Nostalgic Vibes: 75+ Throwback Hairstyle Of The 90’s


From the hit series ‘Friends’ to another hit teen romantic flick ‘Clueless.’ The ‘90s was a pop culture clash from the remainders of the ’80s. It was indeed a playful decade obsessed with anything oversized or over-undersized things. So, here we are celebrating how it contributed to the hairstyles trending today. We rounded up the nostalgic hairstyles of the ’90s. Maybe you should dig your old CD’s to watch the ’90s fav sitcoms.

Rachel Green’s Haircut

It wasn’t just the fact that the ’90s comedy sitcom ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ was absolutely hilarious that made it one Hollywood’s best. Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel Green’ character debuted the shoulder-length, layered haircut that took the hairstyle industry by storm. She quickly became a fashion icon as the sitcom reached the incredible success on its first season.

For years as the sitcom continues, more celebrities not only a legion of copycats snagged her look. They also gave it different touches. Her According to Aniston’s hairstylist for the show, the key to achieve a face-framing hairstyle is staying true to your mane’s natural texture. Rachel’s well-put-together hair isn’t much of a thing nowadays, but her naturally frizzy, extremely thick and wavy hair is currently on the waves!

90s Hairstyles

Accent Braids

The comeback of this hairstyle doesn’t really surprise me. It’s a popular boho fashion in the ’70s that reappeared in the ’90s. It’s one of the simple additions to any basic hair-down look, so it doesn’t have to be boring. The accent braids are meant to be messy and were styled purposely as flowing side braids on its first comeback. 90s Hairstyles

And with all the barely-there trend all over the red carpets, there are easy tweaks to take this classic style to a new level. Emma Roberts and Cara Delevingne’s hairstyle were tiny three-strand braids adhered as a cornrow from the crown of the head, following down to the hairline and then to the back of the ear where the braid hung loose. We will surely see more of this ’90s hairstyle. So, give it a go!

Flip-over Hair

Moving the favorite sky-high ponies to the side gives way to the naturally flirty hairstyle of the ’90s. Only the ’90s has a hair flip been that intentional in a way that makes the entire effortless look so flattering. The deep-part hair flip was certainly a big part of the ’90s modern day girl. It is frequently remembered to be flipped to the side as a natural reaction whenever you see your crush. The look is laid back but flirty at the same time! 90s Hairstyles

There are ways to make a simpler incarnation of the style. For straight hair, you may transform it into subtle waves or with a little bend. Got thin hair? Use shampoos that boost volume and overall body. It’s important because the style is all about texture and movement which thin hairs lack. A tousling spray is also pretty handy if you want that “undone” vibe. It helps bring the texture regardless if your hair strands are thick or thin.

90s Hairstyles

Tight Curls

Julia Roberts and Maria Carey are probably the most notable celebs on bouncy ringlets. It’s among the all-too-familiar hairstyles we’re seeing down the runways as a kid (if you’re a ’90s kid, of course.) Just looking back at how we use to fancy the hairstyle, it gives all kinds of nostalgic feels! Just when we thought this ’90s hairdo made a cut but came too short. Jess Glynne’s huge halo of curls proves it wrong. Her luscious locks are so fire! Come to think of it. It’s versatile and easy to play with. All it takes is keeping the curls in good condition. You can match it with almost any style of outfit and makeup. My favorite is pairing it with round sunglasses.

Hair Tendrils

Many can agree that this ’90s trend deserves a warm welcome in 2018 after Kendall Jenner rocked it in at Tony Awards. The tendrils can simply turn any hair texture to a variety of sexy, carefree looks. From street style to Instagram photos to formal events, it can add fire to any style. It’s no longer an excess hair hanging as a result of a rushed ponytail or bun.

In 2018, tendrils are style weapons to slay looks. Beyonce’s take on the ’90s trend, however, is sprucing up her massive, messy bun with cascading tendrils from the back.

You can copy Cardi B’s low ponytail and one curly tendril. It looks hip and sexy. If you like a bit of splash of fiery hues like Bella Thorne’s, wear a French twist bun with red wavy tendrils swooped to one side.

Multiple Mini Twisted Buns

If you are a fan of ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’ or if you’re a ‘No Doubt’ fan, chances are you’ve seen Gwen Stefani’s twisted mini buns during the band’s heydays. Okay, her’s are more like “hair clumping.” But, let’s face it, Stafani’s mini buns officially ruled the 90s. Back then, they dig this look! Punks and punk wannabes even went as far as dipping their cute buns in candy colors!

