Sexy Hair Trends: 75 Auburn Hair Color Ideas You Must Try


I could be unforgivably superficial in this instance, but there’s something deliciously rich about the auburn shade. If red hair depicts a fiery vibe, its cousin auburn has the same undeniably sultry appeal. Both colors are hot, and when done right with the matching outfit and makeup, oh boy, it’s a foxy combo made in heaven! Getting curious? Read on!

Mostly described as ‘reddish-brown,’ it has a variety of hues. From medium ginger tinge to deep, dark brown, auburn to deep auburn, an object of such ardor. Many hair color trends emerged. But Auburn hair always makes the cut, a sizable majority, at least. So, before you set a schedule your next appointment with your hairstylist, take inspiration from oh-so beautiful hairstyles.

The ‘Why’s’ To Get Your Tresses ‘Auburn-ized..’

Not that I find blonde hair less attractive than brunettes. Well, —maybe, slightly biased when it comes to which color I like better. But, it’s purely just an attraction for fiery, striking hues. Don’t we all have our individual cravings, don’t we? But trust me, these ‘why’ are on point why you should go ‘auburn‘.

‘So, do you have a cool or warm skin tone?’

One of the biggest obstacles in choosing hair color is finding he match for the ‘skin tone,’ unless you are bold enough to rock any hair color. Well, obviously, not everyone are trained in color theory. With so many red hues to choose from, it can be quite confusing to nail down which one best compliment you and your skin tone.

auburn hair

Auburn is the perfect balance of red and brown hues, but overall, you can tailor the color to flatter any skin tone. The light and dark auburn can both make the skin of those fair with pink undertones look creamier. While the medium auburn makes olive skin look glowy. The reddish mane is more flattering for skin with neutral undertones or if you have darker skin.

auburn hair

‘It’s easier to make the switch from red to brown, or vice versa’

Let’s just say you’re blonde and you thought “I want to go brown, but I am not sure if I’d go lighter or darker,”—this is when switching plays a vital role in that situation. Blonde tresses have trouble keeping the red tones vibrant due to its tendency of fading quicker. Whereas natural brown or red hair has no trouble absorbing auburn. I mean, blondes can still opt for Auburn, albeit will need monthly glosses to help maintain the color.

‘Sail along with the trend by adding highlights’

Auburn looks sexy, but, would stand trendy among the other hair coloring techniques? Or would it fall onto the category of ‘plain’? Go have fun with highlights for a dimensional finish. Get help from a trusted hairstylist for the best hues to add into the mixture.

‘Auburn highlights make being a redhead even more extraordinary’

Okay, I mentioned highlights again, but this time, I’m pointing a specific combination that immediately draws the eye because it’s not a common color we see on a daily basis. There are lots of options. There are dark shades and light shades. Let’s say, lighter auburn highlights throughout your natural dark red hair.

Whether you opt for red balayage, ombre, or strong streaks, adding different shades of warm tones (such as blonde and copper) to your natural medium auburn hair is a serious head turner. It’s super flattering in both short and long hair. It’s perfect for fairer skin types, easy to maintain, and looks pretty all-year round.

‘No need to match your eyebrows to your new auburn shade’

What a relief is it? The last thing you want to go through is harassing your innocent brows. It already endured trims and plucks. You can leave your natural-looking arches alone if you want to go Auburn head. Instead, use neutral or warm shades of brow pencils to transform your sad brows to as happy as your new hair color. Additionally, brow pencils tend to result in more natural-looking brows compared to gels.

Best Auburn Hair Color Ideas To Follow!

Alright! Now we just shared good tidbits of motivation for you to pursue goin’ Auburn, what’s next? Not everyone is very keen on reading long articles like this one, BUT, if you have gone this far, you are certainly determined to get your dream to have vava-voom hair. Let’s take inspiration from the trendsetters of Hollywood! See below.

Dream pop, Psychedelic rock, singer-songwriter, Lana Del Rey stepped into a big event wearing a gorgeous bright auburn with a flare of dark brown. Flattering red-brown soft waves, the “Born To Die” hitmaker’s mane has hints of chestnut which gives the fiery tones a colder touch. Her hair color choices absolutely make her stand out, without much-needed effort.

