Hottest Brunette Trends: 125 Ash Brown Hair Ideas To Grab For 2021


Listen up ladies with dreams to become ice queens, it ain’t just a hot makeup that needs a pop of vogue to get all eyes turning. Your hair deserves as much of that sought-after attention as well. Then, seeing the new hair trends will naturally make you say ‘heck no!’ But the moment you sit in the salon chair, your defense just get beaten by your eagerness for a change. Give your hair some update!

What’s Ash Brown Hair Color?

Let’s just say silver-gray and dirty brown got married and had a baby, that’s ash brown hair. For sure you have spent lots of time tinkering your phone in search of the perfect shades for your naked tresses. Hair coloring has gone so far it’s becoming an extension of our lives, (at least, to more than just a few.) And the icy hair trend is currently poppin’!

‘Why, Oh Why Is It Trending Right Now?’

Look, taking into account that unnatural hair colors are “in,” —your cotton candy hair can’t simply go about with typical hair care routine of shampooing and conditioning. Stylish millennials know for a fact that any unicorn hair comes with great responsibility to maintain. So, we rounded up some of the best styles for you to copy! But, before we go down that spiral, let’s start with some important bits to guide you with your choices.

Who Can Rock Ash Brown Hair Best

Ash brown gradient hues don’t require special maintenance, looks beautiful on most skin tones, and it’s a ‘badass‘ shade that fits women of all ages! Moreover, it’s not only a spring or winter hair color, but you can also flaunt the cool shades as your bout against summer heat. And OMG, it’s very dramatic for people with brown or blue eyes. Update your classic dark blonde locks with this moody and cool coloring style!

Ash brown appears almost matte, deep tone, and very cool. If you have light brown or medium brown hair, —or dark blonde, you’ll find ash brown a favorable transition. For some, it takes time to get used of new hair color, especially, if it’s the first time. There are various application techniques determine the look, to go full-on ash brown. But, to avoid getting overwhelmed, start with subtle touches of ash gray to your natural brown hair.

Ash Blonde Or Ash Brown, Which Is Better?

What better way to welcome the start-of-winter than by giving your hair a fresh new look? Get a new haircut, give it a new shape perhaps, and with trendy new ashy hair color. Even if you aren’t really sure what chromas fit the coming cooler weather, opting for ashier hues for your hair is still worth a shot. With fall coming to an end, there’s an ingenious way to update the hairstyle that offers dramatic results.

As opposed to buttery blondes, ash blondes give off the same cool vibe of silver shades. An almost platinum blonde with gray undertones. Both have icy tones without having to commit to going gray. Ash brown and Ash blonde only disagrees on one thing, —the skin tone it’s best with. While ash brown can pretty much look good on any skin tone, ash blonde pairs well with the paler complexion. Also, unlike ash brown, it requires daily care to protect it from drying and brassiness.

Ash brown can be dark, light, mousey, and monotonous. It can also be shiny with purple, blue or gray undertones. But, can you mix two ashy coloring styles? Yes, with the help of your professional hair stylist. You can start with an ash brown ombre, incorporating two or three cool undertones towards the tips. But, eventually go full on. The picture below shows a linear gradient of dark brown and ash brown hues to wavy locks. It is super stunning!

Important tip for natural brunettes: When going ashy, reach for purple toners once a week to prevent copper tones. Same goes to any color-treated hair, make sure you keep your tresses hydrated by using deep conditioning masks. Furthermore, it’s also vital to choose the products that also go well with your hair type.

Should You Go Matte Or Glossy?

Everyone has a personal take on their tresses, so, feel free to express yourself! Naturally, color-treated or not, many are won over by the sleek, glossy hair. Yet, some fancy trying the mattified, lustreless locks! The idea of lacking shine sets all emphasis on the skin complexion. Although ash is mattifying, it still absorbs light, making the overall color look darker. It matters to learn this in mind when planning your look.

If you want to enhance the colors and make the highlights stand out, opt for glossing treatment. The high-shine help neutralize your hair strands and naturally color-correct your ash brown mane. But take note; the topcoat can look different depending on how light or dark your hair is. Glossy overlay or matte, both add tonality to your tresses.

