100+ Blunt Cut Bob Hairstyles to Bring out the Style Icon in You


Aside from the clothes you put on or the shoes you wear, your hairstyle is always part of your look. Besides, just like an accessory, it can also highlight your stylish flair. Are you looking for a fresh and no-frills haircut that won’t spoil your fashion sense? Maybe a blunt cut bob is all you need! It’s easy to wear and style, and fits almost every face shape, hair color and texture.

Get Your Perfectly Sleek Haircut from Over 100 Blunt Cut Bob Styles to Choose From

Picking a new haircut is just as hard as choosing which sunglasses matches your outfit. It frames your face and you’ll carry it around where everyone sees it immediately when they look at you. With this in mind, we want to help make the search for the most suitable haircut easier for you. That’s why we recommend you get a blunt cut bob like what many stylish female celebs have all the time. If you’re out of hairstyle inspirations, scroll down to browse over a hundred photos of blunt bobs you could pick from before you get those locks chopped.

Blunt Cut Bob on Ash Blonde Ombre Hair

We don’t know how the ash blonde hair color craze got mainstream, but it’s definitely one of the most popular trends we see on women these days.

blunt cut bob

Blunt Haircut with Sultry Waves

Check out this stylish option that’s the best choice of blunt cut for thin hair.

Sleek Blonde Bob with Bangs

This cut creates illusions and makes a dramatic transformation on the wearer’s face.

Hair Just Brushing the Shoulders

This playful hairstyle is perfect for on-the-go girls who want a wants effortless beauty.

Sleek Haircut fit for a Stunning Heiress

We’re loving Paris Hilton’s sleek bob with bangs that hits above her lashes and accentuates her pretty blue eyes.

Cute Short Bob Hairstyles

Blunt bangs and blunt cut bobs make the perfect match.

Messy Hair, Don’t Care

Give you platinum blonde hair some dimension by adding hand-combed waves and getting that bob cut for wavy hair.

Brunette Roots and Platinum Ends

The ombre hair coloring style is cool, even for those with short hair.

Apple Bob with Side Bangs

The bob is a staple feminine haircut. Also, it flatters almost every face shape.


Carefree Blunt Bob Cut

You want a cut that’s good enough even when you’re fresh out of the shower? See if this short bob hair cut fits your taste.

Medium Bob Haircut

Play it safe by keeping it simple with a mid-length haircut and perfectly sleek silhouette.

Kylie’s Platinum Blonde Wig

Who could forget this game-changing hairstyle Kylie Jenner debuted on the red carpet of the Met Gala in 2017?

Cute Short Bob Hairstyles

Who says only blondes have all the fun? This cute brunette rocks the blunt bob cut, too.

Women’s Haircuts Bob Styles

Fire up your search engine to prove that this kind of hairstyle is a must-have for all seasons.

Simply Stunning in a Blunt Cut Bob

It doesn’t take much to style a blunt cut bob. For instance, this girl need nothing but sunglasses to be camera-worthy.

Tousled Brown Hair on Short Layered Bob Cut

Create an illusion of volume by creating waves on your brown hair using a curler or even a flat iron.

Ciara in a Sexy Layered Bob Cut

Blunt edges add finesse to a layered bob. See R&B sensation Ciara’s hit hairdo.

Look Sharp with an Edgy Blunt Cut Bob

Stellar color work on thick shiny hair brings out the beauty of this lady’s crowning glory.

Full Bangs on a Blunt Cut Bob

This haircut frames Hollywood actress Rose Byrne face well and puts the focus on her mesmerizing brown eyes.

Zendaya Sporting a Blunt Bob with Bangs

This look is something Zendaya wouldn’t usually wear but we still think it makes her smokey eyes pop.

Aqua Colored Medium Length Bob Cut

Got a favorite color? Why not have that shade on your hair?

Emma Watson’s Blunt Bob

We already know that Emma Watson is a sweetheart, but we’re more in love with her because all haircuts seem to flatter her. For example, she carries the best short bob haircuts.

Emily Blunt and Her Blunt Cut Bob

Blunt cuts seem to fit Emily Blunt well. Besides, the cut’s name is already in last name.

Blunt Bob Parted at the Center

This very common hairstyle is very popular, even Hollywood stars like Emily Blunt wear them.

Sleek Powder Pink Bob Haircut

Super straight hair when given a pop of color makes for a show stopper.

Cool Ladies Bob Haircuts

Women can also wear a razor trimmed haircut. Not to mention, it’s a low maintenance style fit for a lady with a busy lifestyle. Surely, we think this back of bob haircut is a fresh

Easy to Style and Flaunt

One of the perks of having short locks is that you don’t have to spend so much time in styling several inches of it.

Feisty Straight Blunt Cut Bob

Unleash your fierceness with a blunt haircut with bangs that draws everyone’s attention.

Classy Short Blunt Cut Bob

Get this hairstyle if you want a regal look without having to spend a fortune.

Blunt Cuts for Fine Hair

No matter the thickness or texture, blunt cuts fit every fine lady.

Adding Texture to Thick Hair with Cute Short Bob Hairstyles

Got no time to fix your hair but want to look fresh even when you’re rushing in the morning?