Rose Leslie’s bouncy blowout is just too cheeky and too good. Thanks to her natural auburn tresses, passionate fighters, lovers, and quick tempers can look just as carefree in scintillating shades of ginger. That hair flip tho’! The vibrancy and organic appearance of this orangey auburn hair is just sweet!

Drew Barrymore is iconic for rocking different hairstyles and hair colors. She never fails to make fans, —even haters run to a salon to get her style. Her chocolatey reddish-brown waves gracefully compliment pale skin tones.

Did you know who has the coolest and most dangerous redhead? DC Comic’s Poison Ivy. It’s hard to never get your sight locked into her supervillain electric auburn hair. It’s deep, sexy, and so effin’ mysterious, —especially if you have striking blue eyes!

Lily Collins vivid mahogany and dark auburn tresses not only radiates mystifying rock chick cutesy-ness, but it also brings her pretty eyes in the spotlight. Although the ‘To The Bone’ star looks absolutely ravishing in messy waves, this auburn hair can turn any sleek cut like an A-line bob or a straight lob into a luscious, full of energy stunner.

Black hair, when combined with a fierce color like a punchy burgundy melting into a black hair brings extra richness and sexy vibe. The chunky feathered side bangs with curled ends are totally fashion-forward. And that’s exactly how singer Christina Milian surprised everyone during an event in Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Another fun and bold hairstyle for girls with medium to dark skin. Don’t forget to wear gold. It’s a boss babe’s signature.

We’ve noticed the ongoing trend of gorgeous red hues and cinnamon everywhere. But, nothing else perfectly describes this auburn mane than ‘molten copper.’ Although it’s called auburn gold, it virtually looks like glazed in hot copper. It’s warm, it’s cozy, and it’s vibrant. See how the deep copper appears to melt into each hair! With smoky eyes and nude lipstick, any brown-eyed beauty can look fabulous with this hair color.

The funny grace in the hit show “Will & Grace” Debra Messing look chic in her natural hot mane. This classic auburn hue falls exactly in the middle of red and dark brown. Its rich dark mesmerizing hair color remains ultimately chic. Straight, wavy, or curly, —it can both look cool and casual when tousled. Paired with a simple tee and jeans, as well as to look elegant in a formal style.

Not only the auburn hair color is stealing the spotlight, but burgundy is also getting a lot of attention this season. This dark brassy reddish auburn is gorgeous on its own, but with a touch of burgundy highlights, —it’s a frenzy of rich hues. What do I like about it? It adds subtle dimension which makes the hair color playful but not too loud. Faaabuloous!!

We all adore Hayden Panettiere’s buttery blonde tresses. In fact, we are so in love with her being blonde goin’ brunette never crossed our minds. But with her accidental brunette, it actually looks great with her sun-kissed skin. Her reason for going auburn? The Scream 4 actress says she wants to rest from being the ‘cute blonde,’ she is typically a very fiery person anyway.

One of the red-hot actresses who rocks the auburn tresses is Isla Fisher. Being a redhead in Hollywood not only gives actresses the extra edge—it gives them a trademark! Her hair is originally deep strawberry blonde, but she recently proved that ruby lipstick and a much feistier auburn hair makes a fine pair. You can try to dabble with blond highlights too if you like. For those seeing red or wanting a piece of the action, this is one of our best picks.

No other hair color is best to rock in autumn than the Auburn. And this auburn hair with cinnamon highlights and a side-swept fringe is a perfect hair color to warm the cool season. I’m not surprised why this deep auburn shaggy lob is getting a lot of enthusiasts. It has that sexy innocence of Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) from 50 shades of Grey. A simple half updo can easily take you from day to night without having to do so much styling.

Many fear red won’t flatter your complexion, but that’s not the case with Ashley Simpson’s little sister. Auburn hair and olive tones make a unique and sexy combination. It can make olive skin look glowy, so, it’s no surprise that Ashley Simpson looks fabulously sweet and fierce at the same time with her deep auburn shag. Match it up with dramatic eye makeup and nude lipstick to go with it. It’s subtle, yet spectacular.

The first word that will pop in your mind when you see this is ‘seamless.’ The variety of warm tones are seamlessly blended. From beautiful light-brown auburn at the roots melts cascades into rich golden blonde down to its ends creating a stunning dual effect. Just imagine how it will look like when kissed by the sunlight? Alternatively, this gorgeous color is a fresh transition into colder months!