Fast forward, any millennial re-living the style? I see them more on kids donned with colorful elastics or scrunchies. Believe it or not, Miley Cyrus brought this hairstyle back from the ’90s grave, and she rocked it! If you like the style without looking like a five-year-old, you can style it in two way. Create the cute mini low buns. Twisted minnies near the nap of the neck look more adult. Or you may snatch some inspo from Bantu knot-outs, with just three mini buns instead.

90s Hairstyles

The Pineapple Ponytails 

High ponytails are far from the possibility of stepping down the hairstyle trends. It’s one of the favorite go-to hair-fix because of its versatility. Among the most iconic hairstyles is Topanga Lawrence’s super high ponytail. In the ’90s, the “Girl Meets World” actress was adored by the ponytail she rocked! It’s the perfect pony for the very long hair. 

Back in its heydays, the super wide scrunchies are trendy on ponytails. Topanga’s pony was such a hit the style was even named after her. Hands down to this sweet hairstyle, it’s already given an updated version for today. Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, Arianna Grande, and Khloe Kardashian freshen up the old trend and ‘slayed’ it minus the giant scrunchies.

Pink Hair Or Pink Highlights

From Gwen Stefani’s full-head neon pink hair to Drew Barrymore’s bubblegum pink waves to Christina Aguilera’s hot pink highlights. Pink Hair is never just a millennial sensation. Right before Kim K and Kylie Jenner surged the Instagram with their dusty-pink locks, the pink hair craze was already a sensation in the ’90s. After the year 2000, we’ve seen more celebrities rocking all shades of pink! Katy is among those hair chameleons. She went from peachy-pink, hot pink to ombre pink!

Flower Hair Accessories

Many celebrities in the ’90s donned their floral accessories. But, none matches Drew Barrymore’s take on daisy and sunflower crowns. She ‘slayed’ floral hair clips back in the day when she appeared in the red carpet armed with her vintage-inspired bob. Her fairy-for-the-day style reached a major beauty milestone in the ’90s. It became a high demand for weddings and festivals, and up to this day, it still is.

Jeweled Hair – ’90s Hair Bling

For some reason, the ’90s had a serious obsession with magical fairytale glitz to the point of adding jewels onto the hair. Okay, given that it was the era of truly bizarre wardrobe choices, a full hair filled with bling is another thing. Hair swirls were a big hit for some girls when they wanted a little extra sparkle on proms or even regular days. Grudge Rock icon Courtney Love stepped out her goth look and went for blue gems all over her hair.

High Pig Tails 

Baby Spice of the famous girl ’90s pop group ‘Spice Girls’ is the most iconic in this hairstyle. As we all know, each of the Spice Girls had their own distinctive look. Baby Spice is known for her love of girly outfits and all things super-cute, which includes embracing the pink hair trend and pigtails!

Since her style penetrated our awareness, we learned that we don’t have to be a school-goer to sport high pigtails. It is also worth the mention that these were worn with oversized scrunchies, multi-colored elastic bands, or ball hair ties! To be honest, I am not seeing these high pigtails to make a comeback as an all-age hairstyle. But, who knows?

The Crimped Waves

Basically, it’s the equivalent of a zig-zag perm that we know today. Crimped hair was more than just a hairstyle trend it was the epitome of the pop culture, —definitely a fun memory from the 90s! Both Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears became trendsetters of this hairstyle.

It was one of the ‘messy’ hairstyles that blend well with natural waves. We have recently noticed the ’90s crimped hair trend all over the runways! However, the look may not make the cut because it relies so much on heating tools whereas women are now taking care of their hair.

Half Curly, Half Straight

Would you believe that curly and straight hairs can share the same home? No, you’re not a freak. It’s totally normal to have a mix of curls and stiffies on one head. However, the ’90s, being quirky coming-of-age took it way too seriously. Britney Spears and Melissa Joan Hart sported this weird haircut. Surprisingly, fans grew up donning the hairstyle too!

Box Braids

If you’re obsessed with an iconic ‘90s style, you know box braids define the ’90s hip-hop culture. These thick, rope-like braids never left its reign since the day it was created. It has always been and will stick around as a trendsetter. From Janet Jackson to Brandi, they are dope! The good thing about box braids is you can always think outside of the box. Think of it as an artwork. In the world of fashion, art is what makes it a trend.

