81 Ariana Grande Hairstyles You Need To Try ASAP!


If you have not been away from social media till now, we are pretty sure you know who Ariana Grande is! And if you do, you are also familiar with some iconic Ariana Grande hairstyles! But if you fall under the category who want to know the seven rings star more, then here is the best read for you! We are bringing the best of Ariana’s hairstyles for you to navigate through! And as a bonus, we will also be sharing details about the star and her private life! As you reach the end of this read, you will be able to strike up conversations about her with any of your circles!

She is one of the most loved and recognized singers around the world. We want you to be able to learn more about her. She is also an inspiration to most young girls out there that are at an impressionable age! Her words and actions mean a lot to them, and so the world also keeps tabs on the singer’s every move. We are here to showcase the pop sensations hairstyle evolution from the time she debuted till now. They can be the hottest looks for anyone to try out in 2020! So let us dive into the whole collection.

The slick look

Her style is famous for being too polished. It seems she needs everything to be perfect. Every strand on her hair is always in the right place. You can see it in every picture. Her high pony is an iconic look, and the ways she has some hair left on the front here are beautiful. It adds that touch of feminine energy that we all love.

Back in the day

The girly look on this picture is from way back in 2008. Her natural locks are curly, and it suits her bubbly nature perfectly. Her hair is always sleek and straightened so that one might confuse that as her locks. She was a young tv star as well. She starred in shows in Nickelodeon and won everyone’s heart. This is an image of hers from those days!

The cute and comfortable look

This is one look that you can try out anytime. Her hair is colored in some light brown hues, and her straight texture wins the game! We love how polished it looks. The color and cut suits her skin’s undertone and balances her facial structure too. We sure think this is one look that anyone can pull off! So give it a try when you have some time in hand!

The side-parted hair

Her hair has darker roots on top of this caramel toned brown color. We love the way her locks shine. She has straightened her hair, but it has this natural look to it. Where it doesn’t show that she has used a hot ironing tool. Her hairstylist has that perfection down! And if you want the same, you need to practice the art of twisting the wrist the right way!


This look of Ariana’s is perfect for anyone. You can see that it looks like the girl next door hairdo that anyone can pull off. We adore the high pony. And the hair that is left loose on the front makes it even better for everyday use! Wear it at your school, and we are sure you will get some attention!

Cute summer hairstyles

You can see that Ariana Grande hairstyles are always about long hair. Well, mostly, they are! So we are showing you a look that works well for anyone in the summer. If you want an added oomph, get these lilac shades on too.

The music video look

When she appears in music videos, she goes on all out for sure! Her hair is always looking for an extra-special style. We love how she carries off the long ponytail style! There is Ariana Grande hairstyles tutorial out there that you can follow to get this look copied when you want it!

 The central parted loose hair

This is one look that is simple and yet gives a gorgeous outlook. This comes under the Ariana Grande hairstyles 2019 category. If you search it online, you will see more of the styles that she had last year. You can revive it and wear it in 2020 as well.

The ponytail

If we strike up a conversation about ponytails, then we cannot forget the Ariana grande ponytail. She has her hair up on this look for a long time. To the point where she was even criticized for it. Her critics said that this was a repetitive look and she needs to change it up!


Perfection in every look

Here you can catch a glimpse of the best of her looks. There was much talk about Ariana Grande real hair 2019. There are countless instances where she has said that her long hair is not the natural one! She uses hair extensions and wigs to keep up with the day to day shoots and appearances. The star even opened up to say that her hair had experienced extreme damage as she was getting it ironed and worked on each day. This ruined her hair.

She also expressed her concerns about her hair and how she needed it to be healthy and grow back again. We are supportive of her decisions to let her locks grow out and use faux hair to keep it stylish.

The hair colors she uses!

Over the years, there have been a lot of colors used by Ari. And we love the way she has moved to the brown shades and the pastel tones as well. Here you can see how her hair has this half and half look going on! Her red and brown look is lovely. We think this was her rebellious phase!

This past year has been about all the lilac and pastel shades, and we could see Ari in those lovely hues too. She added on those lilac and pink pastel tones with long hair extensions. Check them out here in this collection!

