101 Beautiful Blue Hair Inspirations For Fashionable Women


There are three primary colors and one of them is blue. The color of the ocean, it’s an amazing hue that depicts intellect and creativity. Also, blue signifies loyalty, wisdom, and trust. It’s also a popular favorite color for many. As a matter of fact, many people who love it too much choose to get blue hair color.

Blue Hair Color for the Radiantly Beautiful Woman 

Make waves with a hair color that’s as tranquil the deep blue sea. Check out awesome hair inspirations below:

Short Bob

Cut an inch below the ear. A fresh haircut and a fresh hair color to match.

blue hair

Perfect in Every Way

This woman with the wavy hair is so beautiful  and perfect, it’s hard to believe she’s real.


Violet at the roots, then a fresh blue color at the ends. We’re loving this cute gal’s mermaid inspired ombre hair.

Long Braided Cyan Hair

Her long braided cyan hair made her look like a fairy princess in white.

Grunge Princess

Punk ain’t dead with a beauty like this blue haired lass with pale skin and jet black eyeliner.

Peacock Inspired Hair

If you’re a fan of the Indian peacock, famous for it’s striking and blue and green feathers, you’d love this girl’s hair that was inspired by the magnificent fowl.

Long Curly Hair

Surely, this young girl is not sad. Her long and wavy bright wavy hair shows she knows how to have fun.

Multiple shades

To get a subtle but impressive touch, put varying shades of blue or green as accents.

Mixed Hair Color

Just one hair color can look plain. So, why not mix up two colors to make them even prettier? But if you have no time to get it colored, you can try the hair extension instead.

Rainbow Hair

Multi-dimension hair color is best worn in braids. Pulling the strands together brings out it’s many colors.


She had makeup and not much colors on her cheeks and lips, but her beauty still shines through with her neon blue color on her hair.

At the End

This woman is already pretty, but what makes her even more charming is her confidence in wearing blue green hair.

Teal Hair Dye for Afro Hair

Blue dye hair color is available for all hair types. In fact, African American blue hair dye is not too hard to find.

Violet Hair Dye

This lady is a lover of versatility. Instead of just one solid permanent hair color, she added purple shades to make it better.

Dye Without Bleaching

For people who refuse to bleach their hair, there are easy to find blue hair no bleach products for you.

Tint Hair at the Ends

Black and natural at the roots, blue at the ends. What a perfect match for her smokey eyes.

Permanent Hair Dye

Want a lasting impression? Get a blue tint hair dye for black hair to be a cut above the rest.

Blue Black Hair Dye

Hair dyes could be drying, so make sure to get the conditioner to keep the color fresh.

Gray Hair

Spruce up your gray hair with blue highlights. No time for a salon visit? You can do it yourself with dark blue hair dye manic panic brand that’s available online.

Blonde or Brown Hair

If you’re tired of your old hair color, splash on some blue and purple to make it bold.

Smokey Eyes

This short haired lady with blue color on her hair looks even more beautiful with matching rose gold shadow on smokey eyes.


With red lips and the teal hair dye, this woman looks a lot like Bulma of the Japanese anime Dragon Ball Z.

Best Hair Dye Product

The question “how to get blue black hair” must be answered with the best blue black hair color brands.

Wash Out 

Bleached hair when added temporary hair color blue, looks amazing like washed out jeans.

Light Purple Hair

On top is the natural black hair color, but beneath is a layering of blue and purple dyed hair.


With a great and daring hair color, you don’t have to put on too much on to look stunning.

Teal Hair Color

Manic Panic Blue on dark hair is a quick and easy way to change up hair color to fit your moods.

Soft waves on Teal Hair

On special occasions, you could get soft waves or curls then set your colored hair, then it’s good to go already.

Dark Curls

Who says curly hair is hard to color? This curly haired girl did her own coloring and she looks fabulous!

Hair color

We agree: Two can look better than one. Check out these light hair colors.

