95 Bold Shaved Hairstyles For Women


If you are craving a bold hairstyle that also reflects a bad-ass personality, then you’ve come to the right place. Shaved hairstyles can be both intimidating and charming at the same time. Shaved hair reflects a very punk-rock style making it a very classy look. Shaved hairs are all the rage these days. From the celebrities on the red carpet to the models on Instagram are rocking this look with utter ease and elegance.

Shaved hairstyle comes in a lot of versions and styles. You can opt for the shaved hairstyle on any kinds of haircuts or hair lengths. You can shave your hair on any side or sides, whichever favors you the most. You can also choose to be playful with the colors, patterns, hair designs, and proportions just the way you like it.

Rocking a shaved hair isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! But the women who have the heart to try it out surely deserve and get the attention and praise they need for the standout allure of a shaved hairdo. Female celebrities like Rihanna, Kate Hudson, Keke Palmer, Angelina Jolie, etc have surely invited a big-time talk for their shaved head moments. So, let’s find you a shaved hairstyle that totally works you!

Blue Pixie Haircut With Shaved Sides

Over the most recent years, pixie haircut has taken a good spin on a edgy hairdo! You can get a pixie haircut and wash it with a blue shade and have you sides shaved. This look is surely hair goals and it looks so edgy, too!

shaved hairstyles for women


Under-shaving is pretty popular among both men and women. It gives the shaved vibe to the hair, restraining the super strict shaving. The pink bob as shown in the picture is partitioned on the side that has an undercut to it. It looks totally achievable!

On a Bushy Hair

As I mentioned earlier, the shaved hair goes along with any kinds of hairs and patterns, too! Here a short and tightly curled hair with a bushy effect is shown. The hair is undercut given a star-like pattern. The given design actually help the whole shaved head accentuate more.

A Line Shave

Who doesn’t love curls right? You can keep the top-half of your head full of big curls and start the shaved portion from the mid-section of the head. This look is super easy to carry and the lines show off the cool shade of the hair.

An Inverted Lotus

As I said earlier, the shaved hairs can be given any kinds of patterns and designs. Here, the top end of the hair is shaved that looks like an inverted lotus flower! This is one of the most creative shaved hair designs of all time. You gotta love it!

Shaved Side On Asymmetrical Bob

Bobs are the new talk of the town. They look very classy and stylish. Bob with a shaved side is all you need to walk out that door and feel confident and fierce. The brown undertone really goes very well with the blonde highlight. You should definitely try this hairstyle for a change.

Short Layered Hair

Next up we have a short layered hair with cool ash tones. Here, the ash hue really comes out together with the layers and the undercut down below. This is a signature hairdo of Ruby Rose, the Batwoman!  


Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how stunning this hairstyle looks! The blonde cornrows fall from the top of the head leaving the sides of the front shaved cleanly. This look has a great potential for leaving people in awe!

Side and under Cut

One of the most poplar hairstyles that is easy to manage and go along with is definitely a short hair with trimmed sides and back. The side cut and the undercut bring out a flashy element to the whole outlook.

Back Bob

Another cool example of shaved hair goes to the fascinating and flowing back bob with one side shaved. This actually is a great hairstyle for young women with medium size hair. First, get a nice stacked bob, then get a side shave to standout from the crowd.

Very Short Black Pixie

Pixie haircut seems to do all the favors for a short hair. Yo can get a pixie haircut on placed on the very top and shave your hair all around your head. This look is the rock-bottom of the shaved hairs to make you look edgy and punk-alike! 

On a Faux Locs

Getting a faux locs has become a great trend to follow these days. You can get these locs and look more dashing with one side shave. If you want a fierce look once and for all, then this will be a perfection for your persona!

Vintage Mix

The perfect mix of a vintage classic hairstyle and a punk-rock shaved hairstyle. The floppy curled pouf on the top of the head is accompanied by an all-round shave. The bold makeup accentuates the presentation of the whole look. Are you ready to try out this winning combo of a hair?!

Shaved Side On a Long Hair

Even the longest of hairs can have a fling of affair with a shaved side. The shaved side comes out really well with a long hair, doesn’t it? To get the same effect, try out the Gothic makeup texture and accessories. 

Caramel Bob and Undercuts

Caramel is a rich shade that actually brings out any skin tone in the spotlight. I am loving this hairstyle with a short and edgy bob and side undercut. You can get the same doble lines for a slightly extra look.

Anime Inspo

Next in the line we have an anime inspired shaved haircut. The long brown hair is given a side shave in a beautiful design that seems to look like a stylish blade with two sharp ends. As sharp the blade is, the whole hair look seems to be equally sharper, too!

