95 Fun African Braids that are Totally in Vogue


Simple side-swept African braids

This unpretentious style of side-swept braids is attractive in its simplicity.


Colorful chunky beads for African braid

This unique African braid style has thin braids that most certainly are spaced on top of the head. And on the other hand, the rest of the hair is loose. This look is accentuated with colorful chunky beads at the hems of the four all-the-way braids in front.

Chunky beads highlight

This full-blown African braid is highlighted with a few chunky beads, resulting in a chic look.

Starry scalp braid

Create a braided half-up style bun and form an attractive star linings on your side scalp.

Rope-like braids

This classic style results in a look of innocence.

Huge rope-like braids

Go large. Thick long braids are ideal for women with small faces.

Neat African braids

Keep your African braid neatly tucked. That is to say, simply allow your braids to cascade in front in order to achieve a classic look.

Side bangs braid

Wow the crowd with thin braids on one side of your face, and create side bands with your African braids. Most importantly, this look is even greater with huge earrings.

Braided ponytail with beads

Catch the attention of everyone around you with this ponytail made of African braids, accentuated with wooden beads on the tips.

Messy look

Want to look like you have just woken up and carelessly styled your hair in a hurry? So consequently make a simple loose braid from the top of your head and form your hair into a bun while the rest of your hair cascade freely.


Create an illusion of a heart-shaped face by making a contour of your braids on the linings of your face.

Full braided bun

Make a personal statement and create an African Braid for your hair. In addition, style all the braids into a big bun on top of your head.

Huge braids

Thin braids may be preferred by women, but huge braids are amazing on young girls.

Tunnel braided hair

Style your hair with an African braid and gather all the braids on top of your head to form a tunnel-like hairstyle.

Snake-like hairdo

Evenly divide your hair and create an African braid that resembles a snake, and let the rest of your hair fall on one side for dramatic effect.

Royal braided updo

Look like a royal with this amazing braided bun.

Mohawk style

Have the confidence to wear a Mohawk-like style of African braid.

Brownish gold cornrow

This eye-catching cornrow design is made more beautiful with the brownish gold shade.

Cornrows and highlight

Create a flowing African cornrow style with  touch of a color highlight.

Short African braid

African braid comes in various hair lengths.

Be gorgeously blue

Achieve a generally blue look with a touch of other colors from the similar color spectrum.

Wedding braids

This neat African braid is perfect for attending a wedding.

Braided pony with beads

Achieve a rockstar look with your braided hair turned into a ponytail and accentuated with large beads and a center nose ring.

Extra large braids

Flatten the top of your head and start your extra huge rope-like braids from each four sides of your head.

Multiple ropes

Multiple rope-like braids with gold rings and hearts accessories.

Elegant spirals

This African braid style oozes class and sophistication.

Unruly look

Thin braids create an attractive unruly look when let loose.

Unique braided ponytail/bun

A combination of a bun and a ponytail from African braided hair.

Half braids

Create a cornrow African braid style on top of your head, and let the rest of the hair flow freely without braids.

Thick simple braids

Thick braids are charming especially when styled to the side.

Princess Leia inspired braids

Go for a somewhat Princess Leia amazing look using African braids.

Neat and flowing rope-like braids

Go for a neatly styled braids on top with continuous flowing braids at the back.

Thin and thick braids

Combine thick braids at the front and thin braids to lead to an innocent and charming appearance.

Braided fishtail

Braid your hair from the top and end with a fishtail.

Pinkish purple

Stand out in the crowd with your stylish African braids turned into a fishtail in a commanding shade of pinkish purple.

Flexible braids

Classic African braids can be styled in different ways.

Super extra large braids

Super extra large braids look exceptionally good when accentuated with small braids in each division.

Beautiful side braided ponytail

Highlighted hair is great to look at when braided and expertly styled into a sided ponytail.

Shoulder-length braids

Your shoulder-length hair will look amazing when styled into braids.

Thin braids with numerous beads

Look more African with thin braids styled to the side and accessorized with many beads for each braid.

