81 Iconic Ariana Grande hair to Inspire You


Ariana Grande is a sensational singer, and we know she doesn’t need an introduction. The singer is blessed with a voice that can leave you mesmerized, and she is undoubtedly an influential pop star. Her fashion sense and hairstyles are equally admirable. Ariana Grande hair is known to have long ponytails and a sleek back outlook. Her hair has become her identity, and her fans have loyally followed her hairdos over the years. Who doesn’t recognize her iconic high, sleek ponytail? Her style has given us primary hair goals, and we are stunned by her healthy long locks.

If you are an Ariana fan, you surely must have seen her hairstyles evolve throughout the years. The changes in her hairstyles have made headlines over the years literally! When she changes her hairdo, fashion bloggers, magazines and her fans go crazy. If you want to look like her and try out some of her iconic hairstyles, here is the perfect article for you. From a casual look to a hairdo ready for the red carpet, she has done it all. You can opt for her beautiful hairstyles and recreate the magical hair moment like she does. Here are 81 Ariana Grande hair to inspire you this season!


Ariana has a charm, unlike anyone else. Her hair in this picture is adorable. The distinctive pony with braids on the side adds definition to the hair.


This cute Ariana Grande hair is achievable, and that’s one of the reasons why we love this hairdo. Her casual hair can be worn every day and has a relaxed vibe.

Laid back

Opt for this natural laid back look and enjoy the comfort of sleek manageable hair. Ariana looks impressive even in this simple hairdo.

Bangs and ponytail

Ariana Grande hair is synonymous to this ponytail look of hers. Her high pony has become a part of her identity, and the bangs here add a touch of glam to this look. Ladies try this hairstyle and look like the pop star herself.

Platinum blonde

Platinum blonde is a favorite hair color and has been worn by so many celebs including Ariana Grande. This hairdo looks beautiful on the singer.

Thank you next

The ‘Thank you, next’ singer wore this hair to her performance on Ellen, and she looks stunning here. The bangs and curls are part of classic Ariana Grande hair.

Pinned back

When you want a simple, effortless hairdo; this is the one you should choose. The pinned back hairstyle is simple and will take minutes to do.

Healthy locks

Ariana Grande hair is simple, shiny, and luscious. The hair has a healthy sheen to it and looks flawless here. We have to mention the bright brown hair color in this hairdo!

The details

There are dark roots in this look, and the rest transcends into light blonde hair color. There are tiny braids on the sides, and the hair tie has been concealed with a strand of hair. These details make this hairdo perfect.

Low pony

She changes things up in this hairdo and opts for a small pony with a long wavy bang falling to her neck. There is a sexy vibe to this look, and we love how subtle the makeup is here.

Middle part

Here she has left her hair fall freely with a clean middle part. The thick hair makes this look appealing. The best things about this are that anyone can get this look!

This look transitions well from a casual day look to a glamorous night look. With the right makeup, this look will work out well for a day to day look and a night event as well.

Glam it up

The pop star glams her hair game up and styles her long platinum blonde hair with a bow, and we can’t take the eyes off of this glistening material! There is a magical element to this look, and we heart it!

Those red locks

Red hair is a romantic and bold choice, and we love how Ariana pulled it off. Here are a few of her red hair looks for you to admire!

Ariana tried on the cherry red tints, and we love how it has this brightened everything up. She wore this to make a wish foundation event, and she looks stunning here!

She pulled her hair to the sides and pinned them down for this tamed look. The sleek hair looks well out together here.

She opted for a side part here and looked very youthful and vibrant with the red hair hues.

Grey hair

Ariana Grande hair is always on point. The singer on her Reebok campaign sported this grey hair. She managed to steal everyone’s attention with this hair.

Half up half down

Ariana makes half up and down hair funky and fun. This hairstyle is casual and works well for teenagers and school going kids too! This is a young, vibrant hairdo and the cat ears headband is adorable also.

One love

Ariana wore this beautiful hair to her One Love concert; held as a response to the terrorist attacks on her last show. The singer looks angelic in this hairdo.


The classic Ariana Grande hair looks even better with the crimps on the hair. Add crimps to your pony and enjoy a revamped look altogether. Try this one if you are an Ari fan!

Fluff them up

Ariana Grande hair always has a voluminous look to it. The ‘7 rings’ singer is seen fluffing up her hair in this picture to add volume and get a natural vibe to her hair!

Half up hairdo

Ariana is the queen of half up tied up hair. She has worn such hairstyle on multiple occasions over the years. This seems to be one of the signatures Ariana Grande hair and is well recognized by everyone.

Day out

If you are going out with your gal pals, this is a perfect look for you. Opt for this casual free-flowing hair and add a cap of your choice to make things funky. This is ideal hairstyle if you are going out on a bright, sunny day.