Royal Color

Whether you wear it long or short, you can look like a royalty with a royal blue dyed hair.


Aside from her impeccable makeup, nose ring, and tattoos, this lady is striking because of her lush hair dyed in deep blue.

Light Color Hair

Be the life of the party with a thrilling light hair color.

Ombre and Waves

To achieve a perfect ombre, bleach is needed to get lighter ends and darker roots.

Bluish Green Hair Color

To get similar effect, apply blue green hair dye on bleached hair. Vary the concentration for different color intensity.

Matching hair and nail polish

New fashion tip for your next #OOTD: Get a hair color to match your favorite nail polish!

Dye on blonde hair

Blonde hair offers hundreds of possibilities. This Balayage on blonde hair looks heavenly on her.

Dying Blue Black Hair without bleach

Lift up your black hair with a bit of color from blue black dye. No need to bleach.

Dark to Light 

For dark hair to achieve a lighter shade of blue, bleaching is required. But don’t worry, the damage is easily treated with proper hair care.

Coloring your hair

For those who aren’t sure about getting their hair bleached, you can still turn your black hair to blue without bleach. See the picture below for inspo:

Violet Hair Color

A new blue balayage hair color idea: try it with purple at the top, then gradually fade it into blue.

Two-tone dark to light blue

Can’t choose between two shades of blue? Why not wear both? She looks like a stunning rock star with her two tone blue pixie-Mohawk.

Permanent hair dye for dark hair

Dark hair has a natural shine that you can preserve with hair care products even after getting it bleached and colored.

Hair Color With Highlights

Here’s one way to make a blonde pixie more interesting: add some light blue highlights.

Ombre blue hair dye

To get this style, start of with a nice solid blue base then add some green dye at the ends.

Powder Hair Color

If you can’t go all out, you can still get blue colors on your hair by opting for highlights instead.

Dark Hair 

Black navy blue shades surely fits her fair Asian skin well. It looks both stunning and classy.

Purple Teal Hair

To highlight the dimensions of multicolored hair, wear it in braids.


The Khaleesi is proud of her braids that the Dothraki wear to signify their victories in battle.

Turquoise Color

This hair gets the best “cherry on top” with turquoise highlights.

Styling your Hair

Since Blue colored hair is already stylish, you can wear it straight. But if you want to be extra, you add some sexy curls.

Light Blue Dyed Hair

To get this amazing look, the stylist will bleach the ends then apply color all though out the hair.

Black and Blue

After you have your hair bleached, there are plenty of hair colors you can get for your hair.

In a double bun

Manic Panic blue on dark hair looks good in any kind of style.

Hair color purple blue

Look like a modern Disney Princes with vibrant wavy hair with blue and purple hues.

Blue Violet Hair Inspiration

Hair care problems arise from lack of proper info. Make sure you have enough knowledge and use best dye products.

Teal hair color dye

Teal is a common favorite shade of blue color lovers.

Combination of colors

Mixing hues from blue and purple dye gives you a unique and cool color pay-off like this.

Long and Straight Ombre

Feel and look like the Goddess of the Sea with a long blue ombre hair like her.

Colored Hair With Long Braid

A blue base with purple and pink streaks creates a delightful and three dimensional look.

Long Curly Wig

Afraid to dye your hair but want blue color in your hair? There are several wigs of different styles and length for you to try to cop the look.

Demi Lovato’s Hair

In 2013, the Disney Popstar debuted her new hair color at the Jay Leno show.

African American Hair 

Curls and spirals look great in blue hues too!

Where to Buy Hair Dye

You could ask this question to your favorite stylist or have them do it for you for a professional result.

Yellow Sunflowers

Wearing flowers in the hair just like Rapunzel did in the Disney movie ‘Tangled’

Baby Hair Dye

Light colors like baby blue look best when applied to bleached blonde hair.

Pink Hair Dye

Pink and Blue color dye no bleach achieved with a trusty and non-damaging product.

