150 Most Requested Blonde Balayage Looks!


Highlights provide a fun way of styling the hair and blonde balayage has a way of creating such a soft and natural look. The highlights also add a new dimension of color which makes the hairstyle to stand out. If you are looking for easy ways to enhance the color of your hair while you still maintain the natural quality then try out blonde balayage hairstyles.

blonde balayage

Blonde balayage hairstyle is a highlighting technique that makes the hairstyle to stand out in a very natural way. The highlight is applied in a way that brings out a natural outlook. The result is a soft highlight with a gradual outlook that’s so beautiful.

Cute blonde balayage hairstyles

The subtle gradient coloring is one thing that makes blonde balayage hairstyles to be quite eye-catching. The technique has a way of blending the colors seamlessly into the hair.

Blonde balayage hairstyle is unique in the sense that it focuses on coloring in a way that fades one color into another. Some sections of the hair will remain with the original color of the hair which creates a good blend.

Are you looking for new blonde balayage ideas? The below hairstyles has highlights that greatly emphasize the blonde.

This beach-blonde color has been slowly introduced and blends perfectly with the dark highlights. This is a luscious combination for anyone considering a golden and dark combination.

Frosty blond balayage hairstyles

Balayage hairstyles look great on those with long hair. Long hair provides plenty of room for each of the color used to stand out.

The caramel shades provide such a flawless and simple transition between the undertones and the dark roots. The platinum blonde highlights at the end make the entire hairstyle to really pop.

Balayage is quite versatile and provides one with the room to try out different shades. There are several shades of blonde that one can consider using on the hair.

The fact that blonde balayage hairstyle can be contrasted with other shades makes it be quite flexible. You can try out soft and less bright colors for more natural outlook.

Gorgeous blonde balayage hairstyles

The dark layers in the hairstyle below create such an easy and elegant look. It also creates a look that’s slightly textured which is so cool.

If you intend to mix up your colors without going really bold then consider the hairstyle below. The golden layers at the front of the face reflect beautifully on the face.

Despite what you draw inspiration from, you can as well opt for a combination of balayage and ombre. The overall tones create such a cool outlook.

The mixing technique used in the blonde balayage design below has such a sweeping effect. The colors create a good contrast and also reflects beautifully on the wearer.

Blonde balayage hair color ideas

Blonde is quite a versatile color and comes in a variety of shades. From the stunning warm caramel to the vibrant bleach, there is quite a variety that one can get inspiration from.

Balayage is such an incredible hair coloring technique that beautifully blends one color into another. The bright shades used around the facial area creates a cool contrast.

The combination of blonde and balayage creates such a magnificent outlook that’s outstanding in the fashion scene. The straightened upper part and the curvy layers blend well.

If you want to add some color to your hair without looking extreme then opt for cool blonde balayage shades. The sparkling streaks of platinum adds to the intricacy of the hairstyle.

Even with one color choice, you can still create such a fabulous finish that leaves heads turning whenever you pass.

Waves, especially at the edges, provide a great way of showing your blonde balayage hairstyle. The predominant dark shades blend beautifully with the streaks of brown shades.

Adorable blonde balayage hairstyle ideas

Even as you choose the ideal blonde balayage colors to use on the hair, settle for colors that blend well. A shiny silver blends well with brown when using balayage technique.

For the hairstyle to look great, consider keeping your hair straight and sleek for an adorable result. The highlights used around the facial area also makes the hairstyle to pop.

Blonde balayage has become the preference of many ladies who are not afraid of wearing bold looks. The low maintenance nature of the shades and the fantastic shades makes it  look so adorable.

For a sun-beached outlook, you can consider the hairsstyle below. It looks amazingly cute and also very sleek.

Bring some life and complexity to your style by adding some subtle streaks of blonde to a dark hair. The curvy edges makes the hairstyle to really pop.

Wavy layers of hair have a way of making the hidden shades to really pop. The dark and golden shades blend beautifully.

Beautiful blonde balayage hairstyle

Caramel provides such a flawless and simple transition which enhances the natural outlook. The style looks cool on long hair considering the plenty room that’s available.

If you prefer a bold and natural outlook then this is the ideal style. Each streak flows effortlessly creating such a sleek appeal.

There are times when a combination of blonde and balayage is what may bring out the desired outlook. The brown and silver shades in the style below look so effortless.

The sun-kissed silver and gold shades are quite outstanding and blend so well. Choose a style and shades that you are most comfortable with for a greater look.

You might choose all blonde balayage shades but what makes the entire hairstyle to stand out is the mixing technique used.

Trendy blonde balayage hairstyles

This is another cool style that expresses bold balayage technique. The streaks of dark color reflect beautifully.

The fading blond look is another epic style that’s worth considering. The below hairstyle captures the ideal definition of balayage.