The top knot

The top knot is an easy and simple, beautiful look that anyone can try out. This is one of the cutest Ariana Grande hairstyles out there. If you are a college student who wants to try out something beautiful, this is the best one! If you have colored hair, you can try keeping the knot on the crown. It has this extra oomph added to it. You can take a peek at the beautiful Ariana Grande here. Her well-styled hair is giving us some envy here.

Experimentation with the hair!

Our stars are always trying on new things. You are sure to have seen them try on some styles that are outrageous as well. But our Ariana Grande hairstyles collection has nothing as such. There are things that she adds on that spices up the look. And the best thing is that anyone can try it out. You need to give it a try to know how special you can look! There are fringes here, and she has long crimped hair. It makes a perfect look for a day out!

We are adding up the spice!

Ariana Grande hairstyles are full of spicy details! You can see how she adds on a veil at times and then makes it seem casual by adding on a pony! There are so many unpredictable looks of the star that we are stunned by it! We are sure you will feel the same way if you check this collection of our favorite hairdos.

For young girls!

We all are fans of Ariana Grande hairstyles. But some teens and youngsters are her faithful followers. And for all those ladies, we have a perfect look right here. The braided buns here are giving us hair goals. The colors on her hair are blonde on the bottom and darker on the top. And the flirty appeal is admirable too.

The makeup that matches her

Ariana is also a good makeup artist. She does her makeup most of the time. You can see that her skills are out of this world. This shows most of her appearances. If you are a makeup fanatic, you are sure to admire this look. The flick on her eyeliner is a perfect style that adds that boss look. She has this natural look. The bronzy effect has her looking like a goddess on all of her pictures! You can see that in this attire here as well. Check out more of her pics to admire the art!

Straight and curly hair

There are many options when it comes to styling our hair for sure. You can go for a straightened look if you want that soft, sleek look. And if you are not into it, you can try out a more feminine look with the waves here. Ariana Grande hairstyles have the best of both. She has tried on the best of both things here. You can see how she looks comfortable in the sleek look. And she has this girly charm on her as she has her curls on!

The flirty Ariana Grande hairstyles

Here in both the pictures, Ariana manages to look sexy! Her side slanted look is famous for sure. You can see that she has that sexy smoldering look down.

Use of hairspray and hair gels!

To look as perfect as she does, you need to add on a lot of products. There is no way you can not have that flyaway with this hair. But to keep it looking managed, you can add on hair gels and hair sprays.

The rings that add the edge!

Here she as the rings on the center of her hair. This is an excellent way to make a statement. Such accessories can take the hair game to a whole new level for sure. Here we are showing you the best of the best!


Her concert look

When she went to a concert, she decided to add rings on her hair. The ‘7 rings’ singer had added hair to the sections on her hair. It surely added that edge to the whole look. We are sure you were mesmerized by her look. The top has this height to it. You can also see how the sections are braided beforehand!

 For every teenager out there

If you are looking for Ariana grande hairstyles for school, then this is the right one to choose from. You are sure to attract a lot of attention when you try on this look. There are so many ways you can spice up this half down half-up look. Here is an example of how Ari decided to wear her locks.

Half up Ariana Grande hairstyle

Ariana grande hairstyles half up half down is an excellent choice for all of us. This is a one minute look that can turn your whole look around. You can see how the sectioned hair has been tied on the top. The hair tie is carefully hidden, and the rest of the locks fall freely. Wear it to the gym or your school or a casual day out!

Braided Ariana Grande Hairstyle

When you are in a hurry to look good, we suggest you add on a braid. It automatically ensures that you have hair that looks chic. There are sections of hair taken from the side, and they are tightly braided down. Then you can see how securely they are tied on the top. The crown section looks excellent when the hair is done!

Achieving finesse

You can learn from Ariana how to make finesse. Her hair is in a classic ponytail for sure. But the way she has them is beautiful. You can see how there is a section of hair that is folded over the hair to conceal the hair tie. This adds a finishing touch to the hair and makes it look fabulous. This goes on well with her personality!

The natural side braids

When Ariana Grande Hairstyles were trending on Instagram, we were all stunned to see this image. She showed off her natural locks, and she shut down all her critiques. We can see that she is thrilled with the way her hair is progressing to a whole new length. This looks more relaxed and easy to carry off. You can take sections on the side and braid them to get the same!