Simple colorful braids

Thin braids that are simply created will catch attention when highlighted with other colors.

Very simple lower braided half-pony

Create thick braids and style your hairdo with a half pony that is intentionally lowered for a  classic look.

Cornrow turned ponytail braids

Cornrow style looks elegant when styled into a higher ponytail.

Tribal braids

Classic look with braids, beads, and a nose ring at the center of the forehead.

Street kid look

Dirty blonde hair color coupled with African braids will achieve the desired street kid appearance.

Selected braids

Frame your face with  braid, and select the parts that you will braid, and leave a large portion of your head unbraided.

Long beaded braids

Why settle for one nose ring when you can use two? Style the few front braids to have beads for additional charm.

Redhead braids

Create a huge curl on top of your head using your African braided hair.

Golden small braids

Flaunt your golden hair in a simple classic small African braids.

Full braids updo

Make numerous braids and pull up the braids into a full huge bun.

Long small braids

Small African braids look attractive when styled in a classic way and left flowing free.

Long side-swept thick braids

Divide your thick braids from the side and create side bangs.

Different shades of braids

Achieve a punky look with ponytailed braids with varying colors for each distinctive braid.

Golden cornrow ponytail

You will look amazingly great with your golden locks styled into a cornrow and ponytail.

Tiny simple braids

Tiny small African braids freely cascading from your head looks great for teenagers and adults.

Patterned braids

Uniquely patterned tiny African braids swept to the side.

Half braids

Create your own style with half braids and half unbraided hair.

Braids With fishtail

Your classic African braids will look even better with a loose fishtail on the side.

Patterned tiny half braids 

Beautifully patterned tiny braid cut in half to allow unbraided hair to flow.

Semi-braid, semi-dreadlock

A combination of African braid and dreadlock is amazingly alluring.

Side braids

African braids swept to the side of your face will frame your face in an elegant way.

Cornrows for thick hair

Create thick braids separated through a style of cornrows, then turned into a ponytail.

Royal blonde braids

Cornrows with well-patterned braids that ends in a neat, elegant low bun.

Loose ponytail and braids

Distinctive thick braids patterned into a low ponytail.

Small braids and a sleek bun

Beautifully patterned braids that leads to a sleek and refined bun.

Tribal accessory

Rope-like braids are simply styled and accessorized with a tribal forehead tiara.

Cone-style spiral braids

Stand out with spiraled braids fashioned into a cone shape.

Tribal ponytail

High ponytail from African braids coupled with tribal nose rings.

Spider pattern braids

Create a fishtail huge lines on your head and small braids patterned into a spider in the middle.

Short thick braids with highlight beads

Simple short African braids highlighted with a few beads.

Into a ponytail

A blend of large braids and tiny braids fashioned into a high ponytail.

Short curly hair

Loose braids style into a short-length hair.

Patterned rope-like braids

Make a rope-like braids designed in a zigzag pattern and cornrows.

Dreadlocks and braids

Style your hair with dreadlocks and braids, ending in curly tips.

Sleekly neat

Fashion your sleek hair with classic African braids and simple accessories.

Simple cornrows

Cornrow design is a neat style that is popular.

Side long braids

No need for a pattern, style your braids to be set to the side.

Shocking pink

Very short hair with braids is eye-catching in pink.

Rope-like braids

Your rope-like braids can be fashioned into a full bun, half-bun, or simply let loose.

Cornrows and large braids

Large braids look good when styled in cornrows.

Cornrow patterned pony

Create thick and tiny braids in a cornrow style and pull your braids up in a ponytail.

Amazing updo

With your large braids, create an updo that will add to your sophistication.

Effortlessly attractive classic braids

Classic African braids will never lose their attractive touch.

Mohawk heart patterned braids

Achieve a Mohawk look with patterned heart braids on the side of your head.

Corn colored braids

Simplicity in African braids is made more attractive with a corn colored shade.

Short braids

Cute little short braids with free flowing curly hair.