Dark hair with brown and silver highlights create a visually captivating outlook. The hairstyle looks radiant and appealing.

The blonde highlights impact every part of the hair and reflect beautifully. The curly edges accentuate the overall outlook in a cute way.

This is a perfect example of a natural looking blonde balayage hairstyle. The brown shades look adorable and also fits well with the wearer.

Amazing blonde balayage hairstyles

From the curvy edges to the brown and silver highlights, each shade used in the style creates such an appealing outlook. The length of the hair also enhances its beautiful outlook.

This hairstyle has featured almost all of the shades available. The flowing nature makes it look so natural

Each of the shade is meticulously placed and brings out such a natural and magnificent outlook. The streaks of silver, dark and gold also blend perfectly well.

Even with a black hair, one can achieve such a natural outlook with blonde balayage highlights. The flowing edges of the hair look great with the golden colors.

When you only concentrate at the upper darker layers, it’s quite easy to miss the balayage aspect that has been used in the hairstyle. The color combination is great with each shade blending so well.

Subtle blonde balayage hairstyles to try out

The subtle layers of silver and brown are not only cool, but the shades also add to the intricacy of the style.

Blonde balayage hairstyle below is just flawless and the fact that the dark streaks spread all through to the end creates a beautiful contrast.

The balayage hair technique also works great with soft natural hair. One is free to add more shades for an extra texture to the hair.

When the color of the hair is predominant enough, it’s the blonde shades that stand out. The predominant black color blends well with the brown shades.

This is a fun hairstyle with the wavy tips looking flawless. The streaks of brown and gold create such a beautiful contrast.

Golden sunshine balayage is another amazing style to consider. It’s not only cool but also makes each of the shades to beautifully stand out.

Tips for choosing a hair stylist

It’s one thing to have a good hairstyle idea and another to have a stylist that can deliver on the style. There are several factors that one should consider before settling for a stylist.

Ask for referrals

One of the ways to get a good blonde balayage stylist that’s capable of delivering on your preferred style is by asking for referrals. Ask a few friends that already have the style you intend to wear for referrals.

You can also put your social skills into action and just ask whoever you come across that has her hairstyle beautifully in place. People are always willing to give referrals especially of those that offer exemplary service.

Do a search for salons in your area

In this digital era, most businesses have their online platforms as well. If you are new in an area then you can search for the best salon in your area, online or by asking the people around.

As you ask around, just ensure that they are great at delivering the services that you want before settling for their services.

Schedule a consultation

Before you book for the services, you can schedule a consultation just to be sure that the stylist understands what you really want. You can also carry a few pictures of your preferred blonde balayage hairstyle to show them.

While you discuss with the stylist, you can look out on whether they are keen on your preference. You can also note if they are ready to bring out the style as you want it or even make it better.

Blonde balayage hairstyle provides another way of exploring different styles and shades without appearing extreme. If you have worn one style all through then balayage technique provides the option to try something new.

Chunky honey blonde balayage

Wearing a beautiful blonde balayage hairstyle highly depends with the salon and the stylist working on your hair. Making the right choice of both is critical for if you are to have a cute style.

For a cool balayage style, the stylist should be well versed with the technique. The strands should be strategically picked as they apply dye and bleach for a beautiful multi-tonal effect.

As you settle for blonde balayage hairstyles, you should consider going for shades that blend with your natural skin tone.

Bright color has a way of making the hairstyle to pop. Consider going for colors that make your style to be more natural and appealing.

There are quite a variety of options that one can choose from. The silver shades combine naturally with other shades and in-turn create such an appealing look.

The choppy balayage layers have a way of breathing life into the hairstyle. The combination of shades also looks great.

Brown balayage and the dark natural shades normally blend quite well. The overlapping streaks of silver enhance the entire outlook of the style.

Stunning blonde balayage hairstyles

If you want something that’s bold and outstanding then consider going for the golden blond shades.

The upper natural dark shades and the lower bright blonde shades create such a magnificent mix.

Create a cool contrasting look by combining a range of colors. The upper golden shades blend perfectly with the inner dark shades.

Illuminating streaks of golden and dark shades have a way of creating an illusion of volume to the hair.

Make your simple pony cool and classy with a good blend of assorted shades. The golden streaks make the hairstyle to look great.

Rose gold and amber compliment brown and black hair in such a great way. The silvery streaks also create a beautiful glow.

A good way to transition from a dominant black to a more bright. The hairstyle is great if you intend to completely transition to a brighter look.

Balayage styles provide several options that one can opt for. Going by your color preference, you can choose what resonates with your skin tone.

Achieve a naturally looking uniform color shades with small golden and dark streaks. The below hairstyle looks amazing and effortless.

Amazing blonde balayage hairstyles

Bring life and elegance to your hairstyle with a beautiful blend of shades. The golden blonde is a perfect match with the black layers.