Shaved hair on a Bun

For a slight change of style this season, yo can add an undercut to the shaved sides of your hair. I really love this look as it shows off the face and the whole hairstyle without any kinds of disturbances. Add a high pony or a bun as shown in the picture to show the shaved hair perfectly.

Long Beachy Waves

I am absolutely digging the combo of the long beachy waves and the shaved hair on the sides. You can either shave both the sides or leave it only on one side. This fade haircut will effortlessly flaunt your long beachy waves, for sure!

Space Buns

Space buns are pretty cool when it comes to kids and teenagers. If you wanna adopt a shaved hairstyle, then get a zig-zag patterned shave and let it show off by coiling up rest of the hair into two small space buns! This hairdo is a perfect combo of a childhood memory and punk rock style.

Criss Cross Shave

You can get a back shave on a side swept bob to look fascinating. If you think that the plain shave style is a bit boring for you, then you can go with a criss-cross pattern like shown below. The two intersecting lines look so simple but it also takes the hair into a whole another level.

Shaved Hair Designs

Another piece of art! I know  that we usually don’t look at the back of the head but this shaved hair design is unmissable, isn’t it? The design lies inside a triangle shaped ring giving a splendid vibe!

Trimmed and Shaved

This is another very popular shaved hairstyle that includes a shaved side on a finely trimmed hair. Go with this haircut if you are looking for a go-to hairstyle as it is easy and super manageable!

ultimate Side Sweep

This hair-look is another marvelous shaved hairstyle for women. The boring tousled feathers need a break sometime and at those times a shaved hair comes in handy. Turn all the heads with this great side sweep hair.

Pink Braided Bun

The pattern of the shaved hair in this picture looks like water bubbles placed on the nape. The pink braid is coiled up into a beautiful bun which makes the shaved design more visible and glance-worthy. To get the same effect you can either choose the same shade or go with other vibrant shades depending on your choice.


Full Head Shave

If you have a perfectly round head, then you should definitely catch up with the ongoing trend that is: the shaved head. To give your hair little tweaks, you can add a edgy ‘S’ like pattern to the shaved hair.


Half Shaved Hair

Another rocking version of the shaved hair is the half shaved hair! This hairstyle looks great on any face types and gives the face a deep frame, too. Here, only the half of the head is shaved leaving the top finely trimmed only.

Blondie Shaved Hair

One sided shave on a blonde hair might be a great transformation to the blondies out there! The peach blonde hair with a darker undertone looks so contrasting yet still complementing each other. Dye your hair blonde and shave a side for an amazing look.


Long, Pink Pixie

Another chic pixie cut which is painted by the most vibrant pink color is the one to opt for! The semi-shaved sides and back has a slight hint of pink hue too that makes this look marvel worthy! Here, the sides are given a subtle touch of triangular patterns that yo might want to try, too!

Interesting undercuts

Every hairstyle has a story to tell and so does this interesting hairstyle! The beautiful curls are added with an interesting undercut design that looks like a Mandala pattern . Try out this hairstyle for a change gals. I promise, you won’t regret it!

Shaved Hair for a Bridesmaid

Who knew that a bridesmaid style could be a shaved hair, right? If yo are a bride or a bridesmaid to be, yo can go with this side shaved hairdo and still have all the eyes on you!

Short Red Hair

For a flashy look of your hair, you can color your hair with a very pigmented red color and get a mahogany haircut. Then, shave your hair giving it a dragon flap design and rock the stage! 



If you are planning to get a side shave and a bob haircut, then yo might as well think of highlighting your hair. Highlights bring out all the charms in a woman’s hair.

Double Lined

Shaved patterns in women’s hair is always an artistic thing to watch. You can get double line cut underneath the big tank of curls and get the chic look you’ve always opted for!


Neon Green Color

The use of a neon green color on the hair has accentuated the whole vibe of a mohawk hairstyle. The colors have worked best for the short hair and has covered the style in a perfect way. Yo should definitely dare to adopt this shade for once.

High Pony And Razor Cuts

Yet another stylish shaved one side hair! The high pony and the front falling bangs really do justice to the whole outlook. The dark black makeup gives a gothic vibe and the side design portrays a firework design.


Spikes look great with the addition of shaved hairstyle on both men and women. Here, her short and sharp spikes are colored in a cool ash tone that gives the whole hairdo a very refreshing take. You gotta fall for this at once!

Auburn Pink Hair

This whole outlook serves as a pretty cos-play hair. The auburn hair as a whole is highly pigmented and the shaved side with multiple linings are also colored in a faint pink-ish hue. You should try this hairstyle for a certain occasion.