Color Melt Versus Balayage

This is one subject of the beauty culture that many still get scrambled about. Ombré is a name we are now very familiar of, and it has successfully left a mark in the hairstyling culture after the highlights and lowlights hair coloring methods. Let’s talk about the color melting hair technique, sounds new? How different is it to Balayage?

In terms of choosing the best color for your hair, it’s essential to be familiar with the different types of color application techniques. When we see streaks of different shades, we quickly call it ‘highlights’ or ‘lowlights.’ Technically, all three do the same job of brightening a certain section of the hair. The characteristics of each vary from the number of pigments and how they’re applied.

Notice these two samples above. With the color melting technique, it literally means melting the hues into your hair from the roots to tips. The idea is to blend the highlights with your hair’s natural color leaving almost no distinction between the different shades. Also, the hair dye’s consistency is thinner and applied in wider plank sections.

Unlike color melting, balayage is all about the noticeable stripes of highlights, giving the hair more dimension but softer than highlighting. I’d say, the color melting technique is fashion-forward but discreet compared to the dynamic balayage. When it comes to deciding which one is better for ash brown, that depends on you. Choose what suits your lifestyle, and professional environment.

Ash Brown Hair Color Techniques To Copy

‘The prospect of actually being able to test if that stunning hair color has more fun, —is enticing.’

Wavy Ash Brown Lob With Soft Balayage Streaks

You can go all-out when you’re comfortable with this dynamic blend. The ashy cool tone hair with soft streaks of balayage lets you have the best of both worlds. Especially, to achieve a natural finish, just like these wavy ash brown lobs. It brings the best of the multi-dimensional gray/brown combination in a more matte finish.

The impressive feature of this ash brown application is it can make any fine hair look thick. Of course, with an added personal touch, this creamy, rich blend is on-point for the upcoming winter! I’d give this a nickname of ‘flauntiliscious.’ Don’t forget to always go with what looked and feel natural.

Edgy Blowout Brown Ash

This moody and cool coloring technique is trickier than you think. It almost looks almost silver, but it’s not. It ain’t ash blonde either. It’s rich gray with very striking dark brown undertones from the roots. It makes a humble statement without being too loud. This hair coloring style is the more muted version of the black and silver hair color that went all the rage before ash brown did.
While a perfectly dyed hair is enough for you to sashay away from the salon happy, —it’s even better if paired with a blowout. The smooth hair flaunts the color in each hair strand. Now, whip that beautiful lux swagger ash brown waves and conquer the world!

Brown Hair To Ombré Ash Brown

How about gradient ash brown lowlights that beautifully ascends onto your brown hair? There are several ombré dyeing techniques that will surely stand out and flattering on almost every skin tone. Trust me, going ashy oh-so-trendy ombré will do so much more for you than help you score some #nofilter Instagrams and compliments. Talk about trying something new in moderation, right?

Hair color can be demanding, but not ash brown. Let’s just say, naturally dark brown hair, ash brown is a gorgeous light icy rust-colored hue to try. The good news is, you don’t have to re-color regularly. It will not be immediately obvious if the color grows out. If you’re a natural brunette who dyed your hair with copper shades, going ash brown is a wise way easily transition back to being brunette without the ugly phase of color fading.

Medium Ash Brown Hair With Plum Highlights Or Lowlights

Dip dying the hair ends and make a casting of purple reminds me of those sweet-tooth provoking purple à la mode sundaes on Instagram. Going purple without the drastic candy-colored head can be a fun experiment. What makes it a ‘Yay’ is it’s predominantly ashen, grayish matte finish so your mom won’t faint when she sees it. The purple is so minimal that taking the plunge can be a game-changer, go for it!

The luscious hair coloring style of the smoothest purple streaks is so Instagram-worthy! Thanks to the versatile ash brown color, adding purple is not as dreadful as looking sallow and drawn to those with cool skin tones. You can be funky and elegant at the same time!

Smoked Out Ash Brown Ombré Balayage Waves 

If your trouble is choosing between balayage and ombre, why not do both? Ombre and balayage look stunning on their own when applied alone, but the best of both is oozing with smokin’ chill like a cold wave! There ain’t a lot of upkeep required, saves you time and money to hit the salon for a refresh every month.

