77 80s Hairstyles to Make You Nostalgic This Season!


The ’80s were a great time for both fashion and hairstyles. People experimented with their looks a lot, and both the classic and freestyle hairstyles were seen in the 80s. If you were young in the ’80s, you know that those were the best days for funky hairdos. There were lots of hairsprays, and it was all about keeping it new and fresh. Textures, curls, and waves; all with tonnes of volume were a thing in the ’80s. Everyone was rocking these stunning hairstyles and looking oh so beautiful and carefree.

The great thing about fashion and hairstyles are that they always manage to come back around in time. Hairdressers are reusing some of these hairdos and being worn by multiple celebrities. These hairdos can be recreated to be worn in a costume party or even be worn as it is. If you were an 80’s kid, get ready to feel the nostalgia creeping in on you, for we have the most popular and stunning hairstyles from that era compiled here. Check out the 77 80’s hairstyles from this article and recreate them to relive your youth.

The colorful bandana:

The bandanas were a big thing in the ’80s. Merely wearing a colorful bandana over your bangs was a style statement back in the day. But hey who says we can’t redo it now? Kate Hudson has worn this look multiple times in recent years.

80s hairstyles

Curly headbands:

The curly headbands are another staple 80s hairstyles accessories. Multiple times it has been worn over curly hair to add dimensions to the whole hairdo. Sarah Jessica Parker showed off her curls with this hairdo back in the day.

Madonna Inspired look:

The great Madonna has inspired this hairdo. The big hair and the bow-tie headband look is as stunning now as it was then. She wore this hairdo in a lot of her music videos.

Another Madonna inspired hairdo is this one with lots and lots of volumes. This hairdo was trendy, and it looked glamorous on her.

The straight spike:

This hairstyle is very wild and funky. The straight hair look was famous as one of the most fashionable 80’s hairstyles ever. 

Short hair:

This short hair look was trendy in the ’80s. This look is simple, and the layers in the hairdo make it so much more attractive. We can see this hairdo make a comeback in the coming days for sure!

Glammed up:

This hairdo is a perfect choice for people with straight, thick hair. This has a ton of volume and looks very glamorous and spicy! This hairdo is still being worn to clubs by lots of women. Naomi Clark has worn this hairdo effortlessly.

Front hair:

This falls under one of the ’80s hairstyles that we do not want to be revived into the new era. This hairstyle is not flattering for any hair texture or length and surely is not advisable for anyone.

Short hairdo:

This hairdo is another one that we don’t recommend. It sure is funny to see this hairdo, but this hairstyle should not be recreated in today’s times at all.

Paula Abdul:

Paula Abdul popularized this hairdo in the ’80s, and it looked very glamorous on her. She wore this look in her ‘straight up’ music video.


This hairdo is adorable and looks perfect for teenagers. This falls under the still relevant category of the ’80s hairstyles. The bangs and curls are very feminine and young.

Scarf in hair:

This is one of the most iconic ’80s hairstyles that one can think of. The veil in hair look was wildly popular and was worn by many stylish celebs of the time. To this day, it can be seen dressed in costume parties!

Carey Mulligan:

Carey Mulligan has been seen wearing this cute pixie haircut and has made it look very effortless. This look is perfect as it is hassle-free and still looks oh so beautiful.

Short waves:

This hairstyle is perfect for short hair. This ’80s hairdo was extraordinarily voluminous and looked very glam. The big hair trend was prevalent, and this is one such instance of the pattern.


The ’80s hairstyles sure did require a hell lot of hairsprays. This hairstyle looks as if it came on to life after lightning struck the hair! This look surely has not made the rounds over the years.


This hairstyle was so glamorous back in the day. This mullet has a very high top, and we can see the use of a lot of backcombing and hairspray in this one too.

Spiral curls with bangs:

This hairstyle is a thing of the past. There are perms in this hairstyle, and the bangs in front add to the whole look.  The hits are straight, and it is very contrasting to the perms.

Debbie Harry’s hairstyle:

This hairstyle is perfect for blonde hair color. Debbie Harry sported this hairstyle, and she looks breathtaking in this look. This hairstyle has made rounds in the fashion world multiple times.

Short and spiky:

This short hairdo is very daring and bold. The hairstyle looked so amazing and was quite popular in the ’80s. This can still be worn with some manipulations in the hairdo. This fluffy and voluminous hairdo looks stunning.

Big Mohawk:

This look is so fierce and fiery that we can’t keep our eyes off from it. The shaved sides add so much flair to the whole look, and the curly hair on top has added volume to the hairstyle.

Janet Jackson’s hairdo:

Janet Jackson’s hairstyle has inspired so many people to try on this look. This is one of her most iconic looks. The big hair was trendy, and she knew how to rock it.