Fade Haircut

Even among the celebrities, the fade haircut has been very very popular. Here we have a fade cut on a medium size hair length with a half shaved side. Get this look to change the MOOD of your hair.

Edgy Hair

Shaved hair can also be paired up with an edgy looking haircut. This look is made more glamorous by the dark red lipstick.

Natalie’s Hairdo

The Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer wears a side swept blonde hair with a cleanly shaved side. Not only does this haircut favors her style, but it also influences a lot of women to get a fade haircut.

Tousled Hair

The short version of tousled hair looks great with a shaved side.

Chestnut Hair

Color your hair with a chestnut color to brighten up your whole look and get quarter half of your hair shaved to get the charming aura.


Long Bangs

The long and straight bangs go hand in hand with a shaved hair. Get a bob with long bangs and get ready to rock this look!

Black Beauty

Just another red-carpet shaved hair look for you to try out any day! The black waves look so amazing on her skin tone. I am in awe of this look!

Female Fade Haircut

This is the trending haircut in today’s world as it is super convenient and awe-worthy. Highlight your hair with a soft pink shade to get the exact fade haircut.

Caramel Noodles

This hairdo literally looks like caramel colored noodles placed on the top of the head. The thick curls are the way to go for any season, and anytime of year. Try out this hairstyle with some patterns of shaved hair.

Ash Pixie

Another refreshing take on the shaved hairstyle for women is the cool ash colored pixie haircut. This hairstyle looks great on a woman with pale complexion and will favor any face shape.

Clean Cut

Rather than getting designs, you can simply go for a clean shave on either side of your hair and look like a rock-star any day!

Curled Bob

A pink-colored curled bob and an undercut shave will not hurt no one, gals. Go get a vibrant hairstyle to turn the tables.

Spike-y Mohawk

The rose gold colored mohawk has a very spike-y element to it. The rose color makes the hair look amazing along with the combo of side shaved hair. I am loving this style!

Barbie Pink Hair

This is another ideal example of a pixie cut with a ashy shaved side. The contrast of two cool tones makes her hair-look very catchy and edgy.

Silver Blonde with Braids

Silver blonde is a strong and stunning hair color that favors all the women with short hair. Here, the hair is braided beautifully upwards and the rest is left shaved.

Bald Cut

Going completely bald is a challenge but it surely is also more beautiful than you think. I realize that it is a big step; but also a worthy one at the end. Draw attention to your look with the help of colors and makeup like in the picture below.

Hot Pink And Black Hair

I am digging this hairstyle as it looks so bad-ass and the two contrasting colors: pink and black go justice to her whole face and outlook.

French Braid

To make your side shave more stylish, you can add a french braid right up where the shaved hair portion starts. You will love this style!

Voluminous Hairs

Long and voluminous hair looks very charming on any woman but with a simple twist like a shaved side can totally take the same voluminous hair on the next level, girls!

Bowl Cut

Bowl cuts are usually very boring and dull, but with a simple shave on both the sides can take a bowl cut to a whole new place. Change your old fashioned bowl cut into a fancy-looking shaved cut! 

Short Mohawk Cut

A mohawk cut goes a long way on any blonde hair. Shaved sides look gorgeous all the way.

Purple Hair

Being playful with the colors was never a bad idea, nor will it ever be one! Paint your hair with this spring color on the top of an undercut and slay the hairstyle all the way. 

Asymmetrical Long Hair

Gosh! I am in awe of this hairdo because it looks so amazing with the half side shave! Get this hairdo on long or medium lengths to get the similar effect.

Heart Design

Here, the shaved side is given a very unique and flashy design that is the heartbeat followed by a red heart. This hairstyle can actually prove to be a great over-the-top style. 

Crazy Designs

I wouldn’t miss on the extra dramatic designs for my shaved hairdo.

Neon Purple

Neon colors bring out any kinds of styles on the hair because of its pigmented matte finish. You can get an under shave with galaxy patterns and tie your hair up in a bun for a great view.


Scarlett’s Shaved Hair

She is one fine woman who can literally pull off any designs and styles of hair.

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Plain Side Shave

For an astonishing look, you can get the plain side shave haircut. This hairstyle is plain and effortless.

Curls And Side Shave

Some bold auburn curls on the top of your head is what you need for this season. To give it a slightly different and striking effect, go for an undercut on both the sides. It doesn’t just look cool; it exudes high class, too!

I hope you fond some hair shaving inspo from this article. Let us know in the comment section below which shaved hairstyle is your favorite. Choose a shaved hair that reflects your personality and that flatters you the most. Happy styling ladies, xx!