109 Iconic ’60s Hairstyles to Jog Your Memory


Women in the ’60 experienced the decade of revolution and change; in music, politics and the society as well. As society changed, women began to experiment so much more with their hairstyles. The 60s hairstyles were inspired by the musicians, celebrities and even the First Lady of the time! No matter where the inspiration came from for these hairstyles, they looked very chic and stylish. They were very well styled and had an excellent girl vibe back in the day. Having said that one could also see that some of these hairstyles are making a comeback faster than a bullet!

Many celebrities and artists are wearing the hairstyles taking inspirations from the ‘60s. Rihanna, Zendaya and Judi Dench are the few that have sported great looks from the decade and managed to look great. The hairstyles are usually modified to match the fashion of the current generation. Hairdressers have constantly been recreating the looks with models for multiple magazine covers. The look that they recreate has enticed us to compile the iconic looks from back in the day. Here are 109 ’60s hairstyles to admire and even recreate.

Wedding day look

This elegant hairstyle is perfect for your wedding day or a special day. The volume on top and the hair jewelry made this look extra special.

60s hairstyles

Here is another look from the ’60s that women wore in weddings. The pinned up hair adds charisma to the whole look.

The finger wave

These waves are so alluring and captivating. To this day, the look is being remembered and reinvented in several ways.

Mind boggling hairdos

Back in the day, bigger was considered to be better than anything else. This gigantic hair is mind-boggling and is also a bit absurd!

Hair accessories

Hair accessories were widely used in the ’60s. The use of hair jewelry that had rhinestones in them was excessive.

The messy one

This shaggy haircut with big voluminous curls makes this look surprisingly interesting. This is perfect for the medium length of hair and has a very natural vibe.

Diane Sawyer’s hairstyle

This short, sleek hair is elegant and wearable to this day. Diane Sawyer has carried off this look with so much ease and class.

Braids and curls

Braids and curls are such a vibrant girly combination. This hairstyle is relevant to this day and is perfect for teenagers for a day out.

Twiggy’s hair

 British supermodel Lesley Hornby, also known as “Twiggy,” was the rage in the ’60s and ’70s. Her sleek pixie looks excellent with the minimal makeup and is wearable to this day.

Catherine Deneuve’s hair

Catherine is a French actress, model, and occasional singer that has donned so many popular hairstyles. The ’60s were a time of voluminous hairdos, and we adore it!

The bangs

This hairstyle is perfect for short hair. The bangs are framing the face, and the volume on top rounds up this look well.

Short pixie

Short pixie cuts are in trend since the early ’60s. This haircut has layers on them. This is still a beautiful haircut even now. You can get hair colors that compliment your skin tones to make this hairstyle even more attractive. Here are some color options for you.

Diana’s angelic looks

Diana Argon looks beautiful no matter what hairstyle she sports. Here are some hairstyle inspirations from the Glee actor.

Here she has styled her hair in slight curls on the ends, and the bangs frame her face very well.

She has short hair in this look, and the slight waves make this a very feminine look.

Here her hair color surprisingly steals the show. The darker roots and the blonde hair on the ends make this a very polished look.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn was an iconic personality, and so is this look of hers. Many have tried to recreate this look over the years. This look is an epitome of a feminine, elegant look.

This look is also glamorous, and we adore this alluring hairstyle. There are so many beauty gurus and YouTubers that have videos on how to recreate this look.

Getting this look sure required a lot of curls!

This picture of Monroe getting her locks curled is undoubtedly adorable.

Here are some looks inspired by Marylin Monroe and we love how it makes everyone look so sexy and glamorous.

Rihanna’s red hair

Rihanna is a style icon who has donned so many perfect hairdos. This is ’60s inspired hairstyle with bangs on the front and a cute headscarf that ties it all up. The red hair is very eye-catching.

Retro wedding

This is a classic example of ’60s hairstyles perfect for a wedding. This look has a very vintage vibe, and we can see this look making a huge comeback.

Victory Rolls

These pinned up rolls are a classic look of the ’60s. They added so much definition and edge to a simple look and had many variations.

’60s short hair

The ’60s hairstyles had one constant factor, and that was the glamorous touch added to each look. This hairstyle is perfect for all women with short, thin hair.

Everyday casual

Many hairdos are just natural and relaxed. Here are some laid-back hairstyles for you to wear every day.

This is perfect for the medium length of hair and has some minor waves throughout. You can add bangs for added flair to these casual looks.

Sarah Angius, a popular social media based beauty guru, created this casual high bun. You can wear this look casually, and the best part is that it is easy to recreate.

This layered hairstyle is so perfect. One can still wear this today and look fabulous. The bouffant surely never goes out of style.