Straight Blunt Cut Bob that’s Red Carpet Ready

Here’s an ideal hairstyle that could match any kind of attire. In fact, you could switch from casual to glamorous with just a few adjustments and accessories.

Balyage Wavy Blunt Cut Bob

When you’re haircut is already sexy, all you need is red lipstick then you’re ready to party.

Edgy Hair to Match the Edgy Eye Makeup

Nina Dobrev’s headturning Egytion Eye makeup is complimented by her carefree and dynamic blunt bob.

Layered Bob Cut with Reverse Ombre Hair Color

We’re used to dark roots and light-colored tips, but this stylish hair color is equally beautiful.

Blunt Bob Haircut with Ash Purple Hair

Bobs have been around for a long time now, but by adding ash purple color, you get a one-of-a-kind effect.

Ashley Simpson with Blonde Short Bob Haircut

Remember when Ashley Simpson was a brunette? Yes we do, but we’re also in love with her natural blonde locks.

Cute Short Bob Hairstyles

Bob haircuts are very feminine, especially when paired with a cute smile.

Black Hair and Blunt Bobs

This low-maintenance hairstyle fits every hair color. Case in point, look at this black haired girl with a blunt bob.

Layered Bob and Blunt Ends

Creating wavy wisps make a blunt layered cut extra sultry.

Highlights Steal the Spotlight

How to style a bob? Add color streaks for flair and dimension.

Jessica Alba’s Ombre Wavy Blunt Bob

Hollywood star Jessica Alba also once sported an ombre long layered bob.

Powerful Haircut for a Music Icon

Ciara’s voice and dancing prowess is a powerful as her fierce look.

Vanessa Hudgens with a Sweet Smile and Haircut

Former Disney movie lead star Vanessa Hudgens strike a pose for the cameras.

Lob Haircut for Thin Hair

Thin hair? No need to fret. Style your blunt bob with waves to cop to give it more volume.

Bob Cut for Wavy Hair with Balyage

Golden blonde streaks give a pleasant accent to brunette short layered bob cut.

Blunt Cut Bob Hair as Dark as Midnight

This hairdo reminds us a lot of a clear starless night sky.

Smudged Eyeliner and Side Swept Bangs

This hair and makeup is one that is usually worn by models on fashion shows.

Keeping It Interesting

This girl’s chic blunt haircut for fine hair creates a pleasant contrast to her sweet face.

Adding Highlights for Extra Wow Factor

New bob haircuts are upgraded with highlight streaks to make them more unique and fresh.

Chloë Grace Moretz with a Blunt Cut Bob

The Hollywood star had this pretty blunt bob when she starred in the movie “I Am Number Four.”

Selena Gomez’ Short Blunt Bob Haircut

Since the former Disney star worn this style, it’s been a staple in cute long bob style haircuts.

Best Short Bob Haircuts

This haircut has been worn by many celebs and has graced the red carpet many times than we can count.

Neon Pink Streaks

A blunt cut with full bangs made more stunning by pink streaks.

Perfect Bob Cut for Wavy Hair

No need for too much styling; a wavy short blunt bob like this is already stunning on its own.

Heavenly Beauty Nicole Richie

Medium length bob haircuts with side bangs presents a pleasant and angelic aura to your charm.

Blunt Haircut for Thin Hair

Tired of limp, flat-looking blunt cut hair? Style your crowning glory with waves!

A Little Goes a Long Way

Ombre hair color on blunt cut bob haircut is a low maintenance style that does wonders to your look.

Lucy Hale’s Short Hair Cut Bob

Pretty Little Liar star Lucy Hale chopped her long hair for this sleek and silky bob cut.

Bob Haircuts for Women

Bob haircuts can come short, medium, or long. You could have it with bangs. Or get one with straight or wavy hair.

Blunt Cut Bob Wigs

A haircut style that won’t ever go out of style is perfect even for wigs.

Short Bob Haircuts for Women

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” – Coco Chanel

Blunt Cut Bob with Volume

Layering in bobs add volume to the haircut.

Pastel Hues and Full Bangs

The simplicity of the bob haircut plus the wow factor of pastel hair color creates a stunning hairdo.

Redhead’s Back of Bob Haircut

This redhead’s hair is slicked back and held by a cute hair comb accessory.

Ashley Benson’s Medium Bob Cut

The medium bob haircut fit the Pretty Little Liar actress very well.

Shoulder Length Bob Haircut

Not too long and not too short, but still sexy and sophisticated.

Michelle Williams’ Blonde Hair in a Blunt Lob

Her dazzling light brown eyes is a great stark contrast with her light blonde bob haircut.

Sleek Jet Black Long Bob Haircuts for Women

Not much going on but she’s definitely looking like a million dollars with her chic hairdo.

Short Hair Cut Bob with Full Bangs

How to style bob hair? Add bangs or just wear sunglasses, you’re good to go!

How to Style Bob Hair

The bob is a carefree and easy to manage hairstyle that fits women of all ages. You style it any way you want.

