108 Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles – This Century’s Most Versatile Hairdo


The asymmetrical bob is the focus of this article, presenting it in every form. You’ll be surprised to find out when it has first appeared, which variations are available and browse through more than 100 pictures with types of bob haircuts. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to bob hairstyles, but in case you need some inspiration, you will find plenty of it by reading further!

Understanding the minor differences between an A-line bob, a blunt bob or a wavy bob will prove to be helpful when you’ll decide which one to get exactly. You’ll see that each alteration can have its advantages and by the time your are done reading this piece, you’ll know exactly what suits you.

The History of the Bob Haircut

The beginning

Coleen Moore was the first great American actress to appear on the big screen sporting a bob haircut. She was featured in a mute film, in 1920, fact which has generated a lot of fans of the new haircut. Women were no longer looking to make appointments at regular salons. They preferred men’s hairdressers because they didn’t want to style their very long hair, but cut it.

Introduced in the fashion world by Irene Castle in 1915, the bob haircut was then made popular by celebrity youngster Louise Brooks, who was a young and independent woman. She was proud of her original style that looked nothing like the common Edwardian image popular at that time.

Vidal Sassoon, a Bauhaus visionary stylist, reinvents this haircut in 1960. He adds the geometric structure, the simple and clear line, and the womanly naturalness that can also be recognized these days.

The comeback

Year 2000 marks the comeback of the bob and asymmetrical bob haircuts. More and more celebrities were opting for such hairdos. You might remember Victoria Beckham’s round bob, Rihanna’s asymmetrical bob and Katie Holmes’s classic bob with bangs. Each has created real hysteria among fans, which have overwhelmed the hairdressers at that time.

Types of Bob Haircuts and Styles

The Asymmetrical Bob

Suited for any type of physiognomy, the asymmetrical bob is extremely feminine and nonconformist too. Stylists say it was the most wanted haircut during the 2000s. What makes his haircut special is the fact that it is shorter in the back and longer in the front. The cut is straight in the back and continues unevenly towards the chin. There can also be a difference in length between the right side and the left side. For example, for the right side, the length of the hair could reach the shoulder, and for the opposite side just the chin. The secret lies in the way the hair is parted. The latter is called a tilt bob.

The Bob With Wave in it

The bob is not a haircut that requires one to have straight hair or colored with just one shade. Its versatility has generated multiple types of bobs that are suited for different face shapes, hair textures and so on. If you have a naturally wavy hair, you could go for a medium-long bob that reaches just under your chin. The point is to not stay away from curling your hair because those locks confer an interesting sensuality to a simple haircut.

The Textured Bob

The textured bob consists of a simple, medium-long bob with bangs swept on the side. This type of haircut is best left to dry naturally and styled with mousse or hair wax. All the different layers become easier to notice in this way. Some gals prefer to highlight their hair tips with mascara or colored hairspray for a more eye-catching look. Either angled or cut bluntly, the texture is obtained through various curling methods, soft waves and layers.

The Carre Bob Hairstyle

Hair volume plays an important role in this particular haircut. The bangs are well-textured and arranged in layers that may or may not cover a part of the face. The focus is on the way the hair is swept and how the bangs are styled. The nape of the neck is usually visible.

In fact, the Carre bob is a combination of elements from all types of bobs. You can just combine two or three types of bobs and make your own personalized bob with particular features that appeal to you.

The Bob With Asymmetrical Bangs

This is another hit that has motivated millions of women to change their look. In this case, the asymmetry is quite extreme, featuring really short hair in the back that descends asymmetrically towards the front. The bangs are very well textured and need to be styled with hair wax in order to highlight the asymmetric line.

The Retro Bob

If you are looking for a hairdo with a scent of the ’70s, then you should opt for a retro bob. This one features bangs that are shorter than the rest of the hair length and sometimes wavy. The bangs start from the head’s crown, covering just a small part of the forehead.

The Jazzy Bob

Another variation of the bob haircut, the jazzy bob is suited for women with round-shaped or square-shaped faces for as long as the hair exceeds the chin line. If your face is diamond-shaped, then the hair length should be kept shorter.

The Jazzy bob is all about the bangs, basically, which are short and slightly curved towards the forehead.

The Classical Bob

Just as the asymmetrical bob, the classical bob doesn’t require intensive maintenance, it is easy to style and it is suited to every physiognomy. Although it is recommended to chicks with sleek hair, it can be easily adapted for curly hair ass well. For those of you with thin hair, the classical bob can trick the eye, making it believe there is more volume where there’s not.