Centered small ponytail turned into long big braids.

Tiny braids updo

Create tiny braids and fashion into an updo leaning on the side.

Shoulder-length rope-like braids

A classic look from rope-like braids with your shoulder-length hair.

Spiraled cornrows

Distinctly patterned cornrows with spiraled braids.

Jumbo box

Jumbo box braids look amazing.

Layered ponytail

Rope-like braids turned into a layered ponytail in a redhead.

Artful braids and ponytail

Pull up your hair into a high ponytail and leave the front braids to be your side bangs.

Combined braids

Create separate braids and combine two braids in the lower part of your head.

Curvy cornrows

Make cornrows with large and small African braids.

Layered style

Traditional braids layered to form an inverted ponytail.

Updo and side bangs

With your braids, create  loose updo and let the front braids flow to the side of your face.

Short-haired braid with hair accessory

Create multiple rope-like braids and put on a hair accessory to accentuate the style.

Half updo, half flowing

Your perfect braids could use an upgrade by creating a bun with flowing hair at the back.

Distinct two hairstyles

Combine two hairstyles into your head. One circled loose bun and a ponytail made from braids.

Beautiful ponytail from colored braids

High ponytail made from braids looks incredibly exceptional with different shades.

Long Mohawk-style braids

Shave off the sides of your head and create a Mohawk style braids that is quite long.

Short sided braids

Cute small braids for short hair, especially when pulled to the side.

Patterned cornrows bun

Cornrows patterned small braids with big braids turned into a tight bun.

Zigzagged curls with braids

Let your beautiful curls cascade freely with simple braids on top.

Cornrows and rope-like braids

Underside ponytail made from rope-like braids in cornrows.


Small African braids separated in the middle of your scalp.

Messy ends

Small braids leaning on the side, with messy-looking curly ends.

Stylish cornrows 

Evenly spaced cornrows with braids left to flow at the sides.

Full-head patterned Mohawk style

Remarkable cornrows patterned throughout the whole head, with a Mohawk style braid.

Extra large braid

Super huge braid patterned into two buns with different colors.

Braids to loose bun

Cornrows with tight braids leading into a loose and messy bun.

One long braid

Pull your very long hair into a ponytail and create one long single braid.

Patterned sleek hair and braids

Create three braids and tightly sweep your sleek hair into a high ponytail.

Braid to unruly curls

Create one single braid and make a ponytail that is unruly with messy curls.

Braids with low bun

Cornrows braids leading to a lower bun.

Half up, half down braids

Create braids and turn half into a bun, and the other half lowered down.

Cornrows and straight hair

Make four cornrows braids on top of your head and let your straight side hair fall, with a high ponytail.

Braids and curls

Fashion two braids intersecting on the upper back of your head. Create a ponytail with messy curls.

Messy yet refined bun

Make two simple braids to accentuate the top of your head, and gather all your hair on top for a messy yet refined-looking bun.

Perfect cornrows sided braids

Design your braids with cornrows and sweep your braids to the side, styling one braid with colorful hair ties.

Braided tiara and pony

Create a tiara from your braids and make a ponytail for the rest of your hair.

Intersecting braids

Make small braids with intersecting braids updo.

Swipe to the right

Create a cornrow style and in addition, stylishly swept your braids to the right.

Small braids pulled back

Style your hair with small African braids and pull your braids back.

Simple cornrows

Loose cornrows for short hair of braids.

Long braids

Long braids are womanly attractive.

Bun from braids

Create  bun from your braids that flows.

Loose curls with cornrows

Braid your curly hair and make a loose ponytail.

Well-kept small braids

Create small braids that are neatly kept.

Shoulder-length rope-like pattern

Standout with your rope-like braids touching your shoulders.

Pink, brown and black combo

Look incredibly dashing with three colors for your braids.

Brownish blonde

Style your thin braids with brownish blonde.

Braids and full updo

Make large braids and combine them into one full updo.

Pulled back braids

Highlighted small braids that are pulled back.