Are you considering recreating your look to bring life to your hairstyle? Try out some of this cool blonde balayage styles.

Whether its creamy beige, honey or platinum hues, you will get lots of options that can work well with your hairstyle and color tone.

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Are you looking out for a dimensional or a sublime finish? consider concentrating different hues at the top and the end of the hair. Two distinct shades will definitely create an adorable outlook.

A blend of highly contrasting colors has a way of creating a magnificent hairstyle. The silver blonde shades and the black color just looks great.

Let the waves and streaks of shades flow effortlessly. The inner shades of black also make the hairstyle to really pop.

Beautiful blonde balayage highlights

The radiant golden brown creates beautiful highlights and blends well with the wearer. The combination of platinum and golden balayage streaks look adorable.

Such a classic balayage combination with the gold streaks creating such a magnificent outlook.

Once you have attained your preferred blonde balayage style, you can opt for a style that best suits you.

Include some waves and layers to add volume and texture to your hairstyle. The shoulder length of the hair also makes the wavy layers to look so cool.

The best way to express a complete makeover. Try out something new and see how blonde balayage can create real transformation in such a great way.

Spice up your bob cut by adding some cool blonde balayage highlights to the hairstyle. The haircut looks great with the highlights reflecting beautifully on the facial area.

Straight hair has a way of enhancing the beautiful streaks of color. The combination of colors looks great.

Flattering blonde balayage hairstyles

The dark roots amplify the color effect and the beautiful shades used. The dark shades also create a cool illusion of volume.

Subtle dark highlights used in the hairstyle creates such a magnificent outlook. The bright shades make the hairstyle to really pop.

Whether you are for the loose waves or straightened hair, you can enjoy blonde balayage style. The style looks flawless and works well with the facial shape.

Ash blonde balayage highlights at the tips of the hair look glamorous. The wavy layers also create such an adorable outlook.

The sleek layers in the hairstyle below are adorable with the golden blonde colors creating a magnificent outlook.

Such a beautiful blend of shades with each color enhancing the overall outlook of the hairstyle.

The highlights look cool and enhance the facial shape. The curly tips also rest beautifully on the shoulders.

Cool blonde balayage shades to try out

Color and curl have a way of beautifully complementing each other. The silver blonde shades make the whole hairstyle to pop.

A few streaks of white blonde shades look great with balayage. A few shades of platinum blends well with the dark layers.

Frosty layers of platinum shades combine well with the other shades used in the hairstyles.

Another versatile style that works well with both short and long hair. The bright layers of golden blonde look epic.

Wavy blonde balayage hairstyles

You can still attain an overall dark balayage style with subtle hues of golden blonde. The wavy edges reflect beautifully and create a good contrast with the upper part.

Settle for a style that suits your facial shape and also reflects beautifully with your skin tone. For a warm and natural look, consider going for warmer shades of blonde as the one below.

You can create an outstanding white blonde balayage effect with a beautiful contrast of waves. From the length of the hair to the choice of shades, each aspect makes the hairstyle to look so adorable.

Glam blonde balayage hairstyles

From the wavy layers to the beautiful balayage shades combination, the color and style create such a beautiful contrast.

A mixture of blonde balayage and ombre looks cute and flawless. The golden blonde layered streaks create such an adorable outlook.

Each of the shades used reflects beautifully on the whole hair with the inner dark and silver shades creating a cool contrast.

A perfect hairstyle that suits the facial shape so well.  The warm shades used also creates suc a natural outlook.

Such a luxurious color style with a warm natural look. The shades used also blend well and create a beautiful outlook.

Ash-toned blonde balayage provides a good way to transition to a more bold outlook. The various shades reflects a beautiful contrast and also blend perfectly well.

The beauty of blonde balayage lies in the fact that you can either choose to go bold or maintain a warm and cozy outlook. The golden shade highlights the facial area beautifully.

This hairstyle polarizes the inner dark shades and looks great on short hair.

If you are into a warm and more natural look then you can try the hairstyle below. The golden blonde layers look spectacular.

Ultra-textured blonde balayage that looks cool and natural. The brighter layers of white over the top looks cool and reflects beautifully with other shades.

Natural looking blonde balayage hairstyles

The inclusion of numerous color shades creates a beautiful contrast and enhances the overall outlook. Having dark shades concentrated at the top and bright shades flowing easily makes the hairstyle to really stand out.

Such a beautifully layered and textured hairstyle. The few streaks of silver enhance the overall outlook of the style.

Curly layers do not only create a beautiful contrast but also add volume to the hair. The layers of golden shades add to the intricacy of the hairstyle.

Adding some dimension to the hair color is such a cool thing and can have a great impact on one’s appearance.The combination of shades also create such a bright and appealing effect.

Keep it warm and natural with cozy shades that enhance the glow. The prominent black color at the top and the golden blond wavy layers create such a beautiful contrast.