The Advantages of the Asymmetrical Bob


The universality of the asymmetrical bob is unmatched. It can be done in many ways, fact which makes it ideal for ladies with any type of physical appearance or any type of hair. For example, this cut accentuates the soft, shiny look of straight hair, and, at the same time, it perfectly reflects the beauty of wavy and curly hair. Furthermore, if chosen correctly, the asymmetrical bob can embellish women with round faces, as well as women with oval or narrow faces.

Leanness and Naturalness

The natural lines specific to this haircut make it more versatile than you think. You can easily sport such haircut at work or at a rock concert. It is not characterized by any element that could create irritation or perplexity. Of course, the way you style your asymmetrical bob is of great importance.

Simplicity and practicality

If you are a fashionista with too little time to style your hair, then the asymmetrical bob is for you. Styling it doesn’t take a long time and the result is almost always fabulous! In addition, it is not hard to maintain, so your visits to the hairdresser will not have a high frequency.

1. Short Asymmetrical Bob With Gray Hairasymmetrical bob


2. Victoria Beckham’s Bob Hairstyle

3. Undercut Short Bob With Blonde Hair

The first pictures show you how the hair is parted in order to obtain that clean, undercut look.

4. Wavy, Medium-Long Bob With Natural Hair

5. A-Line Bob With Ginger Shades

The A-Line bob is not exactly an asymmetrical bob, but it can sometimes have the same effect on one’s appearance, depending on the face shape.

6. Choppy Short Hairstyle With Gray Hair

Keeping it all natural doesn’t lower your level of attractiveness. On the contrary, it contributes to a more sincere image.

7. Side-Cut Short Bob With Blonde Hair

8. Tilt Bob With a Cute Undercut

9. Layered Bob With Shaved Nape

10. Textured Short Bob With Volume

11. Soft Red Bob With Long Bangs

12. Dark Red Asymmetrical Haircut

13. Celebrity’s Messy Bob Look

14. Kelly Osbourne Sporting a Purple Bob

Kelly Osbourne has a square-shaped face. Thus, she can rock her bob with straight or curly hair as well. The point is for the longer hair to point downwards, distracting attention from her jawline.

15. Long A-Line Bob in Dark Colors

16. Nicely Highlighted Textured Bob

17. All Natural Longer Hairstyle

18. Extra Volume for Thin Hair

19. Asymmetry in Dark Red Shades

20. Short Bangs for an Alternative Style

The difference in length in this hairstyle might seem scary for some of you. It is actually not the most common choice in bob dos, but it’s not too extreme either.

21. Shiny, Messy Side-Sweeping

22. Wavy Hair is Low Maintenance

Letting your hair to dry naturally and adding a bit of mousse at end is all you need to do in order to obtain this look.

23. Asymmetrical Bangs and Curls

You don’t always have to choose between straight and curly. You can go for both.

24. Slightly Wavy Blonde Bob

25. Edgy A-Line Haircut With Highlights

26. Rebel Bob for Blondes and Brunettes

Sporting a casual to elegant look, this gal shows a bit of her rebel side with the way she styles her bob.

27. Sleek, Shiny Rose-Gold Bob

28. Versatility When and Where You Need it

Regardless of your appearance, social status, age, activity or clothing style, you will not fail with an asymmetrical cut.

29. The Effect of a Longer Face

30. Ginger Hair Goes Just as Well

31. Blonde With Purple Highlights

As you can see, you can play with color and undertones in order to obtain various visual effects for your bob.

32. Simple, Textured Bob Cut 

33. A Wavy Way of Styling 

34. Uneven Cut for Thin Hair

35. A Gradual Short to Longer Line

Now this is definitely an asymmetrical bob type that you will not see everywhere. The line goes gradually from short in the left side, to long in the right side.

36. Round Faces are Flattered by the Uneven Bob

37. The Elongation Effect of Bob

38. Turn Your Bob into Glam

39. Use Color in Your Advantage

40. Classic Line Above the Shoulders

41. From Short to Longer Bangs

42. Difficult Hair Goes Too

43. Long, Wavy and High-Volume

44. A Bob for Every Look

Whether you are a workaholic and you spend most of the day at work, or you are a real party starter, this hairstyle will always be on your side.

45. Rihanna’s Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

46. Alternative Look With a Side Cut

Side cuts or under cuts are usually avoided by glamorous or stylish women. They are more suited for alternative styles and young girls with a more rebellious side.

47. Side-Sweeping Right for Round Faces

48. Feminine and Boyish at the Same Time

Don’t you just love the way she looks boyish from a side and feminine from the other? There’s definitely the element of surprise involved.

