5 Fashion Tips to Look Great on a Date


How to dress on a date with a guy? If we are talking about the first date, then you need to dress in a way so as to leave a lasting impression, preferably a positive one. After all, the first impression that we make is made with our clothes. Today we will look into five of the most important tips on how to look great on a date with a guy. Yeah, this is an article for women, but if you are a guy, then here’s a good article on how to look good on a date, and also, here are some tips on how to text a girl.

Your excitement is fully justified because, at the same time, you want to look cute, spectacular, and reasonable. Of course, you will have to devote a lot of time and energy to this task, sorting out all the possible options from those available in your closet. After all, such an important event as a date with a guy should be carefully prepared for. On the other hand, you should not spend too much time on your clothes, as the more you spend on choosing an outfit, the higher the standard will you set for yourself, and you will end up thinking that you simply have nothing to wear, while, in fact, your closet is stacked with hundreds of different outfits for every possible occasion.

So, what to focus on when choosing a wardrobe for a date?

Tip #1

First of all, try to indirectly find out some information from a guy himself. Carefully ask him about the format of the date that you plan on having, where you will go and where you will spend your first evening together? A cafe, a theater, a picnic, will you go for some ice skating or just for a walk in the park? And also, how will your partner be dressed, in a tuxedo or jeans with a t-shirt? Depending on this, decide what style of clothing will be most appropriate for you to match the place, time, and weather.

Tip #2

Wherever your first meeting takes place, do not forget about the fact that you are not assigned a role of a colleague, client, or an athlete, but of a simple girl that wants to have some great time. Therefore, show good taste and give preference to a feminine image. Men, first of all, are attracted to women by their cheerfulness, tenderness, mystery. It is these girls that men want to conquer and take under their protection, which means taking the relationship to a more serious level. And so, on the first date, you should not experiment with your outfits, pick something too revealing or weird. You will have the opportunity to show your sexuality a little later when the time comes.

Tip #3

When striving for showiness and fashion, do not put on your first date in a completely new, never worn outfit. Clothing should be comfortable and convenient so that you will feel easy, confident, and at ease in it, without being distracted by unforeseen troubles. What if the fabric turns out to be wrinkled and sticky, what if some part of your outfit will end up being uncomfortable and even painful? The same applies to shoes. The whole impression of the first date will be spoiled right there.

Tip #4

If you have a perfect physique, it is difficult to spoil it even with a bad outfit. But if you still have something to work on in your appearance, you should think about how to emphasize the good parts of your body and mask the flaws with the help of clothes. Be that as it may, men love with their eyes, and a well-designed outfit that covers the flaws and emphasizes the strengths will work wonders for you.

Tip #5

No matter how hard you want to make a great impression on a man that you like, you still have some limits. Therefore, do not try to look better than you are, or try to adopt a new image that is very much foreign and unnatural to you. Under any circumstances, try to be yourself, be natural and laid-back. Your insincerity and falsehood will reveal itself sooner or later, and then all of your lies will end up causing a lot of pain and confusion to you and your partner. Therefore, do not dress up in a hated evening dress, if you usually like to dress in a casual sports style, and don’t put on high heels if you don’t know how to walk in them.