Side braids:

The classic look seems never to die out. This look was birthed in the ’80s and still has not gone out of style. This look is cute and is perfect for teenagers for a day out.


This short haircut has longer hair layers in the front, and the layers get short as we reach the back. This hairstyle looks great and is as trendy now as it was back in the day.

Long hair:

This is another classic addition to the ’80s hairstyles. The longer hair with slight curls was worn by many women back in the day. This long hairstyle seems very easy to carry and is sure to remind you of your youthful days.

The Bump:

This is a great hairstyle that is still very popular today most probably because it is so sophisticated and beautiful. It is very classy and is very easy to recreate. The long flowy hair with the bump looks great on long hair.

The top bangs:

The bangs on the top of this hairstyle add so much flair. This was one of the popular ’80s hairstyles. The bangs styles up top sure needed a lot of hairspray and patience.


This hairstyle was trendy in the ’70s and ’80s. The headbands and the braids are a classic look. This is still a fashionable look, and it has been worn by many celebs in recent days too.

Jennifer Grey:

Jennifer Grey made this big hairstyle famous during her Dirty Dancing days. Her massive curly hair in the movie added to the long hairstyle look. This is a perfect instance of bulky ’80 hairstyles.


This short hair was a classic look of the ’80s. This big bulky hairstyle has a lot of volumes on top and looks very chic. It has a powerful blow out vibe and is cute.

Feather braids:

This look was trendy in the ’80s, and it has so much room for manipulations. It can still be worn with some minor changes to match the vibes of the day.

Bowtie headbands:

This is another excellent hairstyle and looks very cute. The curly hair has been pulled back and styles using a bowtie headband. This look was widely popular during the ‘80s and was adopted by many.

The big bangs:

This big bangs hairstyle looks so cute and amazing. This falls under the cutest of the ’80s hairstyles and is still very popular today. The hair color has added so much more depth and dimension to the look.

Soft romantic looks:

This sweet romantic look is one of our favorite looks from all the ’80s hairstyles. This look was trendy, and it still can be replicated to be worn today.


This hairstyle falls under the quirkiest of the ’80s hairstyles that we have seen.  We can all agree that the ponytails did get a bit out of control back in those days. This is one very crazy hairstyle that we don’t see getting revived.

Gotta love them curls:

Curls are hands down a look that never goes out of fashion. This big curly hairdo was trendy in the ’80s.

Hippie Hairdo:

This hippie hairstyle was a popular ’80s look. It looks very effortless and carefree and is still very relevant. Youths have been seen wearing a similar hairdo to music festivals these days.

Rockstar vibe:

This ’80s hairstyle is very daring and bold, to say the minimum. This hairstyle gives off a very rockstar vibe. The roots are darker with blonde hair color all over which is a classic look. There are short layers in the hair on top, which adds flair to the look.

This is another popular hair trend of the ’80s that we adore. It gave a relaxed rockstar vibe and was worn by a lot of celebs too back in the day. Iconic rockstars gave birth to these ’80s hairstyles, and we love it.


These gorgeous big bouncy curls are one of the classic ’80s hairstyles. The big bouncy curls are adding to the volume of the hair giving it a thick hair appeal.

The bangs on the forehead:

The ’80s hairstyles lookbook must be filled with a lot of such hair looks. The layered hair added dimension to the up top ponytail. The bangs were also a big hairdo trend and were followed by many.

Lady Diana’s look:

Princess Diana was no doubt the queen of short feathered hairstyles. Her short hair looks make most of the famous ’80s hairstyles. This classic look was soft and feminine, and it sure did suit her well.

Feathers again:

You surely must have seen a lot of feathered hairdos in the days of ’80s. This variation to the feathered hairstyle is one to look out for. This look has been worn by so many women over the years and is very stylish.

The mullet:

The mullet was one of the most bizarre ’80s hairstyles. Countless men and women sported this hairdo in the ’80s, and we surely don’t understand why. There was short hair on the top, and the rest was longer.

Big volume:

The hairstyle can be seen as an ’80s hairstyle. The big voluminous hairdo has so much height on top, and it is eye-catching. ’80s hairstyles surely were known for their big hair.

Waves all the way:

Waves were so popular back in the day and are still such an approved hairdo. There are big waves in this hairdo, and we love this look.

Big hair:

The ’80s hairstyles had a lot of volume in them. Big hair was certainly the rage back in the days, but this look seems to have gone a tad bit overboard. We see the use of a lot of hairspray in this one!


A simple separation can make all the difference in the way your hair looks. This middle parted look is fantastic and still is prevalent today. Ladies sure do love a hairstyle with a lot of volumes!

The scrunchie:

This side tied look is an excellent example of the ’80s hairstyles. The hair has been tied slightly, and it gives a very relaxed vibe.