Braided Space buns

The braids transition into space buns and the bangs on the front frame the forehead well. This hairdo has a vibrant outlook and is perfect for youngsters.

The AMAs

Ariana Grande hair on the 2016 American Music Awards was none other than her iconic high pony. She added braids and probably longer extensions to achieve this look.


This candid picture of Ari has us swooning over how beautiful she is. Her hair, makeup, and attire all are on point. Her cute personality adds to her beauty.

57th Grammy Awards

We saw the Ariana Grande hair change on the 57th Grammy Awards. Her signature high pony had the hair tie changed to a top knot here. The singer went for some cat eyes and red lips to complete this look.

You can get this look easily in a matter of minutes. All you need is a hairtie, and you can quickly achieve this top knot look. Add some eaves to make this look more polished.

Baby Bangs

Take inspiration from this Ariana Grande hair and get the baby bangs for a trendy look. This look was stylish last summer, and we love how well she carried it off.


Ariana’s hair colors keep changing. She has been a chameleon on the hair color section, and we have never been able to pinpoint her hair color for long. Here she opts for the essential dark hair and her regular ponytail.

Lavender hair

Keeping things fun and funky, Ariana unveiled her lavender hair, and her fans went gaga over the look. Her hair had a whole new dimension to it, and we loved the sleek shiny effect of the hair color.

Loose waves

Ariana Grande hair was down with a little bit of it pulled back at the 87th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. She kept things simple here, and there isn’t a lot of detailing or effort put into this one.

Space buns

Space buns are fun and comfortable choice, especially for ladies with long hair. Ariana has this charming and fun vibe going on with this hairdo. This is a perfect hairdo for a party that you need to go to!

Pretty in pink

Ari looks gracious in this long ponytail. Though it is her signature hair, the hair color is what makes things interesting. You can quickly get the same hair color for yourself and make yourself feel like Ari!


The pop of colors on this look is truly mesmerizing. Ariana looks ravishing in this semi cherry red hair color. The rest of her hair his a dark brown hair and we love how the makeup keeps up with the fun vibes of the whole strand.

Ariana’s extensions

Have short and thin hair but want to try Ariana’s signature ponytail? You can use extensions that are long thick and recreate this look in minutes. Ariana uses them too!

From sexy to subtle

Ariana can go from hot and glam to delicate and cute in a swift motion. The singer does justice to all her looks and inevitably carries them off well. These hairdos show how she can transition from dark to light pastel shades flawlessly.

The Bow

Ariana is the queen of ponytail culture. She has worn her high pony to so many events. She has a look figured out, and she slays in it every time.

To spice up her basic pony, she adds colors like the ash blonde here and decorates them with accessories like a magnificent bow as well!

Hair down

She changed up her style and looked fabulous in this casual let down hair. This look has a relaxed, carefree vibe, and we love it!

This is another hairstyle where she let her hair down and shocked everyone. She looked unrecognizable with this one. We are pretty used to seeing her in a sleek high pony for sure!

She changed up her hair color here in this look. The darker roots and the lighter brown on the rest of her hair look amazing. This is a chic look, and the simplicity of her hair is commendable.

 Seven rings

The ‘7 rings’ singer has used rings to style her hair, and she looks lovely in this one. Her long hair has been a constant, but she spices things up with hair accessories and colors.

Here she has her hair in brownish shades with darker roots.

Here she wore the same look, but her styling is a bit different. There are three braids here. The hair color is also unusual in this do. Here she has blonde ombre hair to balance the look.

Concert hair tutorials

Ariana Grande’s iconic looks can be recreated with the help of countless tutorials on the internet. There are many hairstyles inspired by the singer, and you can learn how to do it in a matter of minutes.


She wore this ring hairstyle for her One Love concert. She has an edgy look perfect for the occasion.

Brown and grey

Ariana’s hair colors are always changing. The grey and brownish shades of hair are very well balanced. The darker roots bring out her skin tone perfectly. Try his one with colored extensions!

Back in the day

This is a blast from the past kind of a hairdo. You can see how young Ariana looks in this hairdo. Her light hair and slight curls make this a classic hairstyle.

Like a boss

This is a hairdo that is fierce and powerful. The long locks are giving her a boss like an outlook. Her magnetic personality adds so much oomph to this look. You can see how she looks like she is ready to rule the world in this hairdo.

Ariana’s brown hair

Brown hair is a signature Ariana Grande hair color. You can see this shade being sported by the singer on multiple occasions. No matter what hair color she opts for to spice up her hairdo, she always comes back to her signature brown hair.