If you want to look ravishing, it’s important to keep in mind to choose complementing colors. When they contrast, the better! Light auburn with blonde highlights like Emma Watson’s, complement her fair skin with warm tones. Now, you know which route to follow if you share the same skin tone. What makes this two-tone hair pretty is it gives you the eye-catching, natural look, without looking ‘beachy blonde.’

Here’s an example of a long wavy auburn hairstyle and coloring technique. The way the highlights are painted looks natural because the base is still dark, but with caramel sombré to completely warm up the entire look. Unlike other brunette styles with highlights, this has a softer approach with caramel waves. The weaving of two tones make her dark eyes pop and give her hair dimension.

No one does fiery red and bright copper hair colors quite like Amy Adams. She doesn’t fail to make a statement in wearing red-hot tresses like Auburn. I totally dig this sleek and smooth look! Especially, if you are a natural brunette with wavy mane, —going against the waves would be the perfect style to recreate. Opt for the simple, yet striking medium auburn poker-straight locks with the side-parting.

We get it. Not everyone is a fan of the warmer variety of Auburn hair. But, before you choose any shade of brown, blonde or even bronde, try a soul-lifting pop of color with plum. Chunky streaks of dark red wine hue on Auburn hair is delicious, bold, and definitely fashion-forward. If you have dark brown roots, you can rock plum peek-a-boo highlights.

Bella Thorne is among the free-spirited and daring celebrities who would try different hairstyles that often go all rage. Just like how she gave her Auburn layered lob with pigments from the most vivid of all the shades, the flamboyant and vigorous tangerine. Wavy or straight? Waves offer dimension to the ‘shine’ of this Auburn type. While straight hair is just equally dreamy. It’s the summer haircut you might want to show your stylist for your makeover.

I am not a fan of blonde, but I am pretty sure I am not the only one in love with Emma Stone’s golden locks. But of course, Emma surely does not want to stick to her cute blondes, and, therefore, go totally opposite. When she went auburn with a hint of cinnamon all over, it made her skin and eyes quite striking. After all, fair skin and hair with red tones naturally go together.

If you love a fierce, red-brown blend of locks with glossiness flowing through your beautiful twirls, then Demi Lovato’s Auburn hair might be your style! The singer has a nice olive skin which gives a good contrast with her hair, adding beautiful depth and warmth. Discuss with your stylist the best color application technique that will move well with your hair. She certainly pulled off an outright show-stopper hairstyle!

We went from Demi Lovato’s loud and proud Auburn curls. Now, here we have Emily Ratajkowski’s super sexy sleek hair, —but it’s the more discreet counterpart. For straight hair brunettes to go auburn no longer needs to look tedious. What I love about her hair is the subtle gradient effect of deep reds. The shades are visible and noticeable, but it isn’t as intense as most ombrés are.

The music and style icon Katy Perry has been switching up her hair for as long as we all can remember her “I kissed a girl” track. She loves vibrant hair colors, and this vibrant Auburn mane she sported with a matching nose ring just worked right. If you want to recreate this look, take into consideration the variations of Auburn, the proper hairstyle to go with it. The alluring classic waves with this hair color can also look good with fine hair for better illusion and volume.

If you are into vintage, you’re probably familiar with this elegant hairstyle, borrowed from the ’40s. It actually reminds me of Rita Hayworth, only this time, it has been given a dash of fresh new color. There’s more to just the playfulness of the trendy hair colors. What’s not to love about its ‘Auburn red?” If you think going vibrant auburn is just an unspoken code for beautiful black beauties? Wrong. This Auburn blend accentuates dark skin tone in a very attractive way.

Here’s another unique and smart take to the auburn hair trend. It’s gone funky and super short transition to natural, it’s beautiful! If you’ve done a big chop and you want something fun while keeping it simple, give it a touch of ginger! You don’t really need to go all-vibrant when playing around with different hues. Still, going natural auburn brown shades easily takes you to hip style.

‘Do you need to see more? Scroll on and take a peek at these auburn hairstyles that you can pull off for your next look.’

Important tip: Going red means, you want to sport a hair that can draw attention and will stand out. You spend a good amount of money to look good and feel good. Fire up that sass in you with these stunning hairstyles to boosts up your femininity and playful side. Have fun!


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