Fringes and crimps on Ariana Grande hairstyles

When you have a prominent forehead, you want to conceal it cutely. There are many ways to hide it, and one of the most suggested ways is adding on a fringe. There are crimps on these Ariana Grande hairstyles, and we adore it. This is one look that she has sported on significant events.

Short Ariana Grande hairstyles

These Ariana grande hairstyles for short hair are stunning. This is not a look of hers that is often seen. That is because she has naturally short hair that is growing out. And she keeps it hidden on the layers beneath her hair extensions. To get this look, you can take the hair and twist it around. Pin it up back and wear your casual hoodie!

Adorable Space buns

When we say space buns, you immediately think of a gym look. But we are sure that these Ariana Grande hairstyles can change your thought about that. You can take small sections of the hair and twist them up. Wrap them around itself, and you can pin them down. Keep them on the sides as you want, tone it down with some hairspray!

The sensational color!

This tone of purplish-pink hair is perfect. You can see how the slight hue has a lavender tint to it. You can see that she has her hair roots dyed black, and the rest looks well-balanced with the tones. There are no words to describe how stunning she looks. Her central parted hair has that needed elegance and adds transition to the hair.

Evolution of Ariana Grande Hairstyles

Follow Ariana Grande hairstyles, and you will see that a lot has changed over the years! She has changed her hair from keeping it thin and colored in bright red hues to keep it subtle! You can see that Ari has moved on from the basic hair to a lot more iconic looks. This side by side image is best to check that out!

Overnight curls to try out

This is one trick that has the internet taken over! Some so many teens try on this trick and have received stunning results. You can take any headband and place it on the back. Then you need to start twisting the hair on the headband and tuck it in. This way, you can get some wavy hair. Keep it throughout the night, and the next day, you are sure to look amazing!

Platinum blonde hues

The colors you choose can take your whole look to a new level. This hue here has us going gaga over the finesse. The platinum blonde tones work so beautifully on the skin tone of Ariana. You can say that this Ariana Grande hair color is something that anyone can try out. Match your skin tone to the colors you wear, and it will make you look fabulous!

Taking care of the hair

It is a part of growing up where we follow our favorite trendsetting stars! Ariana Grande has been a significant influence on us for sure. But not only is it essential for us to look at these Ariana Grande hairstyles but also to learn from her! She has struggled with her hair falling out and getting damaged for sure. So we need to learn from her and try to take better care of ourselves. The hair especially, since we tend to color it, use heat on it as well gets damaged.

Thus we are here to show you ways to take care of your tresses. These are little tips for you so that you can enjoy healthy hair all year long!

Tips to take care of the locks

  • Make sure that you wash your hair less often. Most of the time, you are striping the oil out of your locks. This forces your hair to produce more oil and makes it greasy.
  • Secondly, we want you to oil your hair more! You need to take the time to add oil to your hair. Take a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil, and heat it slightly. Then section off your hair and give it a good massage.
  • After you oil, use a steamer to let the oil penetrate your roots. Use a natural shampoo to wash it off.
  • You can use a deep conditioning product afterward. Use less heat and avoid coloring and bleaching it so much more.
  • Avoid hot water to wash your hair.

Navigating through the hairstyles!

We are in love with all the different ways that Ariana styles her hair. Her style and fashion have inspired many others. You can also follow in her footsteps and go for the iconic Ariana Grande hairstyles. Her short hair is perfect for all the women who love chic hairdo. And her hair is a treat for all who love showing off some long tresses! We urge you to look forward to her style and copy the same. If not for your everyday style, it can surely make up for a casual look.

We made sure to keep this collection as neat as we could. This way, you can look for the images and also see how she has styled herself. It is all a matter of how one carries themselves. So we urge you to be as confident and secure as the singer herself! She has kept it clean and chic for years! And we hope to see the cute and sexy look from her for more years to come! If you are a true Ari fan, you need to go on and try out more of her looks. Recreate them for her birthday and post it under the hashtag Ariana Grande hairstyles. This way, you can grab her attention too!