The Queen’s way

Aretha Franklin was the queen of vocals and her hairstyles from back in the day map her life so well. A young Aretha wore this hairstyle, and we love how cute this is.

Hairstyles for long hair

Having long hair is beneficial in hairstyling cause there are so many things you can do with a long thick mane. This hairstyle is very appealing, and we love the hair band with the little white flower detail.

This is another look suitable for long locks of hair.

 Puffed up pigtails

This is a beautiful instance of ’60s hairstyles that we adore. There are bangs and the puff at the back styled with white ribbon detail. This a perfect look for girls with thin hair.

Thick hair

This long thick hair is a very classy and simplistic look from the ’60s. There are big flowy waves, and the deep side partition adds definition to the whole look.

Thin hair

This hairstyle is great for women with short hair. This hairdo with finger waves was very popular in the ’60s.

Pinup for short hair

Pinned up hair into victory rolls are one of the most popular ’60s hairstyles. This look is worn in so many movies that were made to show the decade of the ’60s.

There used to single or multiple rolls of hair, to sum up, this vintage look.


We love this classy wavy hairstyle and how it frames the face. This look is worn by celebs to recreate the chic and glam vibes of the ’60s.

Dark hair

This hairstyle is very simplistic and is worn nowadays too. The layers here frame the face very well.

Stacked up

There are so many layers in this hairstyle. These stacked up layers add so much volume and depth to this look.

Bowl haircut

The bowl haircut was famous in the ’60s. This look has so many sharp lines, and it still manages to manage to look soft and comfortable.

 The ravishing one

Brigitte Bardot wore this hairstyle in the movie Ravishing idiot. This look became very popular, and many women tried this look on themselves.

Her hairstyles were always very glamorous, and this picture proves it.


The sixties were a time for sleek, classy hairstyles that had a very feminine touch to them. Ribbons and headbands styled many ’60s hairstyles. Here are some looks to inspire you.

This look has a very young vibe to it, and the black and white stripes in this headband make it extra special.

This look is very romantic and flirty. The golden ribbons with the bow make the perfect accessory.

Very short hair

Women opted for short hairstyles as a liberating hairstyle in the ’60s, and we can see this look sported by many nowadays too. This is a timeless look that never dies out.


Tied back

This relaxed hairstyle takes literally a matter of minutes. Try it when you want to keep the hair away from your face.


This is an effortless hairstyle and is perfect for the medium length of hair. The slight waves add some texture to the hair.

Hair jewelry

This big bun hairstyle is pulled back, and we love the use of hair jewelry here. The big hair makes this an excellent look for events.
This is another soft hairstyle with hairpins as hair jewelry. There is some volume on top paired with the waves, all of which adds a romantic touch to the look.


In the ’60s there was extensive use of flirty and fun scarves to tie up a look. There were so many ways that ladies styled their hair with scarves back then that are still trendy.

The v-shaped bob

The generous volume at the back of this bob is giving us major hair goals! The hair color makes this look immensely attractive.

Very ’60s

The ’60s were a golden decade for elegant hairdos, and it is quite evident with this image.

Pin curls

Women have used things available at home to create DIYs that work for them. You can get these vintage ’60s curls with small pins available at the comfort of your own home!


This look has so much panache to it even though it is quite simple. This is a beautiful ’60s hairstyle, and we love all the waves here.

Choppy short hair

This short choppy hairstyle is trendy this day. You can see how funky and youthful this short haircut is.

The bouffant

The ’60s were a decade of wonderful bouffants. There are so many variations to this hairstyle, and we love this pulled back look. This look is very flirty and stylish.

Major ’60s vibe

These are some chic and elegant ’60s hairstyles, and these are very well recognized.

Boho Braids

This is a perfect Bohemian inspired braided hairstyle. The braids look great with the free-flowing hair, and the headband adds details to the look.

Chic updo

This chic updo makes this a perfectly ladylike look. This look is very well put together and can be worn to events even now.


Headbands were widely used as a hair accessory in the ’60s hairstyles. Headbands of various colors and sizes were used to accentuate a look.

Half up beehive

This half up half down beehive was birthed in the ’60s. The beehive was much bigger then. You can add as much volume to the beehive as you want. This is an excellent look for teens for a day out.

The classic updo

This is one of the classiest ’60s hairstyles, and we love the elegant vibe of the hairdo. You can wear this to any formal event.

Waves for occasion

This hairstyle had so many waves and was made famous by black women. This is a perfect wedding day hairdo.

The Afro

Afro was made popular by the music videos back in the ’60s and then went out of fashion. But we have seen Afros make a strong comeback nowadays.

Cute hairstyle

This cute hairstyle has so many layers, and we love the blonde hair color. This is an exquisite choice for women over 40.

Virna Lisi

Virna Lisi was a classic Italian beauty. Her short wavy hair with outward turning ends make this a very dreamy look.