Messy braids

A gothic look can be achieved through extremely messy braids.

Thin braids with beads

Style your cornrows braids with white beads.

Big rope-like braids

Style your crown of glory with huge rope-like braids.

Long two-toned braids

Create big braids with two colors for African braids.

Tiny braids

Tiny braids split in the side and allows to flow.

Long rope-like side braids

Fashion your hair into rope-like braids leaning to the side.

Crown of braids

Design a crown through your small braids.

Spiral rope-like braids

Create a spiral rope-like African braids and put a few hair accessories.

Classic braids

Classic style braids without hair design looks simple and elegant.

Star Wars inspired look

Look like Princess Leia in this classic two buns look.

Ombre braids

Half ombre braids looks great with short braids.

Long and shiny hair

Look like a celebrity with your shiny small braids.

Patterned cornrows with unruly curls

Style your hair with cornrows on top, and let the rest of your unruly hair look messy.

Huge fishtail

Turn your braids into a huge fishtail.

Thick to thin braids

Start your African braids as thick and rounded from the scalp, and lessen the size as the braid continuous until the end is thin.

Snow-covered braids

Create an illusion of a snow-covered African braids by styling your hair with a combination of dark blue and white hair color.

Fishtails and small braids

Style your hair with fishtails divided with small braids.

Thigh-length braided hair

Draw the attention of the people wherever you go with your African braids that rests in your lap.

Long braided side bangs

Fashion your braided long hair to create a side bangs.

Up and low

Gather the upper part of your braids into a simple knot at the back, and on the other hand, allow the side and back braids to fall freely.

Long thin braids

To clarify, the classic African braids without any hairstyle never loses its charm.

Unique hairdo design

Let your braided locks fall to your side throughout the front so you will have a sexy look.

Beauty in simplicity

The classic African braid style can be fashioned with simple distinctive accessories.

Unique beaded few bangs

You will definitely strike an awe to the crown with your braided hair and braided bangs. In addition, put on some beads beads.

Ribbon style braids

With your impeccable rounded braids, pull your hair up and tie them in the middle, creating a ribboned braided look.

Turban braids

Turn your braids into a turban and achieve a unique look.

Accessorized braids

Thick African braids will look great with few and many hair accessories. For example rings and beads.

Reddish pink

Your reddish pink locks can add to your appeal when you turn them into thick rounded braids.

Bumps and bun

Create your own style with your African braids that is turned into a few bumps and further headed for a bun.

Alien-tail-like braids

Your deep green colored hair can turn heads when styled with braids that above all looks like a tail from the another world.

Long and sleek

Create a rope-like style African braids that are compacted in the scalp with your long and shiny smooth hair.

Fake braided bangs

Your thick long hair can be braided and a make-shift bangs can be created, held by a headband on top.

V-shaped braids

A simple yet beautiful style of V-shape braids of two, conveniently resting on the sides.

Golden short braids

Long hair is not a requirement for African braids. Your golden locks can look alluring with classic braids.

Long ponytail of braids

Create a long ponytail from your cornrows of braids.

Perfect cornrows

Fashion perfectly done cornrows that leads to flowing big braids.

Sexy braids

Long flattened ponytail accessorized with hair ties and accessories.

Classic rope-like braids

The distinctive edges of this braid style is quite sexy for a long rope-like braid.

Shoulder-length traditional braids

Tightly-done braids look great on short lengths and different colors.

Big rope-like braids

Large rope-like braids swept to the side.

Golden brown cornrows

Patterned cornrows cascading braids in golden brown shade.


Cornrows leading to combined braids.

Crossed braids

Create a unique style of crossed braids.

Uniquely designed braids

Always go for unique designs in braids.

Side bangs braids

Attractive side bangs made from small braids.

Huge bun and beads

Fashion a huge bun on top with small braids on the front with beads.

Attractive long rope-like braids

Create side bangs from rope-like braids.

Cornrows to straight hair

Create cornrows that leads to straight flowing hair.