Midnight blue black hair dye

For girls with black hair that can’t take the sting of bleach, a midnight blue color hair like hers is suitable for you.

Mixed hair color

Tired of being blonde? Head to your nearest beauty store and by safe hair dye colorants in blue, green and purple to make your look new and exciting!

Look Brilliant in Neon Blue

Want a look that will make you stand out? Neon blue color can surely make any girl a head turner.

Silver Hair

Go the extra mile from the silver hair trend. Add a pop of bright blue on your bleached hair, we think blue is perfect for this lady, and voila! We now have a stunner!

Complimentary colors

According to the color wheel, blue and orange are complimentary colors. We couldn’t agree more. This hairdo looks hot and this girl is on fire with style.


Dying doesn’t have to take away your hair’s natural shine. Good after care for color treated hair is an important investment to keep it strong and healthy.

Shining Bright like a Starry Night

For blue black hair that looks like the night sky, adding glitters make it look like a starry night, especially when you shine a light on it to make them twinkle. Just use a gentle shampoo for your hair to keep the color from fading when you wash it off.

Katy Perry and her Hair

Pop superstar Katy Perry has worn her hair in all colors of the rainbow. But we pay tribute to this eye-popping blue color that she wore with a matching eye shadow to round up the look.

Daringly Bold

It takes a bold and free spirit to have your hair dyed with blue.

Wondrous Locks Dyed 

For your next visit to the salon, pick out something you have never tried before. You’d be amazed to see the alluring results.

Bleached Streaks of Blue

Hair bleach can take a toll on the hair strands. If you’re not willing to subject all of your hair to bleaching, you can opt for highlighted blue streaks, so most of your hair keep there natural state.


They say the hottest stars are those that burn in blue colors. This girl sure looks hot with her short blue ombre.

Brown Tones

Transform from a brunette bombshell to a blue haired head turner with light blue dyed hair.

Golden lady with blue highlights

Permanent hair color isn’t for everyone. Get a temporary hair color blue for a special event then wash it off the day after. You get gorgeous with zero hassles.

Pretty like a princess

With a blue flower crown to match, this girls blue dyed hair looks like she came out of a fairy tale.

Amazing Unicorn-like hair coloring

A truly professional hair colorist is a like a unicorn; rare and really hard to find.

On Black hair

There are lots of blue shades out there and for some reason we notice that many people love their blue mixed with a green tinge.

Curly to Straight

Total overhaul turned curly brown hair in to a shiny and flowy blue highlights.

Pastel hair color

A low-key and toned down hair color like pastel hair blue and purple looks as fine and cool as its bold blue color counterparts.

Black Hair

Just one hair color doesn’t cut it for a ravishing look. Get your hands on semi permanent blue color hair dye for dark hair if you want something you can change up when you crave a new look.

Dark blue color hair fading to teal hair color

Gradient hair color or ombre is a popular style modern women are proud to wear.

Curly hairstyle after purple, pink hair dye

Aside from braids, curling the hair reveals the beauty of hair with many colors.

For black hair

Black hair is tricky to color. You need several applications of blue hair dye before the color comes out.

Kylie Jenner’s hair color

In a time that seems too long ago now, reality star and makeup mogul Kylie Jenner used to strut around in blue green hair.

On Dark Hair

After black, This is a great color to transition to for girls who want a standout, dark hair look that’s unlike the rest.

Rebonded Dark 

To take away the dryness that hair dye brings, some get a hair rebonding treatment to look in the shine of their precious hair.

How to Get Light Blue color Hair

You try bleaching your hair first when you’re a natural brunette to get the light blue shade that you want.

Guy wearing

We think this guy is thinking if this hair dye fits him. We think it does!

 Hair dye on black 

Bleach takes away the dark pigment for the light color to show, just like in this woman’s hair color.

Professionally Done Blue Hair Color

We applaud the hairstylist who did this masterpiece. The color is alive and even all over. No patching and fading. We give it two thumbs up!