Feminine and Pink

The cute pink bubblegum color, plus the bangs, gives the girl a very feminine aura.

Lob Haircut for Thin Hair

The long bob is a great style for ladies who want to play it safe with a shorter haircut.

Bangs Emphasize Bright Eyes

Make your eyes pop with a blunt cut bob haircut with bangs to put your eyes at the center of attention.

Short Bob Haircuts for Women

The bob is great style that frames the face so it gives you a whole new look once you get it.

Long Bob Straight Hair

Straight and silky is always a classy look for any woman, just like American actress Sarah Paulson here.

Rose Byrne’s Medium Bob Cut

For a Hollywood actress, a red carpet look won’t be complete without an amazing hairdo.

Natural and Fresh Bob Hair Cut

A bob haircut allows you to be always fashionable, even when you’re on the go.

Dakota Johnson’s Wavy Lob Haircut with Bangs

The lead star of the hit ‘Fifty Shades of Grey” wears this cute wavy bob that really fits her facial features.

Bob Cut for Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is tricky to style, but a blunt cut bob can be a life saver.

Teen with Bob Haircut

To be young and without a care in the world, so getting a blunt cut with straight fringe only fits.

Back of Bob Haircut with Layers

We see from the lady’s smile that she loves how the fresh breeze can now sweep her nape.

Lovely Hair Makeover

From sad and flat blonde hair to fabulous and fun blunt cut bob.

New Bob Haircuts

Before, bobs were uniform in length from front to back. But now, bob styles is short at the back then goes longer as it comes closer to the face.

Audrey Tautou and her Lob Haircut for Curly Hair

Curly hair is never meant to be tamed in a bun. Wear it proud in a cute blunt lob cut just like the French actress did.

Women’s Bob Cut for Wavy Hair

Waves are sexy and a good way to emphasize them is be a layered blunt boob haircut.

Lob with Bangs

Start with a fresh and youthful haircut, top it off with red lips, you get a stunning bombshell.

Karlie Kloss and her Runway Ready Wavy Lob Haircut

Even runway models love the blunt cut bob.

Straight Lob for Young Ladies

Get a look that’s great for work days and also prefect for night outs.

Long Hair Bob Haircuts

Even movie stars like Jessica Alba get this kind of flexible haircut.

Blunt Haircut on Ash Blonde Hair

Hair color treatments damage the hair, so styling afterwards must bring little damage. Get a blunt cut for the no-frills style.

Lily Collins and Her Short Bob Cut

A pretty lady like Hollywood actress Lily Collins can carry any style. In fact, we think her short blunt cut bob made her even prettier.

Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs at the Side

Emma Roberts’ blonde hair has seen many styles in the past, but her short haircut bob is one of our favorites.

Blunt Cut for Thin Hair

The long blunt cut bob is perfect even for ladies who have thin hair.

Emily Blunt and Her Chic Lob Haircut

Gracing the red carpet for a Hollywood event, actress Emily Blunt wore her gorgeous smile and chic long bob.

Long Bob Hairstyles for Night Outs

Dance the night away without worrying too much about your hair.

Lob Haircut for Curly Hair Ladies

Curls are cute so you flaunt them with an easy to maintain bob cut.

Layered Bob Cut

You could never go wrong with a smashing hairstyle like a layered bob.

Platinum Gray Hair in a Blunt Cut 

A striking hair color needs a great and all-around hairstyle to go with it. Indeed, this woman chose the perfect one.

Pastel Hue on a Blunt Cut Bob

What could be cuter than a feminine hair color? Alas, a haircut that brings out the young spirit that lives in you.

Wavy Blunt Cut for Lucy Hale

Striking a pose foe the cameras, Lucy Hale is flashing her pearly whites and her pretty wavy hairdo.

Zoe Kravitz and her Blonde Bob Haircut

The “Divergent’ star dyed her hair blonde and went for a blunt cut bob with bangs for the red carpet.

Back of Bob Haircut with Layers

A long layered bob is ideal for women with fine hair who wants texture and volume.

Queen B and her Blonde Blunt Haircut

Everybody’s Queen Bee, Beyonce Knowles, looks as regal as can be as she shows off her blunt honeycomb blonde hair.

Popular Short Bob Styles

When you search the internet using the keyword “show me short bob haircuts,” you’re sure to find plenty of styles like this.

Bangs on Long Hair Bob Haircuts

Bangs add something new and exciting to an otherwise plain hairstyle.

Wavy and Blunt

This lady’s wavy blunt cut bob is as playful as her charming smile.

Blunt Bob on Pinkish Blonde Hair

We’re in love with this woman’s blushing pink blonde hair.

Best Short Bob Haircuts

There’s no protest here. Her winning smile tells she is happy with her fresh bob haircut.

Long Bob Haircut and Highlights

Aside from curls, waves, and layers, adding highlights make the hair extra sassy.

Looks a lot like Susan Murphy

If you’ve watched DreamWorks Animations’ Monsters vs Aliens, we know you’d agree her hairstyle makes her look like Susan aka Ginormica.

Blunt Cut Bob for Women of All Ages

No matter how young you are, the blunt cut bob is perfect for you.