49. Really Layered and Messy Do

This type of bob cut helps a lot with volume and doesn’t sacrifice length for it.

50. Romantic and Feminine Uneven Bob

51. Celebrities That Set Good Hair Examples

This is not the only celebrity who gave the asymmetrical bob a try. We can also count Anna Wintour, Faye Dunaway, Katie Holmes, Uma Thurman, Victoria Beckham, Charlize Theron, Christina Ricci, Billie Davis, Juliette Greco, Cyndi Lauper, Sienna Miller and many others.

52. Blonde Bob for a Less Edgier Look

53. Brunette Bob for an Edgy Look

Her hair is perfectly straight and shiny. Although it looks amazing, consider this do is high maintenance.

54. A Note of Lightness and Innocence

55. Bob Makes Blondes Look Fresh

56. Crazy Colors for Classical Cuts

57. A Nice and Simple Asymmetry 

58. Bob Hairstyles Could be a Phase

59. The Good Girl Look

60. The Sexy, Feminine Look

61. Bangs That Cover Faces

62. Highly Contrasting Asymmetry in Bobs

63. A Pink and Messy Bob

64. No Need for Daring Choices

Opting for an asymmetrical bob doesn’t require you to be a daring person or to change your look drastically.

65. Curly Hair Looks Just as Well

66. Long or Short With Curls or Not

67. A-Line Really Long Bob

Among the less easier types of bob cuts, this one requires you to have really long hair to begin with.

68. Add Some Gray, No Volume Spray

69. Really Long A-Line Bob

70. Tattooed Girls Like Bobs Too

If you compare this picture with the others, you will truly understand the versatility of this haircut.

71. Victoria Beckham’s Short Blonde Bob

72. Retro Look With a Ginger Bob

73. Geometrical Bob Dyed Black

The geometrical bob confers a new type of charm to your features because it’s nothing like the classical bob.

74. Effortless Styling for Bobs

75. Volume in All the Right Places

76. Any Color Goes for Bob

77. Classical Beauty Highlighted by Simple Lines

78. Romantic Look With Soft Blonde Shades

79. A Mix of White and Pink

80. A Mix of Black and Blue

81. A Mix of Brown and Blue

82. Stylish With a Short Haircut

83. A Natural Color Choice

84. Bob in the Colors of Rainbow

85. Asymmetrical Bangs Framing the Face

86. The Most Popular Bob Cut

87. Bob Slightly Above the Shoulders

88. Side-Sweeping for a Dramatic Effect

89. Little to No Asymmetry 

90. Partially Curled Bob Hairstyle

91. Bob Style According to Face Shape

92. Short and Long Stands of Hair

93. Gray and Wavy Bob

94. One Side is Longer Than the Other

95. An Oval Face Fits Like no Other

96. Pink Hair and a Side-Cut Bob

97. Undoubtedly Classy With a Long Bob

98. Sweeping Hair in the Other Way

99. Asymmetrical Bob With Colored Tips

100. A Brighter Smile With a Properly Framed Face

101. A-List Celebrity Sporting an Uneven Bob

102. Highlight Your Jaw Line With a Bob Style

103. Naturally Wavy Looks Good Too

104. Hide a Wide Forehead With Bangs

105. A Bob Hairstyle Softens Edgy Features

106. Elongated Face Framed by a Long Bob

Women with oval faces look great regardless of haircut. This doesn’t mean they can’t sport hairdos that make that aspect stand out.

107. Side-Swept Nose-Long Bangs

108. Rocker Chick With a Wavy Bob

This girl has a daring style that is suited for a rock concert or a night at the club. No one can pass unnoticed if she looks like this!

It’s Time for Conclusions

As you have seen so far, the array of asymmetrical bob hairstyles is really wide. The classical bob is easy to style and it goes for every hair type and physical appearance. Even so, many chicks with curly hair are inclined to opt for asymmetrical cuts that go below the chin and don’t confer as much volume as others.

What’s fabulous about asymmetrical cuts is that there are none exactly alike. In this regard, you would have to be very specific when you tell your stylist what type of bob you desire. Often, it is not enough just to mention the name of the hairstyle. So, it would be best for you to have plenty of pictures prepared in your phone even prior to making an appointment.

Asymmetrical Bob Cut and Crazy Colors

Since this hairstyle was nonconformist to begin with, there’s no point in not keeping it that way. So, if you feel like getting pink, blue or even green hair, you don’t have to hesitate. Each hair layer will be candy to the eye.

Leave a comment below with your favorite bob hairstyle and tell us how likely is it for you to get it in the future or show off yours!