Glossy caramel is such a cool shade that creates such a beautiful glow on the hair. The curls and waves make the style to look so voluminous.

Cool and warm colors that make the style to not only pop but also reflect well with the skin tone. The style is quite versatile and blends well with the natural skin tone.

If you have long hair then there is no better way to make it outstanding unlike trying out blonde balayage style. Make it relaxed with some wavy layers and bright streaks of hair.

Simple and natural is the best word that describes the below hairstyle below. Each of the shades reflects beautifully. The loose layers make the hairstyle ideal for a relaxing moment.

Make your hairstyle pop by adorning a bright blonde balayage style. The straightened layers look cool and blend well with the natural skin tone.

The shades are not only stunning but they also look natural with a cool color contrast. The inner dark shades add to the beauty and coziness of the hairstyle.

Choose a hairstyle and blonde balayage shades that match with the skin tone and facial shape. Get that bold blonde outlook with appealing colors.

Add style and contrast to the hairstyle with the loose braid. The color combination looks amazing. Straightened hair is just cool and the highlights express a beautiful outlook.

Flattering blonde balayage hairstyles

Get cool blonde balayage hairstyle ideas from a collection of some of the finest and chic styles. Balayage technique has a way of creating such a flawless and sleek hairstyle.

A mixture of golden blond, caramel, and dark shades creates such a magnificent look. The ash-blonde shade used also reflects beautifully on the style.

Achieve some cool and contrasting look with warm color shades. Balayage provides a smooth transition from dark hair to having golden streaks.

An ideal style that works for most facial shapes. The hairstyle is simple and cute. The hair is also voluminous which is great.

Add some curls for a more appealing and shiny look. The balayage shades are beautifully layered and provide a cool transition.

The golden blonde highlights make the entire style to reflect beautifully. Create some illusion of volume with dark layers of hair.

Achieve an appealing modern look with a good blend of color shades. The style makes the hair to look voluminous with each color adding a beautiful contrast.

Natural Blonde Balayage Highlights

Such a fuss-free and flattering hairstyle. The curly edges look great with the highlights. The golden blonde balayage streaks beautifully spice the overall outlook.

Such an inviting color combination with the bold silver shades making the hairstyle to really pop. The inner pink shades can also be subtly seen which is quite adorable.

Balayage technique makes it possible to obtain a softer version of golden and caramel highlights. The length of the hair also reflects beautifully with the style.

This hairstyle is an ideal expression of the balayage technique. The radiant streaks of gold highlight the overall outlook of the hairstyle.

The beauty of blonde balayage lies in the mixing technique used. The bright blonde colors used at the facial area reflects beautifully on the wearer.

Beach blonde balayage tone used in the hairstyle below is not only glowing but also flows quite effortlessly. The curly edges enhance the beauty of the style.

Cool blond balayage hairstyles

When you look at the color combination, the shades flow in such an adorable way. It’s almost difficult to notice where the shift begins. The style is not only relaxed but looks ideal for both official and fun functions.

Another classic and elegant outlook. The blonde balayage layers are flowing endlessly in such an adorable way.

This color combination provides such a warm and cozy feeling. The bold layers of blond blend beautifully with the dark shades.

A shift between some natural dark outlook and a glowing blonde creates such an intricate outlook. The flowing color shades blend perfectly well and exude a beautiful glow.

Frosty tips in the hairstyle below make the hairstyle to really stand out. The shades used also enhances such a beautiful glow.

The brightness of the blonde really stands out when blended with lowlights that are darker. The subtle darker layers create such an epic outlook.

Cute blonde balayage hairstyle ideas

Use balayage techniques to create a beautiful contrast in color tones. You should also settle for a blend that resonates well with your personality and natural skin tone.

Accentuate your hairstyle with a very bold blonde balayage hairstyle. The ash-blonde shades create a cool outlook.

Balayage has a way of flattering one’s features and creating such a natural transformation. The combination of brown and black also looks magnificent.

Keep it simple and elegant with a few streaks of silver and brown shades. The combination looks awesome with the straightened hair

A subtle lift of silver shades is what it takes for a dynamic outlook in the hairstyle below. The brown and silver shades bring such a sleek and effortless look.

Intricate blonde balayage styles

The combination of dark, golden, brown and red looks cool and naturally given the balayage technique used. The dark layers also create a beautiful illusion of volume.

Transitioning from a black hair to a completely brown one may require some work. Blonde balayage makes the hairstyle to look so effortless and natural.

Silver brown balayage is not only bold but also create such a magnificent outlook. The silver shades at the front area make the hairstyle to really pop.

The brown streaks enhance the outlook of the hairstyle and break the monotony of the dark shades. The shades also blends well with the skin tone.

Forget about the foils and instead opt for blonde balayage. You will be surprised about how cool and natural the hairstyle looks.