Retro look

Bouffants are famous hairstyles of the ’60s. The bouffant gave a retro vibe and was remastered many times to meet today’s fashion needs.

French Twist with a twist

Here the French twist is carefully pinned up into a beehive sort of a bun, and we love how hassle-free this look is.


Elizabeth Taylor is a timeless beauty, and we love how she elevates this simple look too. This is one of her ’60s hairstyles, and it is captivatingly beautiful.


This fiery red hair is gorgeous on its own. This ruffled up look has so many layers and much volume. You can try this look for a fierce outlook.

’60s Flip hair

This flip hair was a rage in the late ’60s. Women loved this style and wore it casually. You can achieve this look with simple hair tools like hairdryer and straightener.

Ann-Margret’s hair

This puffed up hairstyle with blonde hues has a great ’60s vibes. The inward waves made Ann look oh so beautiful!

Julia’s Oscar hair

Julia Roberts wore this hair to the 2001 Oscars, and we like the way it takes inspiration from the ’60s. The low bun with subtle volume has made this look effortless.

Long bob

This long bob had multiple waves and was a desired look of the ’60s. There is a romantic element to this look.

Beehive updo

This look falls under the classic ’60s hairstyles. The headband makes this look secure, and the hair on the front adds details to the look.


Judi’s hair

Judi Dench has had short pixie cut for years, and it looks very hassle-free and easy.

We heart it

These classic looks are magnificent and perfect for a casual day out with your gal pals. We heart this look and surely recommend it.

Ideal for frames

This layered hairstyle with bangs is an ideal look for anyone with glasses. There is an easy element to this look that we love.

Kerry Washington

This short wavy bob is a perfect hairstyle for Kerry Washington. She looks charming in this style, and we recommend this look to the ladies with short to medium hair length.

Zendaya’s big hair

Zendaya has styled her big thick locks in these big wavy curls, and the result is stunning.

Big hair

This big hair updo was a popular look of the ’60s. This look was recreated multiple times for magazine covers, and we love how extra it looks.

Audrey Hepburn

Hepburn wore this hairstyle in her movie Paris when it sizzles. This hairstyle is one of the most gracious ’60s hairstyles.

Curly Updo

This curly updo is wedding day appropriate. You can try this hairdo when you have a special function to attend to as well.

Twisted hairstyle

This natural braided hairstyle is very casual and comfortable, and we love how well it works on thick hair.

Wild hair

The ’60s hairstyles were mostly based on high volume. Some looks worked well with the volume, but some looked plain absurd. Here are some such instances of crazy wild hairstyles of the ’60s that make no sense now!

Easy hair

There are so many layers of hair at different levels in this hairstyle. The bangs and the soft layers make this a very graceful look.


This high up hairdo is very captivating. The dark red hair color variation is here that makes the hair ever so shiny and elegant.

 Cheryl Cole’s look

This look was worn by the beautiful singer in Cannes, and we love it! The bun is styled well with partitions and volume on top. The transition of hair color from dark to light brown and then blonde is exciting.


This short hair hairdo has so many layers and is truly eye-catching. The bangs and the hair color add so much spunk to the look.

Soft, sleek, hair

There is a sleek romantic touch in this hairstyle. The ringlets are well styled and put in place with the use of hairsprays.

Chestnut hair

This hairstyle has escalated to a whole new level with the beautiful tinge of chestnut color. This bouffant is a very sexy yet subtle hairstyle. This look was a popular office look back in the day.

Vintage curls

The side view of these curls is giving us major hair goals. This vintage hairdo looks very fierce and yet has a feminine touch to it. The best thing about this is that it is still very relevant and wearable.

Detailed updo

This updo has made its way into the trendiest styles to carry in today’s times. There are minor details in this hairstyle that makes it so unique. You can wear this for a special day to look extra cute.

These hairstyles must have made you nostalgic about the days in which you donned these looks and were enjoying your youth! The ’60s hairstyles were wild and take us back to a time where girls wore flower pants and had elegant hairstyles settled down with a lot of hairsprays. Even if you aren’t from the decade, there are styles that you can sport from the ‘60s. The beehives and short bobs are still famous to this day and are reinvented and styled in so many creative ways. These looks are perfect for recreating for a costume party but can be worn casually in daily life too!

The ‘60s gave birth to a lot of beautiful hairstyles that were so iconic and trendy. You must have most definitely loved the looks that we put together in this article. There are 109 hairstyle ideas here that you can recreate and get complimented on.  You can do them at home or get help from your hairdresser. If you loved this article, make sure you share it with your near and dear ones. Comment down below if you have any suggestions for us and share your experience if you recreate these looks. Stay with us for more on beauty and hairstyles.


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