and androgynous appeal. If you want a no-fuss look, go for clean shaved sides and shorter bangs.

If you’re aiming for an androgynous look, simply bleach your hair and resort to blunt bowl cut. Since bowl cut is one of the most challenging hairstyles to pull off, you can go for an effortless cut that doesn’t call for high maintenance. Then, show off your attitude and confidence when sporting the look. If you want, opt for a bed head look that will reflect your carefree and festive spirit.

If you want to make your bowl cut more modest, keep your hair and bangs longer, covering your ears. When it comes to modern bowl cut, you don’t have to stick with an all-round bowl shape as you can even go for a detailed cut that features longer pieces and blunt bangs. More than that, have you noticed that shorter hairstyles are easier to maintain when it comes to hair style and color?

If you like, go for jewel toned hair color or iridescent hues that’s easier to maintain. Also, shorter hair length will let your bold colors sharp and fresh. Also, play with your layers to keep your bowl cut sharp, while adding some texture and volume to your desired spots. If you go for a length that grazes the cheekbones, you can make the masculine haircut more feminine and chic.

Also, bowl cut can save you time and money since you don’t have to go for more hair dye and you don’t have to spend lots of time in front of the mirror just to fix your hair. The key is to add some interest on top and at the back with layers, length, and color. If you’re a woman with a triangular face shape, go for low bowl hairstyle to make your face look rounder.

Stylists’ Tips on Styling Your Bowl Cut

The bowl cut hairstyle is making a comeback, and stylists have spilled their top tips for you to rock the hairstyle effortlessly. As a rule of thumb, you should always start with clean hair and hydrated locks. Think of trading your clarifying shampoo for a volumizing one and use hair oils to keep your strands nourished.

Some stylists recommend pile on the texture when it comes to fixing your bowl cut. Go for a blow dryer and keep on tousling your hair. If you want an effortless look, go for curls with the help of curling iron. After curling your hair, you may think of using a texturizing powder to give you a grunge look, making your bowl cut more modern at the same time effortless.

If you want an ethnic-chic inspired style, think of wearing bold prints in your outfit while sporting your bowl cut hairstyle. If you can, go for a daring combination on your prints that will showcase your artistic style. To take your statement to the next level, go for tribal, colorful, or exotic accessories that will do the tricks for you. As long as you’ve got the attitude and confidence, you’ll be able to rock the look.

As a modern twist to the throwback hairstyle, you can add some bangs. Have you noticed that most bowl cut hairstyles on the runway got some bangs? That made the hairstyle flatters and frames your face shape. You might be familiar of the original bowl cut look, but you don’t have to take it too seriously. In fact, you can play with its length and volume, making your strands longer and sharper.

The key is to experiment with the bowl cut style that works for you. You may start with longer cuts so you can easily switch up the hairstyle. But when taking some experiments, always pay attention to your face shape. If you have a round face shape, better elongate your face with bowl cut, not make it wider and bigger. On the contrary, women with long face should pull the bowl cut on the sides.

A great thing, bowl cut hairstyle can be sported by women with curly hair. Yes, you don’t have to straighten your hair just to rock the trend, as a curly bowl cut hairstyle is nice too. If it is your first time to rock the look, better get some hair inspiration as there might be some fashion icons or celebrities who already rocked the look and looked their best.

Bowl cut might be one of the hairstyles that you find terrible and out of date. But with these hairstyle inspirations, you’re now able to come up with many fresh ways to rock the haircut, making it look fashion-forward while adding some edge to your personal style.


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