This is another look completed with a scrunchie. This hairstyle has bangs, and the ponytail is tied up high in the crown. This was a young and vibrant hairdo sported by a lot of girls in the ’80s.

Tyra Bank’s look:

Tyra Bank made this one of the most popular ’80s hairstyles. The top model is known to have the latest of hairdos and turning them into a trend. This hairstyle must have reminded you of the days you tried to replicate her looks back in the days.


The ponytails in the ’80s were very different and funky. This sideways ponytail with braids gained a lot of popularity back in the days, but it looks bizarre and unflattering to us now.

Bowtie headband:

This particular hairdo was extremely trendy in the ’80s and was worn by countless celebs and other women as well. This gorgeous hairstyle is still stylish and is worn by lots of women.


This turned hair could only have been achieved by the use of a lot of hairsprays. The hard to achieve looks were trendy in the ’80s, and many followed this trend.

Sleek style:

This is another sleek pulled back hairstyle of the ’80s. Hair has been pulled back from the sides in a french braid, and the hairstyle has been completed with lots of hairsprays. The bangs have been left in a slanted fashion here for added dimension.

Braided hairdos:

The braided styles never go out of style. These braided looks were trendy ’80s hairstyles. Manu stylish ladies have worn this till now. Here the braids hang in the front, and it looks beautiful and unique.

Bold curls:

This hairdo has a lot of bright, big curls and these were all the rage back in the ’80s. Brooke Shields had a great way of wearing these curls, and we loved the soft, bold, loose curls on her.


This is one extravagant hairstyle that was worn in the ’80s. It has a lot of volumes as expected, and the braids on the side add to the look. The bold blonde hair color looks very well balanced with the hairstyle.


Back in the ’80s, many girls opted for a hairstyle like this. They cut their hair in multiple layers to add natural volume. The highlights added so much definition and depth to the hairstyle and were loved by many.


There is so much drama in this hairstyle. This hairstyle is great if you want to be that extra on an event. It is an all eyes on you sort of a look.

Punk rock:

This punk rock hairstyle has been trendy in the ’80s, but we don’t see it making a comeback anytime soon. This punk rock hairdo was stylish and taken as a hip hairdo.


These particular ’80s hairstyles were trendy and have managed to steal hearts even now. They had Bow ties of various colors and were very fashionable back in the day.


The headbands were all the craze in the ’80s. We get a very gym type vibe from this hairdo. Many sported this look back in the ’80s.

There is a wild and free-spirited side to this look, and it has a ruffled rough appeal to it.

A chic variation to this headband look has been presented here — a trendy look from the ’80s that are still being sported by teenagers to festivals till today.

Footloose hairdo:

Sarah Jessica Parker sported this look at her movie Footloose, and it became a rage among people. The hairstyle was made famous by her, and then it became the look of the ’80s.

Simple wave:

These pure waves and bangs were a thing of the ’80s. It is quite simple and looks very effortless.

The whale spout:

The whale spout was a famous ’80s hairstyle. It was called the whale spout because of the way the hair stood up and straight out. Demi Moore also wore this look in the ’80s.

Farrah Faucette look:

This feathered look was very famous in the ’80s. Farrah Faucette made this look so popular. She rocked this look. Being a bombshell of the time, she inspired many to wear this hairdo.

Another great hairstyle, this was very popular in the ’80s. The middle partition and the waves on the sides made this look so much more interesting. Farah wore this look multiple times and made it very popular among the crowd.

The absurd one:

This hairdo was considered wearable in the ’80s, and we cannot imagine why. Many people wore this hairstyle back then. We sure hope it remains in the absurd category of hairdos and doesn’t make it back.

The layered one:

There are many layers on this hairdo, and it was one of the most romantic soft hairstyles of the ’80s. This layered hairdo was considered to be very trendy. Many women followed this hairdo back in those days and you can spot them on old tv serials as well.

We are quite sure you have either found new inspiration for a hairstyle by now. The ’80s hairstyles were very versatile. There were so many great iconic looks that were birthed in that era. There were options for all textures and length of hair. The use of hairsprays to create a big voluminous look was a must in those days.

Though we shared some laughs looking at a few absurd looks of the ’80s hairstyles, most of these hairstyles can still make a comeback.  We cannot deny the fact that the ’80s was a great time for fashion, and the trends were extraordinarily fearless and fierce. What were your thoughts on these? Had you tried these hairdos back in the ’80s? Do let us know how you feel what you think about them here!

If you try on any of these looks, then you are sure to feel a bit funny about it! These are best left to be tried on themed parties. You can also reinvent them to make them look relevant to today’s times. We are sure you will take inspiration from here and come up with something for yourself. Being creative and active with these hairstyles can be the thing you do this summer!