It’s best to create this look without adding any glossy topcoat to leave matte. By doing so, the gradience of the shades looks more prominent. The cascade of different cool tones is just gorgeous. It’s a bit of a risk to try, but for the hair of your dreams? Worth it. Just make sure to get the best hair colorist possible to achieve the look.

Caramel-Tipped Ash Brown Balayage

Okay, I know this entire topic is all about cool tones. So, before anyone objects, allow me to put it into detail. To get a better idea of this cool brunette scene, let me tell you that there’s a cool toned caramel. When it blends with another cool-toned hue such as ash brown, it’s a gorgeously soft and eye-cooling combo you can maintain until summer.

It may sound like a dramatic hair color makeover, but it’s actually not. You can see this a lot on Instagram and Pinterest. It is a simply gorgeous waterfall of two tones from the same spectrum. The way it deep tone cascades to the lighter tips looks natural.

Chocolate Ashy Brown Waves

Let’s talk about choosing a delightfully rich hair color, and sure enough, the first thing that comes to mind is chocolate. It always works as a flattering wash of all-over color, and if gone ashy, it becomes a multi-dimensional hair shade. The dark roots melt into neutral ash giving it a sexy, natural look. It’s the romantic hair color if your skin is warm because the hues aren’t too warm. Don’t be afraid to go boldly deep!

Ash Brown Bob With Purple Highlights In Grunge Waves

Being stuck in a hair rut is the absolute worst. While the grunge wave already possesses a distinct texture, going ashy brown adds the grit. I mean, sure, it’s nice to have ultra-groomed brown hair with subtle hints of blue, purple, and grey, —just to make it more defined. But ashy tones on grunge waves channels that free-spirited vibe even more.

To get the style, rake some pomade mousse on your hair while it’s damp and simply tousle it for an extra kick of volume. Just check this grunge look (pictured above,) it starts with deep ash brown with soft violet in some sections. The bob is styled with messy waves making the ashy tones pop with the voluminous look.

Smoky Brown With Gunmetal Highlights

You know an Old Hollywood wave when you see one. Annoyingly sexy and sassy. But you do want to have a different take. Do you love pinup hairstyle but want it edgier? It’s all about the slaying it in this dark hue and daring to go for gunmetal-gray highlights. Nothing wrong about a cooler toned element to your ashy brown tresses that is breathtaking, to say the least.

Gunmetal highlights are gorgeous! Do so to add just a bit of depth to your ashy brown hair. Feel free to style in some low curls or opt for big waves to bring out that fierce icy princess in you. Also, you can tell your hair stylist to create subtle highlights instead of strong silver streaks. Either way, it works marvelously to give you a more high-fashion look.

Heavy Ash Blonde Highlights On Ash Brown Hair

Ash brown hair combinations with other hues and techniques are something a bit out-of-the-ordinary,—and that’s precisely the point. This intricate, ash to ash hairstyle is a gorgeous playful-for-all-ages option. Even if you’re in your 50’s, ain’t nobody should tell you can’t give this a go as long as you have healthy tresses to take it.

It’s imperative to be on the same page with your colorist and other possible factors. It’s a good idea to meet your hair colorist or stylist for a consultation first, to get in sync with what shade and technique to pick.

Granda Chic Ashy Brown Long Bob

Do you want a hairstyle that can go elegant and also rebellious? How about a rumpled bedhead ash brown hair that is meant to look purposefully tousled. And not only that, the tousled looks like it may have started out as a defined glossy wave that had just gotten frosted with icy blue-gray hues.

To hit two birds in one stone is the idea of this cool ash brown hairstyle. The first picture showed a lived-in and partied-in hairstyle without the shiny gloss effect, just ice-frosted strands! Now, here’s the version that keeps the look from turning too disheveled. A simple straight ash brown bob with curved tips still looks gray-ish but way sleek and elegant. You can see the subtle browns mixing with the ash tones.

Dark Ash Brown Color Melt

Let’s save the best for last. Color melting is perhaps the best choice for women who want to try an edgy hair color, —without the feeling of overdoing it. What makes ash brown color melt crazy smart is it’s so versatile it allows room to customize. If you want to dip the ends with a lighter shade, you can do so! But to make more healthy-looking Hollywood style give it a shiny coat.

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