Half up half down pony

Half up hair is an Ariana favorite. She has worn her ponytail in countless ways. But this half-up ponytail is our absolute favorite. Her hairstyles can be imitated with ease, and we have seen many young girls copy the pop star’s hairdo.

The signature look

This is the signature Ariana Grande hair. She has worn this look countless times has also spiced things up at the time. The dark roots and brown hair seems to be an Ariana favorite.

Braids trio

Playing with her classic hairdo, Ariana added braids from the center and sides to her pony. The well-sectioned hair had been braided tightly and then has been incorporated to the high pony. The twists are a beautiful, sleek addition to the basic pony.

Natural curls

Ariana showed her natural curls to the world on Instagram, and it looks beautiful. There is so much volume on this hair, and we adore it. The hair has natural dark roots and lighter brown segments too.

Crimps and bangs

These bangs are just delightful and a perfect addition to the ponytail. This look can be ideal if you have a prominent forehead. The crimped up pony adds a cutting element to the hair.


The combination of colors is what makes this one a winner. This look is suitable for any women, and the approachable hairdo is one of our favorite Ariana Grande hair.

Back to school

This long hair look is a casual look and perfect for school going girls. The easy to achieve hairdo is simplistic in traditional Ariana style. You can try your hands at this hairdo for it takes only a couple of minutes to do.

If you have straight hair, this is the best casual look for you.


We surely think that Ariana is obsessed with her new space buns. The singer has been sporting these cute hairdos for quite some time now. She has styled these buns for a formal event as well as a casual day out, and we adore them.

Here she wore the buns up on her crown for a brunch date and kept things simple and easy. Try this one out, and we are sure you will love it.

Here she braided these bund and pinned them in place. She has left her hair loose here too, and it has given her a very youthful vibe. She manages to slay in every simple hairdo and comes up with looks that can be worn by anyone!

Lavender hair

Ariana sported lavender hair, and this faint hair color looks like a fun option to spice up your hair. Her long locks look beautiful in this color. She keeps up her hair game by continually shifting from one strand to other, and this one is our favorite.

She looks angelic with her hair straightened and pinned to the back. The slight bangs fall slightly on her face to give a soft, romantic outlook.

Always on point

The contrast between her hairdos here clearly show that Ariana loves to experiment with her locks. But no matter what she does, her hair is always on point.

Back in 2010, she opted for cherry reds and short layered hair. Her hair color game changed over the years. The singer’s new favorite hair color seems to be dark black roots and light brown throughout. Irrespective of her hair colors, she looks beautiful every time.

 Billboard Music Awards

Ariana wore her iconic long ponytail to the  Billboard Music Awards last year and slayed the look as usual. Her hair was long and thick and looked flawless as ever. We love the shimmery bow on top as well.

Curls Tutorial

Do you want to create waves in your hair like Ariana but are scared of the heat damage?  Don’t worry! You can easily create heatless curls at your home with just a headband.

You can wake up with naturally curly hair without the heat damage the next day.

Platinum blonde

Ariana debuts her platinum blonde locks and amuses us with her choices. She wore this bold hair color beautifully.

Darker red

Grande shifted from cherry red and moved on to a duller red in 2012. Back then, she kept a low pony, and it sure looks sleek! You can try this hair color to date and look flawless.

In and out

You have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of a new Ariana album. Ariana features the blonde hair and wears it in her signature pony but with a twist. The hair is half in and half out, and it sure is a unique look.

Ariana’s natural hair

Back in 2009, Ariana donned this curly black hair which happens to be her natural hair. The singer has admitted to having used hair extensions after her hair was damaged by years of styling.

The transformation

Ariana Grande hair has not remained the same over the years. Her hair evolution is real, and it is evident from this picture. From long locks to a shoulder-length light brown hair; the transformation is real!

Ariana  Grande hair has so many variations, and we love how the singer has managed to create a signature look for herself. Her fans adore the signature high pony, and so do we! Ari has changed bits about her hairstyles here and there and kept it fun and flirty.

If you are an Ariana fan, we are sure you heart all of these hairstyles sported by the singer. She experiments on her hair colors all the time and keeps adding depth and dimension to her hair. Though the singer received a lot of harsh comments about her iconic ponytail, she has not abandoned it. The ‘Dangerous Woman’ singer has been truthful about her hair struggles after she had her hair damaged with everyday styling. She uses extensions and has admitted to struggling with hair growth.

We sure admire Ariana’s frank behavior, and her statements have helped many women feel better. Many love Ari for her fashion, her songs, and her signature looks, but we recommend you to try some of her chic and straightforward hairdos as well. We hope you liked our collection of Ariana Grande hair. Share your thoughts with us about this article in the comments section below and stay with us for more on the latest fashion and hair!