In 2018, box braids went beyond than just long lengths, not just the infamous half-up, half-down ‘do. The most trendy box braids today are the space buns box braids (which I also mentioned about double buns.) But, my favorite is perhaps the defiantly modern style of box braids, — the box braid bob. It’s ultra chic, edgy and universally flattering. You can choose to color it up to give it a splash of funk vibe. Currently, burgundy and cool tones are the fav colors for this ’90s hairstyle.

Flipped Out Bob

Here’s another hairstyle with the ’90s nostalgia. And will, again, remind you of Drew Barrymore. Unlike the original bob hairstyle, which ends are cut facing inwards or towards the face. Whereas the flipped out bob, the hair ends are cut facing outward. I’d say that this ’90s hairstyle perfectly flatters oval face shapes. The ‘Suicide Squad’ star Margot Robbie, gave her bob a fresh, sleek style update. She stepped out in New York City in a flipped-out, wet-look bob.

Double Buns Or Space Buns

Unlike Gwen Stefani’s alien-inspired twisted popovers the double buns look more feminine. I have to admit it’s an adorable throwback. And that’s because it’s ridiculously cool and easier to mix with another hairstyle. The ’90s sample above shows how quirky twin buns look so effortless on bouncy curls.

There are myriad of ways to personalize this ’90s hairstyle by incorporating it with braids. Yes, braids! Start by sectioning your hair into two pigtails to create your half-up double buns. Followed by forming two French braids back into them. You just updated an alien look into a cute boho style.

If you like the basic style of keeping your hair up, add dramatic tendrils. Leave some extra strands out and put the rest of your hair into double buns. I actually love the idea of securing the buns with gold bun cuffs for the ultimate expression of modern chic style.

Oversized Scrunchies

In the ’90s one popular accessory is used for low/high braids, French braids, high ponies, high side ponies, and giant pigtails. Even as simple as a topknot bun, —they are all held by oversized scrunchies. They come in different colors and sometimes, sewn differently. Of course, they need to look non-basic as an accessory. Are they making a comeback? They still exist today but are rarely used as a styling accessory for special occasions. They served and still serve a great purpose. For all its worth, we are only waiting for one celebrity to slay in these on the red carpet.
Just when you think there are no more celebrities who’d slay this scrunchies, —wrong, Selena Gomez and Jasmine Sanders did. So, here’s pro tip in making this trendy, stick to a monochromatic look. Meaning, your giant scrunchies and your outfits should all be same color.

Butterfly Clips

The butterfly clips were among the coolest fashion statements around. Maybe because back then, fairy stories were at its utmost popularity? The fierce clips also popped up on red carpets events! Mila Kunis wore a tiny butterfly on her medium-length tight curls, while Hilary Duff on Lizzie Mcguire had her butterflies clinging on her multiple mini ponies!

With the resurgence of ’90s fashion, I’ve seen a few rocking these ’90s trend. On the recent Coachella festival, the butterfly clips were present to spice things up. There are three cute hairstyles you can steal to incorporate butterfly clips without making you look like an 8th grader. The first one is a three-part inverse ponytail, and then, fill it with mini butterfly clips. The second is a chignon ponytail, while the third is a bohemian yarn braid.

The Super Wide Headbands

Do you remember that wide and stretchy stuff your mom wears while trying to follow aerobic moves on the TV? Well, it helps keep the irritating hair away from the face during a workout. But, in the ’90s, the unnecessarily wide headbands are worn with at least some kind of hair poking out the front. And no, they aren’t comparable to the ’60s bandana that you literally wrap around your head and tie its ends at the crown.

If you want to create some nostalgia without looking like you’ve stepped out of a 90s aerobics video, avoid these; Letting your hair down, and tying a pony or bun with scrunchies. Instead, pair your headband with a sleek, sophisticated hairstyle that will give the ’90s trend an honorary tribute.

Side Ponytail

We are not done yet with the ponytails, but I promise, this ’90s hairstyle is different from the other ponytails. Although the side ponytails began in the ’80s, it was more popular in the ’90s. It’s a school girl’s funky hair-do with the help of a matching scrunchie.

Maria Carey made headlines when she donned a perky high side pony. The way she sported it gives out a sweet vibe which many women mimicked. I don’t see anyone pulling off the pony, —not even teenagers. Unless you have beautiful micro-braided hair, side ponytails would be fun.


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